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Hidden hand.

The use of the internet by the people, is relatively speaking, still in it's infancy.

It is still pretty much a blank canvas offering quite a different sort of dynamic.

Where the people have so much we can do.

So, although the global business state may be able to look at people all they like on the internet, and sell people all sorts of things, what really worries them, is how they can - control - the people on the internet.

It is also well known that government often go to wealthy "philanthropists" or vice versa, to try and front their more "sensitive" operations.

And their Prism Hoax is one of their more "sensitive" operations.

Sometimes tho, you do just have to giggle.

As the Guardian continue to peddle the Prism Hoax, with the U.K government by no co-incidence desperate to invent some no doubt uniquely retro-spective phoney legislation...

....the Guardian gatekeepers of "manipulinfo" (manipulative information), have moved on from directly quoting "PrivacyNot Prism" who have the likes of the war mongering Labour MP Tom Watson, and the Secretary of State for the Home Department's barristers Blackstone's lurking in their midst, and the George Soros group....

....to a group called "Article 19".

These latest great "defenders" of our freedoms who have suddenly been brought out of the closet and dusted off, are funded by the hidden hand of the.......ummm U.K Foreign and Commonwealth Office !!

Come again !!

The Foreign Office gave these people money.

The same mass murdering Foreign Office that sacked Craig Murray, their very own Ambassador to Uzbekistan, because he happened to  - publicly - leak - the very inconvenient fact the Uzbek dictator boils his opponents alive !


The Rt. Dishonourable Vague is not going to fund something he does not ...control.

The Foreign Office & GCHQ have rather a vested interest in controlling information !

Other "sponsors" of Article 19, include the Ford Foundation and....

The U.K Department for International "Aid" which was previously run by that Tory gangster Alan Duncan who admitted he had MI6 help the second largest oil trader in the world, Vitol Oil who he is on the payroll of, overthrow Gaddafi.

Need I say more !

Their headquarters are in comfortable offices right in Central London, yet they have been remarkably inactive...in the U.K.

Their latest "Executive Director" of doing nothing, joined on October 1st 2013.

Their Board of Trustees include: The BBC's Head of Special Projects, Policy & Strategy, a Ms Smadja, and of course, a Lib Dem MP, Mr Evan Harris.

The students might ask where he was hiding during the student demonstrations in December 2010 and the subsequent witch-hunts, masquerading as trials.

And Liz Kennedy is very much Establishment.


I don't think using Aung Suu Kyi as an honorary board member can hide who is really running the show.

Article 19 are not the sort of people any self-respecting person would want to be associated with...

or  - controlled - by.

It all reminds me of when Brian (who was very supportive of the Burmese people who were oppressed) was invited to the Muslim News Awards in Park Lane, and insisted that I go too, only for us to discover ...

The Muslim News Awards was funded by the likes of the Crown Prosecution Service, with those prosecuting us seated nearby in their freebie seats. I kid you not !

There were senior police officers, British Military, Airforce, all there, "sponsoring" the "event". Just incredible

There was some arsehole from the BBC seated at my table who got up and left when I sat down, and other people on the table, who were there to get their "awards", started asking about our campaign !

A previous Foreign Secretary David Milliband who was headlining the event, nearly got himself arrested...it was almost too irresistible an opportunity.

And Brian very publicly stood up and gave the awful Witch from Walford, Hazel Blears a right dressing down over her involvement in the brutal murder of millions of innocent civilians, as she ascended the stairs after her speech.

The look on her face was one of utter shock and humiliation, and someone tried to silence Brian but soon realised that would prove even more embarrassing.

Unsurprisingly Brian didn't get any "awards" from the awarding body, but it was a lively and memorable night !

Brian really spoke truth to those who perceived that they had "power" and they were not happy bunnies.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!