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To understand the world today, I look at the Balfour Declaration, instead of a Bible or Quran.

There is no doubt that Theodor Herzl was an atheist, opportunist.


a road map to unsurpassed...greed.

Herzl's Zionism is a fanatical and fraudulent, financial ideology, of unsurpassed greed.

Behind the Balfour Declaration, we can see men looking at opportunity, long into the future.

The slave trade of European colonialism had successfully been rolled out worldwide.

The British Empire now remains, a successful, colonialist.

Cold hard analysis reveals, that the Balfour Declaration, provided the financial blueprint, for a global future, that is neither desirable, nor sustainable.

The Zionists declined Uganda, in favor of the Middle East, purely for strategic financial reasons, that are obvious to anyone.

Through agreeing the Balfour Declaration, the British Establishment, consolidated their own financial future, in the City of London, under the -control- of the Zionists.

All the imperial powers were finally outwitted, if you can call it that, by the globalist Zionists.

That is why most trails of serious wrongdoing, lead back to the purse strings of Zionism, that has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism.

In fact it is often argued, indeed by many Jewish people, that it is Zionism that has seriously damaged Judaism.

It is quite apparent, that Zionism seeks to ride on the coat-tails of Judaism, precisely to try to confuse and distract from the true origins, of Zionism.

Nevertheless, in the year 2014, there is a genuine uprising against...Zionism, not Judaism, in France.

It is impossible to deny that the numerous leaders, who are -opposed- to the fanatical and fraudulent, Zionist financial ideology, do represent a law abiding majority, around the world.

There is a real and direct challenge to years of Zionist financial fraud, that has surfaced, in France.

The elephant in the room stands, revealed.

There is no putting anything back in the bottle, to remain unseen, or hidden in the shadows.

There are questions to be answered.

Creative challenges, to be had.

The serious law abiding majority, are not concerned with the shallow, hollywood style spectacles, of the serial zionist hoaxes like Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, or Mr Greewald & Co, whom we recognize are media inventions, only spreading ever more...disinformation.

It is the fraudulent financial ideology of...Zionism, that is now and will remain, firmly under the spotlight.

It is Zionism that funds war in Syria, unrest in Venezuela...violent protests in Ukraine...and the unspeakable oppression of Palestinians.

Too many people now know, that truth.

Challenging the fraudulent -financial- ideology of Zionism, is an argument that has substance, because it is about...life, now.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!