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The High Court ruling in the alleged arrest of Greenwald's partner in the long running Edward Snowden Hoax, only further reveals why whatever traditional "journalism" claims to be, it is quite rightly, in it's death throes.


Of course, it is the incontrovertible fact that mainstream media is in it's death throes, that led to the Edward Snowden Hoax, media invention.


Legally speaking, the government and their mainstream media mouthpieces, just keep shooting themselves in the foot, including with their latest stage managed, court ruling.


The serious law abiding majority, like myself, have quite properly had enough of the corporate business state, long ago.


Miranda v Secretary of State for the Home Department & Ors [2014] EWHC 255 (Admin) (19 February 2014)


Revealingly, the Guardian and Greenwald and Co, did not challenge the whole supposed raison d'etre for their running the Edward Snowden Hoax, which was that the government were supposedly illegally spying on...the people. 

This really exposes their fraud. If their premise was the government were illegally spying, that would be their defence and Greenwald would have included it in his witness statement.


Instead, because the Edward Snowden Hoax, was never about giving a toss about the people, Greenwald & Co (interveners included) sneakily suggested that "journalism", whatever that is, should enjoy greater protections than you or I have, under Article 10.


Paragraph 55 (33.1-3)of the ruling, lays bare, (through Greenwald's witness statement, the absolute dishonesty of "journalists", who along with government, far from protecting people, put innocent people's lives at risk, through their absolute dishonesty, every day.


What they are trying to get a much higher court ruling on, is that their right to say whatever lie they like about you or me, should trump our right to (for example) sue them for suggesting, the law abiding like myself, are...criminals, which is what both the government and media, have been doing.


It has not escaped most people's attention that the particularly vulgar Greenwald is, just like the government, using the whole Edward Snowden Hoax to also try to entirely commercialize, the use of what is, personal information.



THE FAKE GLENN GREENWALD TRYING TO "KEEP UP APPEARANCES". (19.02.2014)(Greenwald tries and fails in any legal sense, to "gloss over" the fact he did not produce evidence of, or include in his witness statement, in the High Court, the fact the British government are illegally spying, which is the -whole premise- of the Edward Snowden Hoax, which would therefore, be his...defence. Greenwald then seeks to deflect that it is the axis of media and government who position the people as criminals and terrorists by saying poor journalists get accused too, in what is a trademark attempt to "keep up appearances" that the media and government do not work together, when they very clearly do, particularly over...war.)


Where the ruling obliquely refers to information being stolen, what everyone is trying to avoid, admitting, is that -both- government and media -steal- our information.


Here is what, I know, has been going on, from our own personal experience, and why we have a very serious problem with what both the government and media are all doing.



It is exhaustively documented that the British Parliament have over many years, left in their own words "no stone" unturned, in their obsession to destroy our campaign, that does honestly represent the...law abiding majority.



The British government admit trying to "get rid", of us, which in legal terms is illegal, for the appropriately named Lord Spithead to...say. This "get rid" mentality has landed the British Government with our -groundbreaking- High Court actions.

Their obsession, over our campaign, has included the longest and most oppressive and intrusive “surveillance” imaginable, of what remain -personal- lives.


In their own words: they admit that what they are doing is illegal, but nevertheless, they wanted to get even..."more draconian", which reflecting on 48 unlawful "arrests" etc, I think is evidence that they thrashed even the concept of.."more draconian".

Every last bit of information "gathering" and "publishing", by both the government and media, beyond the fact we exist as a physical entity, because you can see us, when we are in a public space, has always been entirely...illegal.


A very interesting fact is, that -I- did not ever willingly hand over my personal information to either the government or media, in Parliament Square.


The information that both the government and media obtained illegally, in Parliament Square, that they published, was....illegal, because both the government and media, knew that what they were saying, about us, was...entirely untrue.


The information that was taken from me and published about me, against my will, by both the police or mainstream media, always maliciously asserted that I was in some way...a...criminal.


Clearly no-one would volunteer their personal information so that either the government or media could use it to knowingly publish false and libelous information, maliciously suggesting that you were criminal, which is recognized as being extremely...damaging, of itself.


I would only give my personal information to a journalist if they were going to publish the truth.


In legal terms, this is the really interesting part.


That option to voluntarily give my personal information, was illegally taken away from me, when I first arrived in Parliament Square, and was unlawfully arrested.


From then on, the government and media version of my personal information, became public information -because- I was arrested.


That is fundamentally wrong.


There are several further, very serious points to make.


The actions of both the government and media in portraying myself in any way, as a criminal, which is what they always did, remains a deliberate attempt, by both the government and the media, to promote their own quite criminal world view, while silencing the fact that actually we are the law abiding ones.


Worst of all, trying to -silence- law abiding people like myself, involved the most appalling state violence being used against us, where we were all, at various times, very seriously injured, and Brian died.


Not forgetting of course, that the police attempted to murder me in police custody at Belgravia Police Station, and I am not the one illegally concealing that...CCTV (which exists, because they were legally obliged to preserve it, in what include ongoing legal proceedings)


Inevitably, when all the mainstream media and their journalists, are doing, is putting out the message that you are a criminal, while you are being violently attacked by the state, there becomes no rational point in having such a mainstream media, who will be doing the same to anyone.


So all those people who like to call themselves "journalists" (to comment on what happens to other people, while ignoring the fact that they knew, we, like so many others, were law abiding) really need to take a good long look at...themselves, really.


This law abiding member of the public, is quite rightly less than impressed by whatever this thing called...."journalism", that wants more rights than me, claims to be.

The point is this.


If "journalism" neither knows nor cares, including to find out, who is law abiding, then that "traditional" form of journalism needs to well and truly get the message, that it is well and truly going to be dead and buried, and quite rightly so.


People are telling the truth, because when it comes down to life or death, the mainstream media do not.

I was illegally imprisoned in 2011 -because- I was publicly against illegal military intervention in Libya, that the Independent supported.

On March 17th 2011, the BBC were doing a report on trying to remove our campaign as fast, as anyone could, with legal papers flying at us from all directions, (along with everything else) the very same day, the U.N were illegally authorizing the aerial bombing of Libya.



What the media are a part of, is as serious, as it gets, because it is about innocent civilians...lives.


INDEPENDENT: That the West has helped to save the lives of many of these young Arabs in Libya, who are fighting for a way of life we already enjoy, is an argument she does not accept. "Nato in Libya, this is the same Nato that just killed 14 civilians in Afghanistan – 12 women, two children. Are we supposed to believe these people are suddenly concerned about civilian lives?..."




and this piece of unadulterated propaganda (below) is straight out of the British Establishment Helping "Hand" text book 101, for those who might have kept their heads stuck in the sand during the entire, still ongoing duration, of the murdering and pillaging...British Empire.



I, for one, am not going to accept being violently assaulted, by the state, because it is expedient for government and journalists to keep presenting a world view that is a lie, where millions of innocent civilians are dying.


The Edward Snowden Hoax, media invention, to try and restore some credibility to the quite properly discredited mainstream media, has arisen entirely out of the truly despicable actions of "journalists" who have worked with government to cause very serious harm to, the law abiding majority, like myself.


There was not a single mainstream media outlet who did not know that:


a) there was no power of seizure on both May 23rd 2006 & January 16th 2012


b)it was illegal for the government to claim it was a crime for me to campaign with Brian (which was my own...starting point) 


All the same lawyers in the Greenwald case in the High Court (Bindmans, Liberty, Guy Vassall Adams, also all covered up what happened to us).


People die, because journalists...are deliberately, lying.


That must end.

We are a serious campaign. In fact (although I do not know of this particular story) I do know, the cowardly Lord Spit would never have dared get out of his armour plated vehicle, because he knows we are part of the law abiding majority and I (for example) would have had no problem making a citizen's arrest of him, because our whole purpose really is to save people's lives. I made a citizen's arrest of the former Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon who ran and hid, behind police, in Parliament !! These people are real cowards, when it comes to law. We have -always- been absolutely serious about putting the British government on trial for...war crimes. Lord Spithead remains a war criminal and there is no statute of limitations, on his war crimes. That is really why he stayed in his car, and both Houses of Parliament all know it.



We are right, that it only takes something as simple as the law abiding majority, filming and publishing court proceedings involving the actions of public officials, to save -millions- of innocent civilians lives.







(Following a ruling in Elosta v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis & Ors [2013] EWHC 3397 (Admin) (06 November 2013.. The British Government claim they are amending Section 7, but...not far enough.


The government suggest a person can be questioned for an hour without a lawyer, which avoids the fact that if you are forced to answer questions or be arrested, you have acted under duress where you are for all intents and purposes, detained. If you are detained, you are entitled to legal representation, before you are questioned.)

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!