This is about the beautiful and brave young women in Syria, you never see or hear about on the front pages of your mainstream media.



THE SYRIAN PEOPLE'S RESISTANCE: "...Who the hell are you to be studying us and issuing us Euro-American directives on “good governance” and “conflict resolution”?


Crises of governance and conflicts which have been engineered by none other than your governments , with your intellectual cover....


What Syria needs is more women who understand how their liberation is linked to their freedom and dignity as human beings who are free from all forms of exploitation and subjugation.


An integral part of this freedom is a sovereign and unitary Syria which is free from the predatory ambitions of the Empire and its Arab minions..."


Those are powerful words that resonate.

What the Guardian, have done with their associated Greenwald, Wikileaks, and Snowden Hoaxes is to continue trying to distract the global law abiding majority of people from a) the state violence being visited on innocent civilians and b) people -actively- challenging that, and holding western governments to account.


If we look back, I personally believe that Zionists cynically used the "Collateral Murder" video, to publicly launch Wikileaks -because- the video included a Zionist organisation, Reuters.


It simply is not even logical, that the likes of Mr Anthony Salz on the Trustee board at the Guardian, is going to be approving anything, that rocks the boat of his Rothschild pay masters.


The current format of mainstream media is increasingly in crisis, because the millions of law abiding, (remember the awakening when millions around the world first marched against war, in 2003) who will always remain law abiding, are turning away.


The Wikileaks hoax, has just been a marvellous platform thrown to the people, to encourage people to continue "debating" much, within a carefully controlled environment.

Of course people would have to be truly brainwashed to not see, through the latest lame....disinformation from Glenn Greenwald.


Greenwald really continues to describe the online efforts of...the mainstream media, who have always worked with the intelligence agencies, who in turn are simply helped by other online news aggregators, simply repeating, original dis-information. 


It is exactly the same strategy that has always been used on the same people, who challenge the state. We should know. The same mainstream media have always been part of what is only a widening circle, of the same...disinformation, when you look at it.


The law abiding majority cannot go far wrong, when we are just upholding..the rule For every bit of truth we tell, the ...disinformation machine, has to try to invent, new...disinformation.


Millions of people can much more easily overcome, online, the same disinformation, that turned us away from, the mainstream media.




The -disinformation- machine cannot possibly change the minds of millions upon millions of law abiding people from around the world, who are also online, and were awake enough to march against illegal wars, all those years ago, in 2003, long before the internet of today.


When all is said and done, take away the weapons of state violence, and what are the mass murderers, left with ?


The -end- of a global financial fraudulent -ideology- called...Zionism.


Meanwhile, all the latest lame Wiki-leaks disinformation reveals, is an annual update, on the fact that the British government are scamming considerable sums of public money, monitoring...embassies.



It is a far -more- important fact, that the western Establishment are spending -billions- trying to violently overthrow the group of Latin American leaders, who happen to include Ecuador, who stand up to western business interests.


After all, the West are currently spending billions, trying to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela, too.


Of course overthrowing any leadership is not the same, as subjugating an entire population, which can be far harder to do.

Clearly to use just our own example (and there will be others)...the British government with all it’s 24 hour “surveillance”, thefts, relentless arrests and legal proceedings by numerous public authorities, along with co-intel pro operations, media disinformation, the State Britain Hoax, and repeated specifically tailored legislative violence, has spent far more than 8 million pounds, trying to destroy our campaign, of a few law abiding people.


It is the rule of law that has proved to be the real enemy of the western business state. After the rule of law, whatever government you choose to have is the choice of the people.


If you have the rule of law, then whatever form of government you choose, will at least be heading in the right direction, that involves the people, anyway.




"...When the press backed the war in Iraq, when both sides of the house backed the war in Iraq, Brian stood up to the Government," she says. Pink Dr Martens and 40 arrests notwithstanding, she has an easy-going charm. "And he turned out to be right, didn't he? If you believe in democracy, Brian is what democracy looks like...she and Mr Haw have been dragged to and from police cells and the courts in increasingly complex attempts by the authorities to get rid of them..."

In December 2012, the British High Court asked the question, if I would be willing to settle for 1 million in -one- of our numerous ground-breaking High Court claims (HQ12X02754), because we are actually challenging the British government. Of course I declined, to settle, which led to further state violence.

We are of course, quite specific about trying to hold the British government to account, over law, to

Yet even what the British government spend on trying to destroy our one single campaign, truly pales into insignificance, when you consider the sums shockingly being spent on trying to murder incredibly brave young women in Syria.

This sum includes the media disinformation being put out by the Guardian gatekeepers, and all the other mainstream media.


Syrian women: putting the many faces of "British" soldiers, to shame.


An FOI request could not even begin to quantify the money spent on just British -propaganda- being fed through all the mainstream media outlets in Britain, over Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Ukraine and Russia.


And that is before you get to the cost of weapons like guns and tanks and drones and so on.


While the British mainstream media are busy with their latest exercise in finger pointing over paedophilia, it has not escaped the attention of the law abiding majority, that it is all of government and all of the mainstream media, who are responsible for the brutal murder of innocent civilian children in war, who are likewise responsible for the obvious resulting paedophilia.




Harriet Harman, like -all- the British mainstream media will quite happily brutally murder innocent civilian children, and then lie to you -because- they have -all- long been getting away with, mass murder.


Not a single mainstream media organization are suggesting Harriet Harman, along with others be put on trial for...war crimes, yet if you take a look at her time in government, you can see Harriet Harman should, along with many others, very clearly be on trial for war crimes.


It is the current incarnation of NCCL, called Liberty, with Shameful Chakrabarti, who are -still- facilitating the abuse and murder of children.


If Harriet Harman and her fellow criminals, were on trial for war crimes, that would save children's lives -and- shut down the resulting paedophile ring.


Both have been going on for hundreds of years.


The current stage managed mainstream media storm over paedophilia, is going no-where, except maybe to ultimately throw a few scapegoats to the wolves, while mass murder and large scale paedophilia, will all carry on. 


Meanwhile, enter stage left, the toxic mix, of McCain and Cage-prisoners.


26.02.2014: since when did McCain become the face of "Opposition" to the western...Establishment ?


Cage Prisoners and Moazzem Begg are helpfully providing the fuel to fan the media flames, of Mc Cain & Co. under the guise of -do gooder- apologias.


Let us be clear, that "British"..."fighters" in Syria, many of whom hide behind any number of less than clear banners, know they are only helping the wider Zionist cause, and should -all- leave...Syria.


It is not credible that anyone should incite British people to leave Britain to go to Syria, to challenge the British government, in Syria, when these cowardly "Jihadis" have not even first tried to sensibly challenge the British government, in Britain. 


These British "Jihadis" have not even challenged or tried to put the former Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken McDonald who is keeping his head down, incredibly hiding away in the British backyard, as the Chair of Reprieve, for goodness sakes, on trial for war crimes ?


Cage Prisoners & Moazzem Begg apologia:
"Most Britons in Syria, whatever their choice, would be inclined to avoid the infighting. This would suggest that rather than being extremists they are in fact the opposite and not attached to their groups to the bitter end. They shouldn't be criminalised for this and allowed a way out."


The Woolwich killing -also- merely played the whole sensationalist mainstream media game, whereby the grieving Rigby family willingly go along with being wheeled out and given a platform to lie about British...freedoms.


CAGE PRISONERS TAKE £200,000 to play the game.


Moazzem Begg inexplicably admits to meeting with "British fighters" in Syria, and meeting with MI5 to talk about Syria. Incredibly he makes no connection with the fact that however you look at it, "British fighters" in Syria, are helping the British government.


By contrast the Syrian women, who have to take up weapons to defend their own Syria, are both honest, dignified and truly brave.


There should be no "British"... "fighters" of any shade, in Syria.


The "British fighters", are at best, merely clouding the issue of what the British State are doing.


"Infighting" is quite disgraceful, mercenary propaganda, that needs to have a history lesson, beginning with Putin's 2007, Munich speech about the unipolar world. 


We need to remove -all- foreign fighters from Syria -because- the vast majority are funded by Western governments, to continue the war of terror, on everyone.

Right here and now, there is a global terror with the Zionist colonial man, in Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the U.S, Britain and the rest of the EU, using their brutal “jihadis”, to murder brave young women in Syria, who quite sensibly and rationally, do not want to be saved by Zionist Jihadi man, and his subservient women.

Ask yourself, why when the West cannot call these brave young women in Syria, “terrorists”, you do not see the pictures and the words of these brave young women from Syria, on the front pages of the Guardian.


Their words:

"...Who the hell are you to be studying us and issuing us Euro-American directives on “good governance” and “conflict resolution”?


Crises of governance and conflicts which have been engineered by none other than your governments , with your intellectual cover....What Syria needs is more women who understand how their liberation is linked to their freedom and dignity as human beings who are free from all forms of exploitation and subjugation.


An integral part of this freedom is a sovereign and unitary Syria which is free from the predatory ambitions of the Empire and its Arab minions..."

It is the global community of people who can hold western governments to account, and work with the global community of people to make the Zionist mainstream media...history.


If you genuinely believe that the same western mainstream media who promote a world view of murdering whoever they like for money, will headline white western boys like Greenwald, Assange and Snowden, for some purpose other than prolonging western domination, then you are either, still not awake, or you choose not to be wide awake.


I choose to remember, not Greenwald, Assange or Snowden, but the really brave young women, in Syria, who have had no choice but to learn how to use weapons and join the Syrian Army, if they want to try to protect their families, from the terrible, terrible, layer upon layer, of lies from western governments and the mainstream media.

Our thoughts are very much with, the very brave young women in Syria, putting their lives on the line, standing up to the most incredible onslaught of Zionist...terror.

We will continue to do all we can to hold western government and mainstream media, to account.