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There is a war going on in Syria.

It is a western backed war against the Syrian people.

RT: "Liberal" hawks out to silence Mother Agnes.

While the grass roots people in the U.K "Stop the War" organisation really are lovely and genuine people, it has long been known that those who run "Stop the War" in the U.K would prefer war to keep ticking over for a number of reasons.

The lameduck U.K "Stop the War"..."co-alition", was hijacked very early on.

In fact one of the biggest things putting people off going to even Stop the War rallies, has always been the fact that the usual suspect speakers, are all mouth.

Brian was always hugely popular on the very few occasions Stop The War could not stop him speaking at Stop the War rallies nearby, precisely because he wasn't all mouth.

Brian and Tony Benn from Stop the War finally fell out - completely - after Benn's very public grandstanding in the High Court in 2010, which was intended to mask the fact that Benn tried to give Boris the words for the Judge to bury us (in the phoney case the Mayor of London brought against us)

(it is interesting what Brian said in open court to Tony Benn's face)

And so it came to pass that Mother Agnes who like Brian, really does have something to say, that people really might like to hear, was politely swept aside.

Most extraordinary was the fact that Mother Agnes was swept aside, ostensibly for the likes of some people such as a wanna-baby from the Indepedent Snoozepaper called Owen Jones, and some guy called Jeremy Scahill whose claim to fame is having "appeared" on various mainstream media outlets to promote some book.

There are of course many of us who over the years, have unwillingly "appeared" repeatedly across a whole spectrum of mainstream media around the world, usually cast as the villians of whatever.

The Royal Wedding in 2011 (for example) brought us a landslide of unwanted "attention", not just from the usual media suspects.

Those who run Stop the War in the U.K really are a rotten lot.

I often point out the obvious that most Stop the War people know.

Q: Why doesn't Tony Benn clean up his own house ?
A: Because his own son, Hilary Benn would go to jail as a war criminal.

You may have noticed that we don't joke about law.

Hilary Benn, while a member of the Labour cabinet during the illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan infamously wrote a letter to a doctor saying that the deaths of Iraqi children was not his problem.

Tony Benn (who was skulking in Cabinet during the Vietnam War) brought his son up to repeat, that war is politics.

War is NOT politics.

Law is law, and it includes politicians who are not above the law.

It is a shame that Mother Agnes did not still go to speak in the U.K because I rather suspect that she would have been welcomed by a huge audience, even had she spoken on her own, separate to the Stop the War do, not least because most of us would go Owen & Jeremy ...who ?

The very clearest indicator you could have, that Mother Agnes is telling the truth, is the fact that she is not on the platform of the usual suspects at Stop the War in the U.K.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!