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Essentially Google (& RECORDED FUTURES) is Prism.

And they are up to their necks in political interference in, suprise, surprise,... Iran for example.

Problems arise where any - manipulate - the information they may have - collected - from all manner of sources.

Eric Schmidt was brought on board at Google in 2001, by specialist technology "venture capitalists".

Oh, Please....

Of course, both Schmidt and the venture capitalist John Doerr are Presidential "Advisers" etc in the revolving door between business and whatever politics is, as are many others in their circles.

Doerr said of the iphone: "more important than the personal computer" because " it knows who you are" and "where you are."

Google are openly in business with the CIA in RECORDED FUTURES

Sergey Brin has published more than a dozen academic papers, including Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web; Dynamic Data Mining: A New Architecture for Data with High Dimensionality, which he published with Larry Page; Scalable Techniques for Mining Casual Structures; Dynamic Itemset Counting and Implication Rules for Market Basket Data; and Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Correlations.

The U.S have issues over technology with China.

Make no mistake, the U.S want to be in charge of the latest equivalent of the nuclear button. A global internet switch.

I wonder if the almighty Prism has found Snowden yet ?

Meanwhile by no co-incidence, with breathtaking hypocrisy, Google are taking a pop at the Iranian Government.

But they cannot provide any evidence to back up their assertions, of politically motivated state actors, because in their own words, that would "help the bad actors".

Google are sounding more like Wee Willy Hague every day.

and just out of the kindness of Google's heart, they have created a special "security warning" for Iranian people...oh please..how lame...

And Google are going to tell the people when Google's friends in the White House are snooping are they ?

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!