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Mr Surveillance was wheeled out, with great fanfare once again, to keep that PR circus ticking over.

Every time Mr Snowden opens his mouth, he lies ...by omission.

I predict Mr S will not be kidnapped by 666.

That is what government and media do.

It is quite a paradox that the whole Guardian led hoax cannot talk about what surveillance is really about, because censorship is what business media and states do.

If young Mr S had wandered into Parliament Square, saying what he says, we would have said:

1. You are not telling anyone anything different to what the July 2001 European report admits to everyone.

2. What you actually do know from your work, that you do not say, is that your surveillance is about violent state censorship, including against those of us who oppose what are illegal wars that you are not opposed to.

The reason that you and the Guardian have not exposed a single example involving the campaigners you have spied on is -because- then you would have to explain -why- those campaigners were spied on.

3. You are still working for the business state because you are trying to distract from the fact that the greatest "human rights" failing ever is in fact, millions of innocent civilians being brutally murdered by the state, because business states do not do law.

Picture this.

Frankly Mr S would have looked a little silly to passersby, with his Prism banner, (where he would not have been supporting our campaign) alongside our campaign in Parliament Square, which is over the brutal murder of millions of innocent civilians.

How many -people - were murdered in Iraq yesterday ? The day before ? The day before that? In Afghanistan ? In Syria...Libya ?

That doesn't concern you Mr S ?

Remind me what Mr S would be going to any European Court to challenge....?

What would the U.K State be taking him to court over ?

A July 2001 report that was published ?

(& what has this other government jobsworth with large amounts of public funding for cyber "security" been reading since July 2001 ?)

Do you want the people to record and publish court proceedings involving public officials Mr S ?

Do you want the U.K State to do -law- to save lives, Mr S ?

I predict the business state know the people will re-invent the media wheel of misfortune, to change the fact that the business media spin a story that the people are only invited to briefly comment on.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!