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The stakes are higher than they have ever been, for humanity.

7/7: "Let me get this straight...you were.."

Meat cleavers are not only the weapon of choice for the Western backed slice and dice brigade in Syria.

Video footage shows what can only be an undercover police officer in a white shirt in Turkey wielding a meat cleaver !! while kicking a woman !! who is not doing anything, on the streets of Istanbul !!

Think Woolwich and think - just - how weird that is.
After all, the U.K are - bestest - friends with Turkish PM, Erdogan.

(NB: Two videos show a man in white shirt waving around a meat cleaver, and kicking a woman who is not doing anything, and when police arrive, in the second video, he is NOT arrested !! while at the end he and the police are seen together going after protesters, who have thrown back, whatever was thrown at them. In a third video a man shown wielding a wooden stick/iron bar is very clearly working with police) 

Thanks to the internet, people are waking up to the fact, of what wars are really waged for, and the fact, that Syria is not "just another" ..."war".

Syria is what will ultimately deliver control of the entire resources of the Middle East ...and beyond, to the global community of big business based in the West.

That is big time.

Specifically Rothschild's autonomous City of London, who do not give a shit if either the Euro or ....U.S currency fail, because they will do nicely whatever, will benefit most. 

There's many who will wheel and deal, and sell out their brother, or sister, in the name of anything, for the tiniest sliver of the biggest pie that ever lived, called this particular global community of big busines...

The stakes are higher than they have ever been.

When the BBC have to cynically wheel out Cannibal Man, you know it is the West who are getting desperate.

To get to that pot of gold.

The U.K Establishment are drooling at the prospect of dramatically increasing their ill gotten gains.

Their god is called money.

In a pragmatic move, the hidden hand just bends the arm, of the U.S military, to do it's bidding.

The U.S has to launder their own very dirty money, through the City of London.

The British Empire never really completely died out, because the hidden hand of the U.K Establishment installed worldwide dictatorships through their far from legal system, to maintain control.  

How better to control people, than government put in place, who government want to lead you, to wherever they want you to go.

Enter stage left Mr Snowden.

Product placement.

GCHQ is bigger than NSA.

They are ...everywhere.

The message was big. 

The people - everywhere - need to ....

Shut Up.

Think of yourselves.

Not a global community of .... the people..

Do not mention Nasserism.

Do not look and learn from what other people around the world are doing.

Are you listening ?

They are :)

If you are planning WW3 ....you do NEED a BIG story to try and distract people.

Venezuala are still waiting to hear if the almighty Snowden is going to accept their offer of asylum, after being reluctant to leave Russia when Putin offered asylum under terms that were not agreed by ....Snowden and the...Guardian newspaper !! Hmmm...It would be novel if the Guardian newspaper dictated terms to Putin and the Russian people. 

That would be another -coup- of sorts.

The Guardian newspaper running the show in Russia would be a serious development in "product placement".

The U.S & U.K business states, hoped Prism would stop people talking about what they did not want people talking about.


Anything called "Journalism" died long ago.

Our western "leaders" in our "democracies", held hostage a decent law abiding - President - going about his business.

Our Western "leaders" are so desperate, because they are so...close.. to their pot of gold, at the end of the ...rainbow ?

They want the Middle East entirely under their control...

Libya, Egypt......Syria....Iran...

Meanwhile - most people - are generally - more - prone to caring about one another, than the business state would like.

I think it's called being......human.

If you cannot first protect life, you will change, nothing...

Where are the people the most ...silent ?

Watch the people..... of Turkey, who are not silent.

A few campaigners were attacked, then the masses came out, to first protect each others...life.


and the old chestnut of...

"The Constitution says that anyone can stage a demonstration without giving notification, but the legislation says that applying to the authorities for permission is mandatory. So nobody can say they exercise their constitutional rights. This is unlawful," Gov. Hüseyin Avni Mutlu had told reporters in response to news of the protest.

"I can't allow a demonstration that I haven't permitted in advance," he said.

from a Turkish nut job masquerading as a ..politician.


so says Rupert Murdoch.

Pick a line. Pick a newspaper.

They all lie.

For big business.

Whatever you try, we all ultimately discover, that the global community of people need (wherever they are) to take back control of - law - (to prevent "legislation" - and - ultimately - control - Mr Rothschild & Co).

Who controls - law - (not legislation, or money) controls all...



It starts with you.


All of us.

Can get there.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!