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Big business is about money...Law is about life.

The people's worldview has changed a lot since we first started campaigning in Parliament Square.

Thanks to the internet, so many people ...around the world...are now wise to the many corrupt ways of media and politicians, who we all know work for big business, instead of ...the people.

For example we can now all see for ourselves how the mainstream media are well behind the times in sharing with the people what they should really be talking about in the media, in terms of what are already illegal wars of aggression.

They do not talk about...LAW.

Extraordinary really, when you think about it.

Yet most people who are decent and civilized know when they stop to think about things, rather than just accepting what they are fed, that politicians cannot simply be "elected" to "vote" to murder whoever they like, in what are already illegal wars of aggression.

Tellingly in unusual civil claims we have before the High Court, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is - revealingly - not arguing that a jury would not find that he is complicit as an individual, in assisting individuals in the U.K state committing war crimes.

Rather his so called "lawyer", who is also complicit in all, would like to argue, the people lack .."jurisdiction"... to ...then...bring private prosecutions over war crimes !!

Sure it is uncommon (as was campaigning for so many years in Parliament Square). But it is do-able, in ...LAW.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police can then be seen to really be clutching at straws when he tries to argue, on paper through his ..errr...lawyer, that upholding the law (using Article 10..Freedom of Expression !!)... can be "statute".. barred..

Of course ..upholding the law, and over war crimes....could never be ...."statute" barred.

So it will be interesting to see what - evidence - the Obama Administration who are also already guilty of war crimes themselves...can put before..."Congress"....in their "vote" over war in Syria...

These are all the same "politicians" who already turn a blind eye to their illegal use of DEPLETED URANIUM !!!! on - how many - innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan !!

There is simply no - legal - case that can be made out by Western "politicians" working for big business, to go to war with in essence, the..... Syrian people.

Given the very many lies that we all know Western politicians have told, about anything and everything, people would be very unwise to actually - believe - that anyone other than the West was behind any chemical attack in Syria.

Qui Bono ?

And western air strikes would harm ??

The civilian population.

RUSSIA REJECTS U.S "EVIDENCE". Obviously real "evidence" of war crimes would not be ..."classified"

The true legal position in all this, is that any "politician" in the West who "votes" to commit war crimes, is acting illegally in his - personal capacity - and a private prosecution can be brought, against that "politician", by ....anyone.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!