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Edward Snowden is a nice young man.

So he tells us.

Bradley Manning

Mr Snowden did an online Q & A today.

Indeed, you may smile.

He's kind of the Establishment's Bono, for whistle-blowers.


Apparently in his "own words" his story is he gave up something, because what he wants the U.S President..."

“....upon preparing to leave office, begin a tradition for all Presidents forthwith to demonstrate their respect for the law by appointing a special investigator to review the policies of their years in office for any wrongdoing“

When the President is ...leaving office...the President ....could appoint someone to review his ...policies....for any wrongdoing ?

They really are having a laugh.

At law.

At Justice.

You know what we learnt from all the years of surveillance of every part of our lives - because - of our campaigning in Parliament Square ?

The state collects vast amounts of information, really for no other reason than...money.

Every mindless cog in the wheel of the machine has no particular interest in your information, beyond they are getting paid to have it for any number of other reasons, that in turn, all relate to......money. 

What's in it for them.

I don't like the surveillance, but it is the mass murder of innocent civilians that really bothers me, and is what I want stopped, first.

You can read the Guardian's and Mr Snowden's hoax below, in their own words.

There are some gaping holes...

Maybe the Guardian and Mr Snowden could put everyone out of their misery, by explaining the obvious, which would surely work for everyone else.

How did they publicise and have this very public - online - discussion, without being tracked down, by Prism and dragged off by whomsoever ?

And why were the Guardian never prosecuted, like Bradley Manning ?

Funny that. The Guardian don't work with just..journalists. They hide behind D Notices all the time.

?? Oh Please...

Just lame.

Well actually young man, you tried to "smear" Bradley Manning too, and when challenged in this stage managed production, have stepped around the point that if that was not what you claimed the important distinction between you and Bradley Manning was, then what was ?

Or sunshine you could just be an American spook trying to have an argument with the Chinese, which might explain why the wily-coyote in the Kremlin, offered you asylum in Russia. Maybe the Chinese just don't want to play on U.S terms.


Firstly, both the Guardian and Mr Snowden know that there is publicly available information where it is acknowledged, that Google (like many tech companies) have been and are funded by the CIA, along with having board members from the CIA and the revolving door of business & government. The CIA are actually quite open about it.

What is the crux of the matter and where the Prism hoax really falls apart is over the fact that government, the self- styled internet "giants", the Guardian and Mr Snowden have all lied about one crucial aspect.

Had Snowden and the Guardian not deliberately both lied, and remember this Greenwald chap is a "lawyer", then they could have maintained the benefit of the doubt.

The court orders may be secret.
The information handed over may be called secret.

But the fact that the companies did hand over unknown information, based on secret court orders, is not, and could not be a secret.

If anyone was interested enough to look at the situation that existed involving court orders, they would understand, that by creating a legal sleight of hand, companies who choose to, can - willingly - hand over whatever.

Bad PR, but where's the story, and what on earth would they charge Mr Snowden with revealing ?

The fact that a number of companies agreed to a legal sleight of hand ?

That anyone could see, if they looked.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!