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A solid object that has two identical ends, and all flat sides. The cross section is the same all along its length."

Fascinating, to a point.

There is a bigger truth, related to the piece of the jigsaw that is intelligence, that has been there ...all along.

Many millions are being snooped on - because - many millions have and are being brutally murdered, in illegal wars of aggression.
I begin with one sobering summary of basic government snooping:

"Professor Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, professor of security engineering at City University London, says there's a balance between risk and convenience when using services online. Most consumers are aware that big corporates retain their personal data. "If you really want to have some value from the web, you are bound to give information away because there's a tangible economic benefit for you."

In reality, Muttukrishnan says, authorities are obliged to monitor and police the internet, and their minimal resources are focused mostly on aggregating trends and general behaviour in the population.

He explains that granular examination of individuals would be likely to be retrospective, if that person had been flagged as a security threat. "It's more about patterns in activity that are evolving globally so I'm sceptical that this is threatening the privacy of individual users. Policing the internet is the same as policing the roads. It is part of the critical national infrastructure," he says, so a policy similar to stop and search is realistic."

Of course that basic summary, while suitably instructive, does not take into account that the very nature of the business state is that they are always looking to abuse all powers way beyond those they are given.

Obama and Hague have said so.

It begins and ends with war.

However while fighting over shadows, (or as that bastard Rumsfeld liked to say, the "unknowns") such as "Prism", can be important, it is only useful to a point, and only when it is done - because - it is recognised it is part of a - bigger - picture.
Having lived the ultimate Big Brother reality, for years, in Parliament Square, despite the fact that I object to their snooping, I knew there was a far bigger evil that had led to it, that really needed to be addressed.

To save lives.

It is how we are all going to get to a position of being able to deal with the bigger picture, that remains the biggest question.

The danger in playing with shadows is that it can become a very effective way of delaying dealing with the bigger focus, in everyone's sights.

And it is only by dealing with the bigger picture, that the shadows will disappear anyway.

The media then draw people's attention to various organisational whistleblowers, whereby the businessmen's convention is that whistle's may publicly be sounded on single issues, when it may be politically expedient to do so.

So there are several points to make about whistle-blowing.

Each whistle-blower makes a valuable contribution that was made all the harder, because of an absence of law.

In war, such failures are multiplied at multiple levels, which leads to many millions of deaths. 

Of course, not only was most of Manning's information never going to be politically convenient, his information only leaked, because it was going out online.

Lamestream media only got in on the act, because they wanted to claw back ...some credibility for themselves - and - manage the situation from the business state's perspective.

What is most important to note, is that the mother of all whistle-blowers, Dr Kelly is missing from the Guardian's link on whistle-blowers.

Because if people look at what could have been the consequences of Dr Kelly's whistle-blowing had he lived, and the focus remained on the facts, then a - whole lie - unravels right before before your very eyes.

If Dr Kelly had lived, I argue it would have brought down the government (which would have been more than an uncomfortable moment for all sides of the house who were and remain in full agreement over all war) and even more extraordinarily, the troops would have had to leave Iraq !!!!

Unheard of.

Not forgetting of course a lot of very pissed off businessmen who would have been left lying in the wake.

Who have now gone on to make squillions more out of this time of still growing, great Terror.

Including through Prism.

Dr Kelly was one of those Diana moments for the whole British Establishment, who saw the possibility of their whole rotten edifice come crashing down around their ears.

The fallout would have been spectacular.

And far and wide.

The lamestream media do not want the people to remember that the soundbite that has become Prism, which remains albeit one important strand, really began long ago, with that whistle-blower.

That includes state intelligence.

Over what is the business state.

They do not want people to join the dots between two whistle-blowers called Kelly and Snowden.

And I think the evidence is, that Manning was the greater spanner in the works than Snowden, while Kelly had the potential to be a Diana moment. 

While we all know the lamestream media are - part of - and sit on the side of, the business state.

It is important to remember that the U.K intelligence services were seen over the war in Iraq, to have followed orders from politicians, to publicly lie to go to an illegal war.

That publicly discredited the intelligence services for ever more.

They revealed themselves, as tools of the business state.

Not so intelligent really. 

But that lie was never dealt with.

Before hey presto, you have Prism.

Which is interesting, but not as interesting as Manning, who is not Kelly either.

Any analysis of the illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan shows, that they were always being used to change forever the world we live in.

It is therefore, very important to consider the nature of the involvement of the intelligence services in rendition and torture, after they were already discredited over their involvement in Blair and Campbell's dodgy dossier.

Anyone can be kidnapped, tortured and their body dumped, anywhere around the world, by these same discredited intelligence services.

That too, is far worse, and far more shocking, than Prism.

To date rendition and torture has proved mildly problematic for the business state, but only sufficiently so, that the lunatics in the asylum, called government, now trial a preferred method called drone war fare.

Summary execution.

No questions asked.

Drones can come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of capabilities.

We are living in the time of the Great Terror.


It is not that we do not know that millions are dying.

What was it, that all the television channels were playing in Turkey while the police were violently attacking those legitimately protesting the U.S puppet, Erdogan ?

It is important to remember, rendition and torture was used by discredited intelligence services, yet again following orders, where by co-incidence, they were able to also further feather their own nests, to continue ....to cover up the most massive lies that continue to be told.

At merely the logical level, it is obvious that where the business state are mass murderers (and so you cannot protect - life) that the business state are also doing whatever else they want. 

Whether it is through financial markets or so called intelligence.

If you really claim to want freedom, you will only have it when - law - functions to protect ...life.

And that involves quite a bit of honesty all round about what is really going on.

Most people understand that Prism is merely an extension of - all- the lies, of serial mass murderers, who manage our business states.

After all, business states who go to war based on the premise that the state decides who lives or dies, will need to do quite a lot of ...managing, to keep that lie ...going.

That is why we argue that it remains so important that the legality of war is justiciable in ...national courts.

The absence of any legality in illegal wars does, will, and has, eroded all else.

War involves almost - the whole - spectrum of business and government organisations.

It is a fact, that if you can stop war - with law - you cut many heads, off many snakes, all across business - and - government, that has led to where we now are, and where we are heading. 

Dr Kelly really was the mother of all whistle-blowers.

Ensuring the legality of war is justiciable in national courts is  an honest and straightforward option to start to bring some civilization to society.

It challenges the false premise of national security under which all other lies are told and the damage is done.

When the business state have some idea, there will be law over war, - that - alone, will reign in the worst, from which all else, follows. 

It will affect the whole spectrum of the business state.

Most importantly, it will save lives.

All those people who have suffered and died in war, were entitled to freedom too.

The most important freedom.

The freedom to....live.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!