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It would be fair to say Russia won the propaganda war over the continuing war in Syria.


That happened when Cameron discovered in a heart stopping moment that the British Public, including the Daily Mail readers suddenly... preferred Putin.



Putin: You arm people who You Tube eating their enemies organs...

That ruled out Call me Dave, doing the whole grandstanding drama of Bay of Pigs 2.013.



The cost in terms of innocent civilian lives being lost in the whole Middle East, however, continues to be truly appalling, as the West use their Qatari and Saudi proxies to pump petro-dollars into the hands of their slice and dice brigades.


The latest bombings in Russia will be western backed.



I still remember clearly standing in the Gaza Strip talking to young Palestinian men in 1984.
















While the Balfour Declaration of 1917, gave the West, the foothold, through Palestine, in the Middle East, Syria really is the crossroads between the old way of doing business and pursuing a global community of big business -or- a new economic model that protects the global community of people.



We, the people, still need to do much more to place human life above business interests.


When push came to shove, all the superpowers had to put an overt war in Syria on the back burner, in favour of pursuing their bigger agenda, of global domination over the people ..everywhere.

Have you noticed how all the major mainstream media outlets around the world, essentially run the same “big stories” across a day ?

Given the obvious and overwhelming public opposition, to overt war in Syria, and all that meant, all the superpowers scratched their heads.


How were any going to play the propaganda, in an unfolding overt war that wasn’t necessary to any of them, and particularly now their primary interest is to continue building the global superstate, against the people ...everywhere.

The U.K vote against overt War in Syria marked a turning point in sufficient numbers of the people who are not politicians, understanding what is going on.


At this time, there was no financial incentive, for any of the dear leaders, to wage what could only be World War 3 over Syria, particularly when it was highly unlikely that sufficient numbers of the people...anywhere, were going to buy getting dragged into the ensuing global bloodbath between...who ?

Hands up who is thrilled enough with their own government to back a manufactured side, of government, in World War Three ?


Hands up anyone who would stand by and listen to that bastard Cameron giving the whole Churchill...speech, with Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband standing alongside ?

That remains a propaganda feat too far.

This year, the people were more powerful than our dear leaders.


We still need to do so much more, to bring law into all we do, to protect human life, in the coming year.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!