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The Western mainstream media who (along with many "humanitarian" organizations) dishonestly called the Qatari report, of itself, "evidence", of war crimes, have been completely exposed as willing to work with the U.K State, to lie over...human life.


Therefore to cut through the many layers of discredited propagandists, and hear what the Syrian government really say at Geneva 2, we have posted their own Daily News report, in English.



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It was the House of Saud who have no interest in democracy, who disgustingly used centre stage at the Davos "Economic" Forum to call for the U.S to demand the U.N authorize the use of western military force against Syrian civilians ...while Geneva 2 Peace talks are continuing !!


George Soros also used Davos to specifically confirm he will use even more money (and his numerous phoney "human rights" groups) to try to remove Assad.


At Davos, the only question that concerned the obsequious mainstream media..is when the Syrian government will fall.


The still continuing Geneva Peace talks were dismissed as an irrelevance by everyone at Davos. 




There is no evidence whatsoever that the House of Saud, George Soros or the western mainstream media really care about how many innocent civilians in Syria are brutally murdered while they pursue their personal financial agendas.


Likewise the disgusting leadership of Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.




We remember only too well, how Amnesty published a ghost written piece in the New Statesman that sought to (as Brian said to Mr Ballinger at Amnesty)...censor the true version of how the U.K State treated our campaign.


The dreadful Amnesty were trying to use our campaign to help Gordon Brown (who tried to murder me) have a go at Robert Mugabe.

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What Western "interests" refuse to address over Syria is very simple.


There can be no denying that the West are funding the mercenaries in Syria.


Unlike Libya, this time round in Syria, there is no real power vacuum, for the Western powers vast array of slice and dice brigades, who are murdering innocent civilians, to fill.


Therefore if the West are really serious about saving Syrian civilians lives, it is the West who will need to first show how they will stop arming and funding mercenaries, who are murdering Syrian civilians.

GLOBAL RESEARCH: by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 25 January 2014

The Western media, Amnesty International and various other self proclaimed humanitarian organizations are running a war propaganda campaign against Syria following the release of thousands of photographs.


This slur of disinformation focusing on alleged atrocities committed by the Syrian government has coincided in a timely fashion with the Geneva 2 Peace Talks.

According to reports, an alleged “Syrian military police photographer” supplied “clear evidence showing the systematic torture and killing of about 11,000 detainees in circumstances that evoked Nazi death camps”.(CBC, January 21, 2014)

“One of the prosecutors said the evidence documented “industrial scale killing” that was reminiscent of the Second World War concentration camps of Belsen and Auschwitz.”Bearing signs of torture, some of the corpses had no eyes. Others showed signs of strangulation or electrocution. (Ibid)

According to Amnesty International the images are “conclusive”:

Beaten, burned, bruised, strangled bodies lying on a dirty floor. Some show signs of starvation, others are missing their eyes. A number of them appear to have been electrocuted.  The horror is nearly impossible to describe. (Ibid)

While the mainstream media points to “clear evidence”, it nonetheless acknowledges that the identity of the alleged police informer codenamed Caesar is unknown and that the authenticity of the photos cannot be determined.

Read carefully, the mainstream media is refuting its own lies:

Reuters has reviewed the report but it was not possible to determine the authenticity of Caesar’s photographs or to contact Caesar.  (emphasis added)

 The media reports also acknowledge the usual proviso:

“This is not to say that the people on the other side have been free of serious crime. I think there is evidence that has led very responsible people to say there have been crimes committed on both sides,”

Amnesty International, without further investigation, also refutes its main argument, asserting with authority that:

“while  we cannot authenticate the images, the allegations are consistent with Amnesty International’s own research into the widespread use of torture and enforced disappearances by the Syrian authorities”. (emphasis added)

Who are the Real War Criminals?

The underlying intent of this latest propaganda dribble is to present the Syrian government as a criminal entity while at the same time whitewashing the real war criminals, those who have committed extensive war crimes against the Syrian people.

Western governments and their allies –including the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar– have blood on their hands. They are directly responsible for triggering a humanitarian disaster. This is a war of aggression using terrorism as a diabolical instrument of conquest.

Western Handlers of Al Qaeda are War Criminals

We are dealing with staged intelligence ops: The atrocities committed by the various Al Qaeda terrorist entities integrated by foreign mercenary forces were ordered by their Western handlers who share full responsibility for these horrendous crimes.

In a twisted logic, the crimes directly ordered by Western military alliance are casually blamed on the government of Bashar Al Assad. The victims of war are blamed for the crimes committed by the aggressor nations.

The Al Qaeda rebels are paid killers, they follow orders, they are trained by Western, Saudi and Qatari special forces. They are sent in as part of an intelligence operation. Those responsible for these horrendous crimes are the heads of State and heads of government of NATO and GCC member states.

The Western military alliance is pressuring Syria to surrender and accept “regime change”. If these conditions are not met, they threaten to send in more terrorists.

Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. Terrorism is used as an instrument to destabilize and destroy countries.

Ironically, the Obama administration is supporting terrorism under the banner of a “Global War on Terrorism”. The latter is instrumented through the use of its Al Qaeda foot soldiers, who are set loose throughout the Middle East and Central Africa.

The terrorist undertakings are carefully planned. And then the Western governments say (quoting Geroge W. Bush:

“you are either with us or with the terrorists”,

“we must collaborate in building counter-terrorism.”

The important question is: We should indeed build a counter terrorism campaign, but against whom should it be waged?


Against the state sponsors of terrorism in Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, …

The counter terrorism campaign should be waged against those who send in the death squads, namely against the CIA-Pentagon-White House handlers of these terrorist Al Qaeda affiliated entities.

You do not Negotiate with Terrorists

In a bitter irony, the Western alliance’s war criminals were sitting around the table at the Syria Peace Conference in Montreux.

The countries which are the object of these US-NATO sponsored terrorist attacks, including Syria, should under no circumstances negotiate with the governments which are behind these terrorist undertakings.

In obfuscating the truth, the NGO civil society organizations including Amnesty International are complicit in war crimes.

Amnesty International is fabricating a hideous narrative which consists in blaming the victims of war for the horrendous crimes committed by the Western military alliance which has unleashed its Al Qaeda affiliated death squads inside Syria and Iraq.

UN Secretary General Ba Ki-Moon, acting explicitly on behalf of the US and NATO in defiance of his UN mandate, is also complicit in this criminal undertaking.

The Western media has from the outset been involved in a coverup, distorting the facts, misleading public opinion. Now it is the turn of the humanitarian organizations, the various human rights “watch” entities which regularly interface with US intelligence. Segments of the self proclaimed progressive media have also joined the bandwagon.

MIKDAD: Our mission is to get the Syrian people out of the catastrophe imposed by the neo-old colonial circles.

Jan 25, 2014

Geneva, (SANA)_ Deputy Foreign and expatriates Minister and member of the Syria’s official delegation to Geneva 2 Conference, Fayssal Mikdad said that “we believe that getting the Syrian people out of the catastrophe imposed by the neo-old colonial circles is our main mission.

Mikdad told journalists in Geneva  “"We hope to start today.. as beginnings of the political work are usually humble, but we are optimistic that we will build upon these humble beginnings because we wish to have Syria’s people out of the catastrophe they encounter due to the acts of terrorist groups, and also because many countries, on top, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain and the US  arm and fund the terrorists then sending  them to Syria to kill our children and destroy our schools and hospitals."

Mikdad added “We need serious discussions and Interlocutor, but not  manipulation of this side or that,”  underlining that “We will have a firm stance towards such these behaviors  and in case the coalition delegation called ‘opposition’ didn’t come,  we would say “Enough for manipulation and mockery.”

He reiterated that Syria’s official delegation came to Geneva with strong will and upon the directives and instructions of President Bashar al-Assad to make this conference a success which  shows his good intention to reach an outcome out of this conference.

Mikdad pointed out that discussions were supposed to start yesterday (Friday) , but the other side didn’t appear and there are many interpretations for that.

On meetings of Syria’s official delegation with Russian and Mikdad said US delegations, Mikdad pointed out that bilateral meetings are being held, asserting that “the official delegation didn’t meet the US delegation.”

He affirmed that the will of the Syrian people will overcome terrorism and killings at the end.

H.Zain/ Mazen



Geneva, (SANA delegate)- Information Minister, Omran Al-Zoubi, on Sunday said the humanitarian issue should be dealt with as a whole and it should not be partitioned.

Al- Zoubi told reporters in Geneva that the Syrian government wants to provide all (Syrians in need ) with assistance regardless of their political stances.

The Minister affirmed that the humanitarian aid is the second of the Syrian government's priorities after the security arrangements, but we should be realistic regarding the way of delivering the aid.

" There are thousands of kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups for more than two years and the coalition delegation should submit lists of their names and be responsible for their release, " Minister al-Zoubi said.

Al-Zoubi noted that there is a basis to which the state is based on in dealing with the terrorism so it acts in a state logic and gives a chance to those who are misled to return to the homeland, while the terrorist organizations linked to the external intelligence apparatus talk about their relations with the coalition, and those are whom we confront.

" The US is involved through its intelligence agencies in a lot of what happened in Syria supported by Turkey and Qatar." The Minister said.

Al-Zoubi pointed out that the Syrian official delegation is in Geneva to discuss solutions and to set a political track for the political process, pointing out that the negotiations are not a matter of several days, as some countries should be asked about their stance regarding ideas for a solution to the crisis in Syria.

"Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Erdogan must be asked whether they have quenched their thirst for Syrian blood yet," he added.

Al-Zoubi stressed that in spite of the difficult situation on the ground and economic circumstances, the government managed to deliver polio vaccines to the farthest village in the country, including areas where there are terrorists and gunmen, through social figures and dignitaries.

The Minister clarified that the government is able to implement plans of prompt response in Homs and other areas in the country through its bodies and tools, on top of which is the Higher Relief Committee, adding "but there must be a guarantee that aid convoy trucks are not fired upon, robbed, or attacked, in addition to ensuring that relief actually reach those who need it and that the convoy returns safely."

He noted that the coalition delegation of the so-called "opposition" posed the issue of delivering aid to Homs, saying "we say that all the Syrian cities, villages and neighborhoods are equal in terms of position for the government, as is Homs," pointing out that the aforementioned delegation claims that there are 1,500 besieged people in one of Homs neighborhoods, whereas there are up to 600,000 besieged people in the adjacent neighborhood of al-Waar, in addition to the towns of Nubbol and al-Zahraa in Aleppo, which have been  blockaded for two years, and the worker city of Adra where people were decapitated  according to leaked photos.

He added that "terrorists affiliated to the so-called Islamic Front and Jabhet al-Nusra have come – in the 21st century – to decapitate, hang bodies on electricity poles, and play football with human heads," noting that video footage of this is uploaded on Youtube, showing what happened to people in Adra, al-Zahraa and Nubbol.

The Minister reiterated that the Syrian government views all civilians besieged in any area in Syria in the same light and treats them equally, noting that delivering aid is linked to field and logistic circumstances which is why this issue must be tackled wholesale to help all Syrian citizens who are besieged or didn't receive relief.

Al-Zoubi called upon the other party called "opposition" to request the armed terrorist groups, with which it acknowledges its relation, to lift the blockade on thousands of children in Nubbol, al-Zahraa and Adra where more than 100,000 people are besieged.

"They were told of that during yesterday's session through the UN Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, and said we should seal with this humanitarian issue as an indivisible whole," al-Zoubi said, adding that the humanitarian aid is priority but delivering it to the people who need it in some areas to security arrangements.

The Minister pointed out that the other delegation which represents the so-called "coalition" – which does not actually represent opposition in light of the absence of opposition forces that have more representation on the ground – must give information and data about the names of those who it claims are arrested, their numbers and place, and whether they could be released, wondering "could they, for example, release those abducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham?"

He said that there thousands of abductees in Syria, some of whom have been missing for over two and a half years, in addition to entire families who were transported to unknown locations, adding that both the issues of the arrested and the kidnapped are humanitarian issues that should be tackled at once without differentiation.

Regarding what is called "the transitional governing body," al-Zoubi said this issue needs revision, noting that after the issuance of Geneva1 communiqué on June 30th, 2012, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry issued a statement on July 23th regarding this matter, while former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton commented on her own explanation of this term, with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also commenting on it, saying "all that is part of the discussion, as there has been confusion about this concept."

Al-Zoubi reaffirmed that the Syrian delegation does not have a problem regarding any topic on the table, "but if there is anybody who thinks of the possibility of the so-called stepping down of President al-Assad, then they are living in a fantasy world."

He added that Syria is a state that has its own constitution which governs all institutions and the behavior of the President, the ministers and the government, and the delegation here is present in accordance with the constitution.

The Minister called all mass media outlets in the world to visit Syria to witness what is happening in it with their own eyes, noting that over 430 media outlets have been allowed to enter Syria and operate freely.

On the fake news reported by some media outlets, al-Zoubi hoped that all mass media would be fair in its coverage and take other viewpoints into consideration, adding "for example, there is no state in the world that would burn the hospitals or destroy the roads it had been building over 50 years."

He said that refraining from giving direct or indirect statements to al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya is due to the fact that these two establishments have strayed from the journalism codes of honor and ethics, and because they are complicit in shedding Syrian blood, not to mention the position of the Qatari and Saudi entities and their governments and media regarding what is happening in Syria which has reached the point of outright lies, slander and instigation.

On the coalition delegation's attempts to link the Syrian state to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), al-Zoubi said that the parroting of such statements means that the coalition delegation has nothing to address the Syrian people and that this delegation represents a part of the coalition which is falling apart.

"Promoting the idea that ISIS was created by the Syrian state is classified as political comedy, because ISIS, Jabhet al-Nusra and other such organizations are the second, third and fourth generations of Al Qaeda which was originally spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood," the Minister said, asserting that such claims are ridiculous and there's proof contradicting them, as arrested members of these organizations confirmed who they answer to, who funds them, and what kind of relations they have with intelligence agencies of neighboring countries.

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