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In 2001, the ghastly Henry Kissinger complained that law had the potential to get in the way of the still growing and indiscriminate mass murder of the people by politicians (through for example endless wars, the use of pharmaceuticals etc).

Even if the current U.S government "shutdown" led to some sort of meltdown, that meltdown would mean nothing compared to the bigger global struggle really going down.

A very public perfect storm over human life, has come to a head in the Middle East.


During the second world war it was business as usual for business, which led to the Pinochet Years, followed by the Al-Qaeda Years....

If you look at the Prism Hoax the global business state of media and government continue to march in lockstep.

The likes of "Edward Snowden", Glenn Greenwald, and the Guardian, disgustingly admit they choose the information they share with the people, just like the government they purport to complain of, do.

Perhaps it is the talk, before the fall.

After all one cannot see too many thinking people, sharing the media viewpoint, that the media, like government, know what it is best to share with the people !

Any analysis of the lame-stream media must surely show that channels like Sky Sports must be pretty much all that is propping up the failing mainstream media.

All the carefully selected media "disclosures" over Prism (and the media are not actually legally obliged to tell the truth about much) fit the pattern of ultimately still trying to maintain a widely discredited world view, and way of thinking, that is long past it's use by date.

The Prism Hoax is deliberately sidestepping any engagement with the real issues of life and death surrounding "mass surveillance".

Business as usual:"Eradicating" Peaceful Dissent

This is - because - the primary role of the Prism Hoax was always to try and maintain - control -  over the public's perception of why & how, information is collected and used, or failing that, to engage in damage limitation. (THERE WILL BE AN UPDATE LATER ON LEGAL PROCEEDINGS)


It is self evident that the Prism Hoax has happened - because - the global business state simply cannot afford to shut-down the internet as a business tool and so they cannot shut out the ability of the people to effect change, through the internet.

The concern of the business state who include all the ghastly old dinosaurs of the old media, is that it only takes a small shift in public perception/behaviour across the world to tip the balance that would quite possibly lead to a real beginning of the end for much of their self serving, system.

Their Al-Qaeda years lie exposed in much the same way the Pinochet years were.


The business state understands the phenomena of the kid who said the Emperor had no clothes, before suddenly everyone else noticed.

Therefore the business state is desperate that at any given time some part of it looks like it is on the side of the people.

This is because, to survive, big business needs us more than we need them.

Yet the business state really are a very nasty party who will stop at nothing, to try to maintain control over who lives and who dies.

The McLibel trial over Mc Donald's is a seminal blueprint of how damaging even a few people can start to be, to the likes of multi-national companies.

McLibel also showcased how the people are beautifully creative and do care about one another.

There are simple ways people are thinking of all the time that can and probably will cause the business state's corrupt system to naturally implode eventually.

A completely different and civilised world really is entirely possible.  

Consider this very simple idea that had the U.K Attorney General spinning out all the way to Google.

In proceedings involving the actions of public officials, just one video camera held by the people, in a court, has the potential to prevent corruption and therefore - open up - justice to millions upon millions, across the world. The people could also decide what information and cases interested the people.

One video camera....

.....in a court, can start a peaceful revolution of open justice across the world.

It is incredible when you think of the potential one video camera has, to contribute to and begin a process, of really putting justice back in the hands of the people.

There are of course many other ideas, many people have, because the biggest truth really is, most people do actually care very much, about one another.

No government ever wants to see the march of the millions like over their illegal war in Iraq, ever again, not least because the people are always learning….

So while there are truly terrible illegal wars continuing, it is truly wonderful that all around the world now on any given day, you only have to take a few minutes to look around the internet to see for yourself.....

There are millions upon millions, of real people, just like you and me saying....the war mongering emperors have no clothes.

And the many little emperors....watch the people, and wonder, what people everywhere, are going to do next.

We are the - majority - watching them.

It remains that the people.....have much that we can all do....to change the systems, so that the systems really are geared towards protecting human life, first.

There is so much creative potential in people still to come.

The business state can never capture the human spirit.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!