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"They" call what the world has come to,  "geo"..fucking "politics".


It trades in ....any human life.

The big "leaders" run around the world having meetings with each other, to basically see and agree, what's in it for each of ...them, in the ebb and flow of big business interests.

So Nato has missiles lined up on the Turkish border aimed at Syria.

The U.K Police State just announced it is spending another £40 million of others people's money, aiding and abetting  Syrian "rebels".

Syrian "rebels" have a substantial PR problem, doing a deal with the biggest devils.

Shameless #1: Netanyahu & Cameron's private army in Syria

Shameless #2: Quelling rebels starting in Luton, U.K.

Can you imagine how Cameron would be jumping up and down squawking like the spoilt brat he is, if someone was given £40 million (and then some) to help "overthrow" his crap.

Of course the truth is, it doesn't actually have to take bucketloads of money to remove ...a system built on money.  

Israel are trying to turn the screws on Putin.

Putin meanwhile urges restraint and advocates a peace conference, backed up by an alternative of giving new missiles to Assad.

With China and Iran in the background.

Meanwhile the talking shop at the U.N General Assembly is horsetrading it's way to a "vote" on a draft roadmap for Syria.

This roadmap is not only remarkably similar to how Israel (for example) came into existence, by the U.N recognising whoever the hell, a few bods liked, but the roadmap would greatly extend the influence of Israel.


The U.N vote is in competition with a peace conference.

The U.N vote is about extending the influence of Israel.

The hidden hand.

Personally I would not vote to extend the influence of Israel.

And on Nakba Day ?

How outrageous is that ??

Netanyahu's barking.

His own people know it, and despise him.

And his hot war era.

Iran is only trying to legitimately protect itself as an openly hostile West, seek to destroy - millions - more lives.

Enough people - around the world - are just not brainwashed by the old ways anymore.

Netanyahu who looks to gain most, is - also - seen by enough of the people, the world over, to have the biggest PR problem.

The people do not want, what Netanyahu is selling.


Qatari's Al Jazeera report that UN "Vote for Qatari ! resolution. Israel have ignored over 66 U.N resolutions, that clearly led to this one.

FURTHER READING: List of U.N resolutions concerning Israel, most of which include violations by Israel that were ignored by Israel.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!