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Increasing numbers of people understand that the EDWARD SNOWDEN HOAX, is about the corporate business state attempting to influence, the transformational change the internet brings.


PROPAGANDA ALERT: "West faces new terrorist threat" (see Times article below)





Those who become the poster boys of the mainstream media, like Snowden, and the current troupe of terrorists, also being promoted by the western corporate media, always and only, serve a propaganda purpose.




By contrast a clearly criminal, corporate state, of government and media, position the law abiding majority, like you and me, as criminals, to try to violently silence our doing...law, to protect...life.


However, the wheels finally came flying off the Western media Chariots of Fire, over their Al-Qaeda Jihadis in the Middle East.


In the past year, the obvious cognitive dissonance, created by western governments, now overtly supporting Al-Qaeda, did not go down well with the law abiding majority, anywhere.


Alarm bells were ringing across the global community of people.


Even your football coach understood that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, while a PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALLER, was recently suspended for encouraging the law abiding majority, to challenge the Establishment, in Britain and France.




The defining moment arrived last summer, with the humiliation of the western propaganda machine, when Putin called Cameron, on supporting those who publicly eat hearts on You Tube. You Tube is now run by the CIA start up, Google.



Remember how the corporate propaganda machine, even tried to -justify- the actions of the monster who ate a human heart...on You Tube ?


While Eric Schmidt was looking to increase advertising revenue out of human hearts, the U.K Attorney General and Google had been in bed, illegally censoring court videos of our legal challenges, in the U.K, without any court order.




What finally shocked the British Establishment and their allies, was that even Daily Mail readers, suddenly openly...preferred a Russian President !!


Unheard of, particularly if the Zionists in Tel Aviv, are trying to pick World War 3, with a President, your own people prefer.


Of course Putin was merely articulating the wider view of the public, because it was convenient.


Nevertheless, it is possibly more difficult to bump off a Russian President, than a Princess in a tunnel.


Princess Diana was the last person to nearly bring down the British Establishment, in her death.


Remember all those years it has taken the western mainstream media to try and rehabilitate the image of a decaying legal anomaly like the British "monarchy", who illegally claim they own one sixth of the land in the world.


This land grab, has led to the British Establishment brutally imposing a still remaining, far from legal system, across the far from Common-wealth.






Zionism: A fraudulent -financial- ideology.


So following Putin's Prime Time expose, the western propaganda machine then had to tweak the terrorist narrative.




All our "dear leaders" are agreed that the terrorist narrative is an enormously useful tool, to try to silence the...law abiding majority.


So the western mainstream media narrative has sought to create confusion in the minds of the public, by suggesting the good cop/bad cop narrative, where western governments and media claim some rebels are good rebels, and some rebels are bad rebels.


It is an extension of the sectarian invention. 


There is always a patsy, that can be thrown under a train or two.


Of course when you expose that the Gold Commander of 7/7 Mr Allison, is a liar, and willing foot soldier of Parliament, as we have, it does raise rather serious questions.


Professor Chussodovsky has written a good article explaining the western corporate media, terrorist narrative.




Clearly, when we can follow the audit trail, of the weapons of all the armed opposition groups in Syria, no-one got their weapons for...free.





The still flawed western media narrative of good terrorist, bad terrorist, will not get far, beyond those who peddle it, hoping to save some face.


It is very simple for the law abiding majority to ultimately understand, that any armed "opposition" in Syria, and elsewhere, is only interested in "regime change" for their own very limited...financial ends, which remain at the expense of the rest of the global community of people.



It is a fact that no genuine campaigner would ever dream of -hiding- behind innocent civilians and foreign governments, while armed.

There could not possibly be any armed opposition in Syria who would be acceptable, to the global community of people, because any of the armed "opposition" in Syria are very clearly only -all- working to support and prolong the global corporate business state.


It is legal challenges that people follow through on, that frightens the living daylights out of the corporate business state.




The British Establishment and their allies do not like legal challenges in Britain that can have very far reaching consequences.


We have long tested and continue to test, the fact that legal challenges can -legally- bring down a criminal corporate state, with our continuing ground-breaking High Court actions.


We have a track record of successfully challenging the British Establishment over fraudulent legislative violence, which they had to repeal, while our High Court actions, continue.


A Pakistani man, Mr Kareem Khan, has brought a legal challenge under criminal and civil law over drones (claiming $500 million dollars damages), that has led to him being kidnapped too. You know he was kidnapped, because his legal challenge will ultimately be successful.


There is a similar legal challenge over drones, by Noor Khan, currently weaving it's way through the British courts, which we personally witnessed in 2012.


Meanwhile StateWatch highlight 400 million Euros, being spent in Europe, over drones, without any...oversight !!


It is well known that the British Courts, currently choose to live by the Latin maxim.."Inter arma enim silent leges" (which roughly translated means that, in times of war the law is silent).

That is why Neil was kidnapped when we left the High Court on April 10th 2013.


The millions of law abiding people, who very publicly took to the streets to oppose illegal war in 2003, and who never changed their minds, are now much wiser to the many levers of the corporate state.


The many millions of people from 2003, have now been joined by many millions more, of the law abiding, majority, from all around the world.


The use of the internet has dramatically increased between 2003 and 2014.


It is impossible for the global community of big business to outnumber the global community of...law abiding people.


It is now widely revealed that the fake Syrian Opposition, just like the Hollywood mob in Ukraine, have only sought to hijack and subvert successful models of campaigning, that lawfully challenge the corporate state.


Pure Hollywood: the Ukranian "Opposition".


Our long campaign has always understood, there is no overnight quick fix to a deeply entrenched criminality, through the change of a face.


The many corporate revolutions, which now seek to hijack what we do, will never be the same, as the continuing evolution of the law abiding majority.


It is early days, but 2014 is already confirming a continuing rise in a united law abiding majority, who are seeking to avoid being hijacked by corporate interests.


The disgraceful BRITISH QATARI REPORT which exposed many layers, who lever the corporate business state, was immediately discredited by many of the law abiding majority around the world.


The failure of the British Qatari report to convince the law abiding majority that just saying the one word, evidence, was enough, was -another- massive blow to the propaganda machine.




As fast as the mass media, could publish the one word "evidence", around the world, the people replied that the British Qatari report was not of itself, "evidence" of anything.


"Prosecutors" from the International Criminal Court who put their names to the British Qatari Report, are publicly disgraced for ever more.


Huge "Humanitarian" fronts, like Amnesty and Human Rights Watch who also peddled the British and Qatari reports, were left waiting in the wings, without a paddle, to row their vicious vehicles of propaganda.





Straight out of the mouth of..Tel Aviv.


The Russian Foreign Secretary Lavrov has very recently said that proposed U.N sanctions, presented under the guise of humanitarian aid, are a non-starter, describing them as "one sided and detached from reality".


Even the combined wealth of George Soros & the Ford Foundation's $132 million dollar Arcus funded RussianFreedomFund, will not swing public opinion, to being in favor of a global corporate nightmare, that already involves, the mass murder of any innocent civilian.


It was only a few days ago, that a senior British Crown Prosecutor confirmed that "regime change" in Syria, brought about by foreign influences, is illegal.





The united narrative of the law abiding majority, is simple and always remains the same.


First and foremost, we protect life.


That is not what the western backed Syrian "Opposition", are doing.


Life takes precedence over their business interests, and so the Syrian "Opposition" should publicly lay down their weapons now and denounce the corporate...state.


The vast majority of the human race, understand and value the incredible experience, a peaceful life brings.


THE TIMES: West faces new terror threat from Syria

by Michael Evans, Anthony Loyd and Tom Coghlan, The Times, 10 February 2014

Region is Jihadist theatre of choice, say spy chiefs Spies keeping watch on Syria border

The border between Syria and Turkey is now perceived by the world's leading spy agencies to be a lethal crucible of terror from which the next deadly attack on the West is likely to spring.

The 566-mile border poses such a threat to the security of Britain, Europe and the United States that it is now inundated with spies working for the CIA, MI6 and their counterparts in Europe.

British officials have told The Times that the scale of intelligence operations to monitor the border and the level of information-sharing between spy agencies are "unprecedented".

With the civil war in Syria providing al-Qaeda and other extremists with the "jihadist theatre of choice", the intelligence agencies are monitoring the flow of foreign fighters, many of whom are British, crossing from southern Turkey.

It is feared that newly trained fighters from Britain, the US, Germany and France will import terrorism techniques when they return home. James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence, said this month there was evidence that one al-Qaeda group in Syria had ambitions to strike in the US.

The American intelligence services estimate that more than 7,000 fighters from 50 countries have travelled to Syria. Of those, 400 may be British. The latest US assessment is that 1,600 militant groups are operating in Syria. Of the 75,000-110,000 rebel fighters, about 26,000 are rated as extremists.

British officials said that MI6 was engaged in so-called upstream monitoring overseas, tracking Britons who have taken cheap flights to Turkey or other European destinations, before heading to Syria. The key to the Secret Intelligence Service mission is to stop "blowback" — when British militants return to pose a threat the United Kingdom.

A Western diplomatic source in Ankara said that hundreds of extremist fighters from Europe had returned from Syria. He added: "It's like jihad on EasyJet," saying that the rise of social media, Syria's proximity, and its accessibility via Turkey had made it easy for would-be jihadists to join the war.

When British militants leave Syria, provided that they have been spotted by the MI6 border watchers, MI5 and the police are tipped off so that they can detain them for questioning if they board a flight to Britain. British jihadists use online forums to discuss the best routes to enter northern Syria.

Abu Abdullah al-Britani, a British jihadist in Syria, discussed in one recent exchange the problems on the Syrian border with other would-be jihadists, who included British women trying to enter to marry jihadists. They discussed the possibility of crossing from Iraq rather than Turkey.

Another British jihadist said in an online exchange that, although he had been stopped by Turkish border authorities recently, he was allowed to continue into Syria by a sympathetic Turkish officer after explaining that he wanted to fight the Assad forces.

British officials said MI6 and MI5 were also concerned about the number of suspected al-Qaeda recruiters on the Syrian border who act as fixers to send militants to the extremist rebel groups rather than to the official "democratic" opposition forces.

The CIA has a large contingent of specialists on the border engaged not only in checking on US nationals joining the jihadists but also working with Saudi Arabian and Qatari intelligence agencies to ensure that arms and funding intended for the opposition do not end up in the hands of the Islamic extremist groups linked to al-Qaeda

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!