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After reading a quite extraordinary response to an FOI request, (see below) about the NSA, which would essentially be the substance of any NSA defence, in a legal action, methinks the U.S (and U.K) are panicking about ....being sued.

Going by the absolutely extraordinary - logic - of the Chief FOI jobsworth in the U.S in response to a law abiding member of the public's FOI on information held on them by the NSA, publicly divulging your own phone records ...."could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally ....grave damage ...to ...the national security...."

The idea that any and all information "could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security" is a legal absurdity.

“....cited by Plowden, that the statute of 1st Edward II, which enacts that a prisoner...


The legislative background to the FOI response (below) is tortuous in the extreme.

I know one shouldn't laugh, but it is impossible not to.

To quote: "Read it and ...weep".

And then think about a jury reading it :)

The cynical mathematics behind the whole business, is so obvious.

And therefore so damaging.

The bigger the scam, the more money the parasites have all been making.

This is about big bucks.

The NSA, GCHQ et al have all been onto a nice little earner.

Very easy money if you think about.

In terms of scale-ability, you can say you need lots of money to build this massive infrastructure, to be staffed by millions, also costing zillions, to collect trillions, while behind the scenes they can sit around doing doodley - squat.

After all their best friends are....Al Qaeda & Co.

The rest of us haven't shown any enthusiasm for going around slicing and dicing ...anyone.

It is interesting.

Of course it will not be such a nice little earner if all those involved in such an obvious scam, are sued over a ...defence that is frankly....lame.

There were probably quite a few existing civil claims floating around like our HQ12X01972 (which is an extraordinarily controversial case when you get beyond the superficial and into who knew what, when etc). The state don't have a hope in hell of making out before a jury of the people, that people campaigning like us, are a "national security risk" etc, etc, etc.

It seems like the U.K and U.S are trying to drop a whole lot of other countries in it, - primarily - as a distraction over their attempts to kick off WW3, but also as some sort of attempt at damage limitation, over snooping, by saying, hey we are all at it.  

best change the setting on the spam or is that scam... filter :)

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24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!