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"It is unclear who will talk to whom, and about what."

The people in Syria now have an opportunity that many other people do not, and will never have.

The people of Syria, including any members of any number of armed opposition in Syria, who genuinely want peace, in Syria, at least, would do well to widely publicize and campaign for their desire to take part in suggested peace talks.

At the very least, it is an opportunity to show - the people - of the world, who "allows" who, to speak at any peace talks, and what is said.

The peace talks on Syria, which are a very small window of opportunity, in a bloody world, awash with deceit, could have significant consequences.

Syrian people could campaign that - peace talks - are streamed live on the internet !

That would be a useful use of "technology" by the people.

What remains a lie, is that because Western backed governments, do not torture and murder their own people, on any large scale, that they are not as bad as other governments, that do.

The fact that Western backed government's so called democracies and dictatorships, remain the - biggest - perpetrators of torture and mass murder, of others, which is often done through proxy states, makes them worse.

It is impossible to deny that the West are behind the wars of aggression and the whole process of rendition and torture, of others, which continues.

It is for those reasons, that the majority of - the people - in the West will not back western intervention in Syria, because it only serves to perpetuate the mass murder and torture of others.

The vast majority of - the people - in the West, are not like our governments.

We do not want our governments (or their proxies) to wage war on, or to torture, any other.

In Syria, there may be an opportunity for the Syrian people, to negotiate a peace, on the world stage.

The peace talks really are something that it is worth campaigning for.

For all the children.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!