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"All anyone really has to do is look at - where - the business state really get what they call their "power"…
In just the same way the so called Arab Spring has been hijacked by big business looking for ways to circumvent law, so were our own democracies hijacked long ago.

Brian Haw: May 23rd 2006

However the desperate move of overtly importing the Western backed Al-Qaeda into Syria to further international business "interests", is proving to be both a legal and PR disaster for the very many layers of our self styled western "elite" and their mainstream media mouthpieces.

The current western import of Al-Qaeda in Syria bear taking a good look at. They are not simply ideological nut-jobs who think they can play the West. They are - frauds - in every sense of the word. It is obvious they do not seek social justice for anyone. Al-Qaeda in Syria are simply yet more evil greedy bastards willing to murder anyone for money, to further the business interests of…… - our - elite.

Flora..duh ?: a new kind of..margarine ?

The many faces of Al-Qaeda hide behind the mask of wanting an Islamist state that would be no more real than the phoney democracy our not so dear leaders hide behind. This is because they are all from the same cloth. They are the venal who crave their few pieces of silver from the likes of the Rothschild's, because that is what they delude themselves into believing… power is.

Indeed one of the most (in)famous modern distorters of history, Niall Ferguson is nothing more that a nasty little Rothschild stooge who has made millions out of dishonestly spinning war mongering which has led to the brutal murder of millions.

The U.K business state of politicians and media, were taken by surprise by the nature of our long term campaign of many years, upholding law, right in the face of government, in the centre of London, in Parliament Square.

No-one has ever done what we did, in the way we did. As anyone who spent any time with us soon discovered, it was no walk in the park.

Ours is a very different, almost private war, with a government who have repeatedly tried to murder us.

So we are obviously doing something, very right.

In a tactical sense, we peacefully took and held our ground, for the people, for as long as we chose to, on the - real - frontline, of Parliament Square.

The Mother of all "Parliament's" really is where the real problem lies.

The far from "Common-wealth" have a long history of brutally murdering innocent civilians the world over…..while installing…..

…..their far from legal…"system".

A ghastly old crone on a throne: flesh and blood like you and me.

Parliament faciliate the City of London stashing all their ill gotten gains.

We challenged the phoney way a few have hijacked what could be true systems of democracy and law, that can work to protect people's lives, everywhere.

Law is for life.

And of course, a referendum on war would end war….

There are many solutions to the violent chaos imposed on people.

A common misunderstanding that has arisen because it is what the business state promote, is that what is called power which is used to control much, will always remain the preserve of the few - because - they will (illegally) take power (through.. violence), bought by money.

In reality, the power to do anything responsibly by peaceful means, can and does exist for any human being.

By and large there is no easy, quick fix to make that become an everyday reality, for everyone, because simple truths can sometimes take time to become mainstream thinking.

The lies that are still being told by politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces go a long way to explaining the current chaos in the Middle East that has led to millions of innocent civilians already dying.

The people have been subjected to years of propaganda by the mainstream media - of all shades - who are the bought and paid for mouthpieces of big business.

However, when millions of innocent civilians have already died in illegal wars, while millions more are at risk of losing their lives, we should all be doing whatever we can, wherever we are.

The business state have only got power, because they took it from people, and have kept taking and taking….to take….people's …….lives.

All anyone really has to do is look at - where - the business state really get what they call their "power"…

We simply did …law, while our fraudulent leaders who really are the most appalling war criminals, invented phoney legislation to try to give themselves unfettered power, they simply cannot ever legally have, to use whatever violence against us, they could get away with.

Remove their phoney "legislation" (as we showed you could do) with law.. which brought around the repeal of SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138, and what ….power….are they really left with ?

The "power" to make ….ummmm…new phoney "legislation" …..to try and buy themselves …time, to use ….more … violence against us..!!

Their phoney legislation is what illegally gives them the "power" to use…violence, to as they say, "enforce" their phoney …"legislation".

So the truth is, the state do not legitimately have the all encompassing power they claim they do.

The criminals in the state are not the lawmakers, their mainstream media mouthpieces like to make out. Parliamentarians are predominantly law…breakers.

The law breakers in Parliament can never say that people like us are their real number one "enemies" - because - we are…upholding…law, because that would reveal and herald the end of their…phoney "system".

Their latest phoney legislation to use more violence against us was, if you look at it, pretty much an admission that where there was no serious public disorder they always knew they had to leave - people - well alone.

And so it did not take long before we launched …proceedings against the…state….over …their new phoney legislation (the PRSR Act 2011). It was not original that they made phoney legislation against us, along the lines of the movie title…28 days later.

Of course the state cannot lawfully claim to be "arresting" & "prosecuting" us etc. while we are peacefully upholding law over ….their war crimes !!

(Nor could they use all manner of other "complementary" phoney legislation such as "bail" etc.)

Besides exposing and having removed/repealed what is phoney legislation, which is mostly just a wish list of what lying, thieving, murderous politicians and their business "interests" would like to get away with….

you can also ……bring private prosecutions against the many - layers - of criminals misusing their public positions….

And when they cry jurisdiction etc, over their biggest crimes, war crimes, you just have to remember to remind them of two words…..Jus Cogens !!

The people can uphold the law, anywhere, at any time.

And when the Zionist enclave in the West, along with their petty dictators in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, need to use the people's money to pay off their friends in Al-Qaeda to do their dirty work, in places like Syria, while running things like the Prism Hoax, maybe there are not too many more rabbits the desperate have left to pull out of their hats.

Maybe the years of Al-Qaeda which spawned numerous really evil and corrupt police states are nearly behind us.

Many people can see that the Prism Hoax was just another example of phoney legislation that was published, so it was not actually, a leak.

Therefore logic only leaves us with the obvious.

The Prism Hoax was only about trying to give the dinosaurs of the mainstream media some credibility while they are trying to do the impossible, and sell the business state's butchers, who they told us were their number one enemy, as our new best friends.

The marvellous irony about the state snooping on everyone, is that what the state really fears, is - everyone - watching…what they really do !!

stage right: is that supposed to be clark fucking kent or what ?

After all, the business state still has a very long way to go before they can really outlaw, ….the people...upholding law.

What made their Prism Hoax go terminal, is just another example of how phoney - legislation - will not stand any real test, if unlike the media and politicians, you think & do …law.

The U.S state's far from legal "defence" of Prism, where everyone is a suspect is what is called in…. law, for obvious reasons, a "legal absurdity".

No in-house stage managed production like the one that took place recently at Heathrow, will change existing real - legal - challenges in the U.K based on the doctrine of "legal absurdity".

The way our leaders operate means the Obama administration is vulnerable to any number of legal challenges from (for example) the U.K too.

The U.S illegally occupied Afghanistan, along with so many other countries  - precisely - so that - all - our dear leaders who are all creating police state's could try to throw the rule of law out the window, simultaneously.

Afghanistan was about the West creating many of the conditions necessary for a more powerful global community of big business. If many countries - leaders - were all in it together, they could cover each other's backs.

Or so they thought.  

Unlike their phoney "legislation" which often looks complex - because - it is corrupt, law is actually very straightforward - because - it is based on an identifiable…harm.

You are upholding, not "violating"… "law" when you expose and remove phoney …legislation.

The video below shows a corrupt Met police officer !! (1min 30secs...) being cautioned (while committing criminal offences of theft etc) by a member of our campaign (NB: the stolen banners were subsequently returned a few days later).

The ….stunned …..police officer asks the question….."Where did you get the….power ?"

1 min 30secs:"...where did you get the...power ?"

The simple answer is, everyone has always had the power to…uphold….law at any, and all times.

What we learnt in Parliament Square, is that a corrupt state really do fear even a few who will uphold law and bring legal challenges …..because any legal challenge begins, what the global business state know can at any time, ultimately be the end of their fraudulent system.

One person can become two…then three, then…any number of people…from… all around ….the world…..

Legal challenges can also have the benefit of leaving loose ends, if you follow through...

Generals really do not like…loose ends.

The illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan - already - have increasing numbers of legal loose ends that will tie up (albeit still mostly corrupt) courts for many years.

So what the criminal frontmen in the likes of the Obama administration, and the U.S Congress actually fear most, right now, in the times we now live in….

…is if a groundswell of people from the world over, uphold law and start the long process of prosecuting them, to put…."power" back in the hands of the vast majority of people the world over, who really are decent and caring.

Western war criminals do really need to know that the people the world over will never rest until our own war criminals who have been and are still committing the most heinous of war crimes, are brought to account.

a global community of big business ?

There can remain an increasingly powerful global community of big business or there can be a global community of the people, and the people everywhere, really have the… power….. to….decide !!


Under Jus Cogens, (for example) anyone has the relevant locus standii and jurisdiction to uphold law - and - bring a private prosecution over war crimes, anywhere, because (phoney) "legislation" and "procedures" cannot be written and used by war criminals to protect war criminals.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!