It is pretty obvious that the early cash injection by venture capitalists into Google - in 2001 - was used to set up the U.S international data "collection" strategy.

Then you only have to read the NY Times version of how Yahoo joined Prism to fully see for yourself, how the game played out.


It's very simple.

Rather than (endlessly) go to "court", a company "joins".

In secret, because everything is about "national security"

Any rights the people had, vanished in a very simple, far from legal, sleight of hand.

That created yet more, jobs for the boys.

The companies duplicity it it all, is revealed when the NY Times refer to supposedly "leaked" NSA documents.

After all, the companies only needed to make, a public statement saying their company policy was to hand over information, rather than fighting endless legal battles.

They did not, because that was bad PR etc.

Of course it remains, there are a number of legal challenges people can make to the collection of data.

However, it seems to be, what is important to remember, is that the business states who rely on the internet themselves, are struggling to achieve, what is their true objective, which is....large scale censorship of the..people.

And our campaign has showed, over the years, they really do not want to be taking loads of - the people - to court, over that.