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The QATARI REPORT fully exposed that both media and government lie, hand in hand, over what comprises...evidence.


Media and government lies: remember the endless..terror !! over Bab's...umbrella !! (or rather Babs surviving to -legally- bring down the U.K State in HQ11X00563 and all that followed)

So we do not know the true circumstances surrounding the arrest a week ago, of two young women who were subsequently charged yesterday under s17 of the Terrorism Act 2000, before being brought before the incalculably rotten City of Westminster Magistrates today.


It is a terrible thing to say, but what is most likely, is that their arrests filled a propaganda void.


Unsurprisingly, the western media narrative which originally had Al-Qaeda being the good guys in Syria, did not go down too well, so now the media narrative is some Al-Qaeda are the bad guys again.


Obviously a couple of "arrests" are then needed to keep this latest media narrative, ticking over in people's minds.


So....Naval Masaad, 26, and Amal El-Wahabi, 27, were arrested because Ms Massad allegedly tried to take 20,000 Euros on a flight to Istanbul, Turkey.


The media narrative that has been widely reported, is then embellished with two further stories of young teenagers supposedly arrested but not charged, with the as yet, unknown "criminal offence" of going to...Syria ?




This story is attributed to a "journalist" the Daily Mail often call "Martin Robinson".


Media and police running around...over an....umbrella !!




The whole propaganda surrounding the arrests of the two young women, is quite odd, when you consider this. The same U.K State have no problem whatsoever with their very dear friends in the Saudi Arabian and Qatari governments, handing over vast amounts of petro-dollars to...Al-Qaeda, to buy any weapons they like.


The Evening Standard and the Metropolitan Police embellish the narrative further by saying they need new legislation to deal with..."charismatic people". Work that one out !




Well, these are all the same lot who were "terrified" of one woman with an....umbrella !


Of course it is quite an odd western media narrative that there are all these young people being "radicalized" who want to go to Syria to fight....who ? The Syrian people the...British government do not like.


The media narrative of the British Establishment then has these "radicalized" young mercenaries (because let's be honest, money is the only motivator for anyone willing to do the dirty work of either the British, Saudi or Qatari governments) wanting to come back and kill...British people -because- ? the British public...do not want the British army in Syria ?


Does that Establishment narrative sound to you, like yet again, a threat from...the British government and media ?









24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!