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Today the CIA tool, Lopez, was arrested in Venezuela.


It seems likely that the current dramatic spiral in "unrest" in Ukraine, is developing into an attempted coup.


Six police...shot dead, is not a protest.





The western backed, Euromaiden are calling people to Kiev.


You can be sure it is not a legal challenge, these tools will be starting.


Clearly the purse strings have opted to try for a quick armed about face, now their moral cowardice, lies exposed.


Now what did that moral vacuum and hypocrite, the Mayor of London, say about him needing, water cannons, in this new "era" of European government "inspired"..protest that he supports in...Ukraine ?



Rioters and police in central Kiev are exchanging smoke and stun grenades, as a fresh wave of violence is gripping the Ukrainian capital. While the rioters have no clear demands, the opposition keeps pushing for the president’s resignation.

Tuesday, February 18


20:49 GMT:
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich had a telephone conversation with US Vice President Joe Biden, LB.ua cited sources as saying. It is not yet known what was discussed between the two leaders. Earlier, US and EU ambassadors were unable to reach Yanukovich.

20:44 GMT:
The number of policemen killed in Kiev has risen to six, Interfax reported, citing Ukraine's Interior Ministry. All of the officers died from gunshot wounds.

20:41 GMT:
The US has called on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to immediately resume negotiations with the opposition, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said during a briefing with reporters. "We urge President Yanukovich to immediately de-escalate the situation and put an end to complications on the Maidan. We also encourage him to resume dialogue with opposition leaders today to develop a consensual way for Ukraine,” Carney said.

20:30 GMT:
Hundreds of young rioters in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov have seized the regional administration building and are storming the Lvov Central Internal Affairs Directorate, Interfax reported.

Meanwhile, the southern Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea has urged President Viktor Yanukovich to come up with “decisive action and emergency measures” to end riots and restore constitutional order.

“The peaceful Crimea is extremely concerned with the latest surge of violence in central Kiev. The carnage on the capital’s streets proves that the opposition has taken manifold concessions on part of the government for a show of its weakness, and has used the amnesty law as a break before a new attempt of a forceful power grab,” Crimea’s Supreme Council said in a Tuesday statement.

According to the statement, the general mobilization called by “extremist” groups like the Right Sector and Svoboda Party is nothing but the start of a civil war in Ukraine.

20:30 GMT:
Talks between the government and the opposition are only possible when peace is restored, presidential adviser Hanna Herman told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. “Negotiations only happen when the force methods of fighting are stopped, when the opposition takes armed people off the streets and when calm is renewed in the country,” Herman said.

20:29 GMT:
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged the Ukrainian government and opposition to show restraint and resume “sincere dialogue,” Ban's spokesperson, Martin Nesirky, said, as quoted by RIA Novosti. "The Secretary-General is extremely concerned about reports received today regarding the resumption of violence and loss of life," said Nesirky.

20:27 GMT:
At least four policemen have died in the unrest in Kiev, Interior Ministry says.


A pro American, Republican or Democrat..."voter"...

20:22 GMT:
YouTube video footage shows rioters pelting an armoured personnel carrier with Molotov cocktails, setting it on fire.

19:51 GMT:
The number of police officers killed in violent Tuesday clashes in Kiev has risen to three, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry stated. According to the ministry, 135 law enforcers have been taken to hospitals, and 35 are in critical condition.

19:32 GMT:
A general mobilization has been called in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov, according to statements published on “Euromaidan Lvov” Facebook page. Activists are being called to Kiev in order to take part in protests for at least three days. Local opposition deputies have announced the time when a group of buses with demonstrators will be dispatched to Kiev. Meanwhile, Lvov protesters have been attempting to block all local military installations with tires and construction materials.


Hollywood: This is what cowardice looks like.




Meanwhile the twatterspehere was putting this rubbish about.


Gee, I guess they could twitter him.... (I remember the politicians and media taking to twitter in May 2010, to say any old garbage they liked about Brian and I, while we were locked up for thirty odd hours)

the money trail would not back up that lie, in a court of...law.

rubber cheques: this is where your money goes...

where's sylvester stallone and george soros, when you need them !



God help the world, Hollywood, is out to "save" us all...again.


Mr Insincerity: who supports violent repression and murder, of peaceful campaigners...in Europe.(no doubt a la Sharon, Bildt has now shuffled off to bed for the night)

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!