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PROPAGANDA ALERT: SYRIA 9/11. (26.02.2014)


In an ongoing war of terror on the people, the universally disgraced, British government, continue to try to avoid legal accountability over their own ongoing war crimes.


The British government continue working with the equally culpable mainstream media propaganda machines, to continue to violently threaten to silence the law abiding majority, with yet more legislative violence, and/or a 9/11 event in London.




London Evening Standard, 25 February 2014


excerpt from:  Security chief warns of 9/11 Syria threat  (*)

London Evening Standard, 25 February 2014

* title of the print edition

"The terrorist threat caused by the war in Syria is unlike any Britain has faced since the 9/11 attacks, Whitehall’s top security official warned today.

Charles Farr, head of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, said the size of extremist groups in Syria and the number of Britons joining them had become “the biggest challenge” facing the police and intelligence agencies. Ministers are now considering whether new laws might be needed to combat the problem.

Mr Farr said the number of foreign fighters in Syria was higher than anywhere since Afghanistan in 1989 — outstripping both the total with Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda during the Taliban’s rule and those who flocked to Iraq in the wake of Saddam Hussein’s fall.

His comments follow warnings by Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism chief and Home Office ministers about the impact of the Syrian conflict on national security. Hundreds of Britons have travelled to Syria to take part in the fighting with significant numbers joining al Qaeda-linked rebels or other extremist groups battling to topple the regime of president Bashar Assad.

One fear is that returning fighters, trained in the use of weapons and explosives, could decide to carry out attacks here. There are also concerns about the radicalising impact of the conflict on others and its potential to inspire new generations of extremists and attacks on Western interests.

Police have responded with a wave of counter-terror arrests in recent weeks and Mr Farr today spelled out the Government’s concerns in one of the most forthright warnings so far.

He told the Evening Standard: “Syria is different from any other counter-terrorism challenge that we have faced since 9/11 — because of the number of terrorist groups now engaged in the fighting, their size and scale, the number of people from this country who are joining them, ease of travel, availability of weapons and the intensity of the conflict.

“The agencies and many others involved here in counter terrorist work will be occupied with this for the  forseeable future.”

NB: In -fact- people who follow our website, will know the Metropolitan Police have been obsessed with removing -umbrellas- from Parliament Square, while kidnapping law abiding members of the public who bring groundbreaking legal challenges against the British government in the British High Court.


Take away the weapons of western state violence and what are you left with ?


The end of a fraudulent financial -ideology- called...Zionism.

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24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!