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The deal on the table for - the people - in the historic conference brokered by Kissinger between Obama & Xi Jinping now going on in the U.S, is likely to go something like this.

We - the people - can have something our dear leaders will call "World Peace" (a bit like the shifting goalposts called "democracy") if we agree that the emerging global business state can enslave and murder whoever they like.

This is not an "offer" - the people- are willing to accept.


Obama and Xi Jinping had a good look across the internet, and like many of our other dear leaders, do not like what they see.

The people are generally wise.

This is how Kissinger prefaced the meeting between the Presidents of the U.S.A & China.

And Kissinger has never had the good of any people close to his heart.

Misery Inc: Kissinger

In fact it is difficult to believe Kissinger has a heart.


"I have the impression that both sides are willing to re-examine their premises, and to see whether they can achieve a relationship based on some perspective that goes beyond the moment - in other words that goes beyond solving immediate problems," former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the BBC.

Obama will be saying the priority is to wage cyber warfare, not on their respective state apparatus, but on the people everywhere.

Obama has used Prism to publicly say he is not pussyfooting round asking people if they want a snoopers charter. He has just been doing it anyway. Maybe he is hoping to impress Xi Jinping.

Their greatest "threat" comes from - the people - saying no to state enslavement.

State murder.

"The meeting comes months earlier than expected - Mr Obama and Mr Xi had been expected to meet at an economic summit in Russia in September."

Obviously there are a few "problems" they would like to iron out before that.

Obama said it: "Our decision to meet so early (in Mr Xi's term) signifies the importance of the US-China relationship,"

The US welcomed the rise of a peaceful China and wanted "economic order where nations are playing by the same rules".

"Rules", not law.

Shame about the U.S not being peaceful.

He also called for "both countries to work together to tackle cyber security."

The people get the fact our dear leaders want to silence the people to enslave or kill the people.

What was urgent, was an "agreement" on the spin they will put on Syria.


The U.S are so deep in hock to China, it is unlikely the Chinese government would like to see the U.S state "fail".

The people might do an Iceland. Big Time.

China would get nothing.

The U.S is therefore probably looking to cut a deal with China over the fate of people's lives in Syria and Iran. 

That is just shocking.

And goes beyond those countries.

"The traditional business model of empires, built around nation states who rise and fall, is being replaced by a deadly new global, business empire, who wage war of one kind or another, upon people, everywhere." -- Babs Tucker

What will be most interesting to hear, is what the Chinese leadership is willing to say publicly.

And what of - the fact - Google, Facebook, You Tube and Apple etc were all in on the game of cyberspying.

Obama says the companies knew. The companies deny it.

It is claimed that Prism, "is the Prime Generator of material for the President's daily briefing."

If that were true, perversely that is encouraging, because what bothers Obama, is that he is seeing that the people do know he is a lying mass murderer.


In one important sense, it's all not that different from how the lamesetream media operate.

Their underlying purpose is to try and control how people ...think.

Google were openly in cahoots with the CIA, (with for example the company RECORDEDFUTURES) but in any event it would be naive to imagine that all the major companies, like media, did not voluntary employ "intelligence" officials within those companies.  
All platforms have been co-operating with government, because unlike a campaign (like ours), they did not mind if they were "infiltrated". Ultimately it is obvious to people that the "premise" of big tech companies has been the same as government. To control information ...for profit.

Facebook are in some ways the worst offender amongst these new platforms.

The personal information they can collect has become more and more intrusive, and under their control.

Facebook DO allow government's in by the backdoor (we took the screenshots of an overt attack and started posting on our website and the govt. fucked off real fast) Did Facebook know ? Previous experience of how they manage their technology told us they do.

It will be the same experience for many others.

Facebook also facilitates identity theft by governments. 

That is pretty serious.

I predict that while Facebook currently have a hook with the people, it is not going to last in the longer term. Many people will probably eventually decide that the perpetual increases in mining of personal information - along - with the fact that what is done with that information, is to a large extent outside their control, tips the balance and outweighs any advantages.

Facebook have become too 1984 in the way that information can very easily be manipulated by spooks working together on the pages and behind the scenes.

Facebook is - wholly - a government "tool".

And in that respect Twitter appears to have an advantage at this time.

It can be used to get a job done.

We have heard governments roar over - that potential.

Erdogan has arrested Turkish protesters specifically to address how to curb Twitter.

You Tube (ie: Google) DO censor on behalf of government WITHOUT A COURT ORDER.

The proof is posted on our website.

The emails from the U.K Attorney General who did not have a court order.

And the relevant You Tube videos, being censored, in the UK with the message " a legal complaint from...the government"    

Both proof that they are censoring, by the back door.

There was no court order.

And we are not criminals for pointing out that the threat to people's - lives - primarily comes from...government.

Mr Syrian "rebel" meanwhile flaunts eating body parts on You Tube, safe in the knowledge he is working with Western authorities who don't care what he does to another human being.

Google are possibly most vulnerable to losing their current monopoly.

It's a search engine with advertising.

Mr Schmidt must be one of -the- most boring people on this planet.

One cannot imagine what his motivation now is.

Perhaps it is simply that his ego is flattered by making a lot of money.

Out of creating a monopoly out of a search engine, that uses advertising.

Not terribly exciting.

Google's behaviour will probably inspire bright young sparks to make a search engine that does protect people's information and is more honest, and Twitter that information !! One suspects that people would flock to the alternative to send a message to big business and government. I suppose that is unlikely to happen anytime soon. But that is a big possibility.

One suspects that VPN's are going to become increasingly popular.

What the business state's have discovered, is not only, that they can put their people everywhere in media and online and it isn't making any difference to what most people - really - think.

What seems to most terrify the living daylights out of business states, is the transformational nature of something like BITCOIN.

We live in extraordinary times.

What remains lovely, is the positive side to the creativity of the human spirit, and the fact that most people really are decent and civilized and do just want to live in peace with each other and be left alone by "governments" of all shades.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!