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Admiral Sydney Fremantle: "Father of GCHQ".

The (in)termina(b)l(e) Prism Hoax dribbles on as it fails miserably in trying to restore some credibility to the mainstream media liars who the global business state want to remain the voice of the people.

Interestingly it is a ghost from years gone by, my great grandfather Admiral Sir Sydney Fremantle, who supposedly while being a bit bored with nothing much to do, suggested and first ran (ie: was "the father" of) what has subsequently become GCHQ.

Wikipedia version

GCHQ version

The Rothschilds of course, already ran a rather more successful network of their own "informers".

What the Prism Hoax really reveals, is that what became GCHQ -AND- the mainstream media liars (and by extension the global business state) have truly "met their Waterloo" over is, the truth that roughly 6.8 billion people !! can expose in public places the world over, including the internet.

U.S INTELLIGENCE "DISCLOSURES" ON NOVEMBER 18TH 2013 (incl. the allegedly "discontinued" collection of metadata on the Obama disinformation page)

That disclosure of a non-story merely reveals that the government was and most probably still is, stealing vast sums of taxpayers money, collecting information on the postman's deliveries, of who sent what to whom, when.

The packets of data containing "to", "from" and "bcc" are not encrypted so that emails can be delivered, because internet servers, much like the postman need some details to deliver your mail.

Postmen, like governments, have been known to snoop.

It is much easier for the likes of NSA to get the CIA run Google and Microsoft et al to "hand" over data each day, because that way they get more information, including subjects and contents, so that is what is most likely to have happened, when the PR/TT program was supposedly discontinued.

A real legal question lies in the ownership of the likes of Google, who do admit (to a point) that they are part owned by the CIA (if you look, because they don't overtly publicise the fact for obvious reasons).

Yet taxpayers are directly funding Google through the CIA.

This probably explains why Google are suddenly doing their current PR drive over child abuse.

Of course child abuse includes the brutal murder of innocent civilian children in illegal wars which is not high on the agenda of Google's oversight of child abuse.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!