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As the Geneva Peace Conference draws closer, it is interesting to observe how the mainstream media who are awash with propaganda over the war in Syria, present information about men ...fighting.


Who on earth could the West send to these peace talks ?


A man called....Ifthekar Jaman could be called many things, but a religious "martyr" could not be one of them.


Tony's tools.


We lesser mortals have noticed that various members of a Western backed Axis of Evil (comprising the Israeli, Saudi Arabian, U.S, U.K and so on...governments) gave him his weapons.


In reality, any which way you look at it, the very bloodthirsty trail of weapons, only leads back to the fact that Mr Jaman knew, that he was nothing more than yet another mercenary, who went off to fight for the likes of the mass murderers in the Houses of Parliament who are the best of friends, with the House of Saud.


Who do these self appointed martyrs think would really be running their far from Holy, Islamist state in Syria, that so many innocent civilians are dying for ?


The fact the Saudi government has lots of petro-dollars does not mean they worship Allah, in any shape or form.


Clearly Mr Kerry has already been "speaking" with Mr Jaman's, Islamic Front Inc. which does not change the fact, he has zero chance of doing an image makeover, in time for Geneva.


A Mr Van Dyke (emails aside) is similarly, clearly one of Mr Obama's loose cannons who calls himself a "freedom fighter".  (The Huffington postie, Mr Van Dyke's website etc. has "stepped out for a bit" since questions were raised about him).



 Seymour Hersh backs up what the U.K Stop the War did not want Mother Agnes saying about rebels using chemical weapons.


Media control is not what it was when the West to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Last time most people looked, Mr Obama & Co haven't been delivering any ...freedom... anywhere, the people noticed.


Yet Mr Cain (an American) is anxious for Ukraine to join ...Europe...


While Mr Cain can't really pull off the Che Guevara theme of wanting a global community of people, he nevertheless feigned "support for protesters camped out" in Ukraine.


Of course he never popped down to our campaign in Parliament Square, to voice support for ...law.


It tells you all you need to know that the very large sums of money being thrown at "protest" in the Ukraine are a far from subtle attempt at regime change.


If you choose to pick up a deadly -weapon- to fight in a very brutal war in Syria, please do not try to pretend to the global community of people, that you are doing it for any other reason, than money.









24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!