BABS ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (NOW REPEALED) 'SUMMONS' SELECTION 2006/2007.


A snapshot of doing 'the time' to prove there is no 'crime' in not having "permission" of the Genocidal British regime to uphold civilian society's rule of law, that is the opposite of their violent corporate legislative frauds.


The only purpose in selective/arbitrary 'summons'/unlawful 'arrests' processed through Magistrates courts (I live 24/7 civilian resistance) was to try and illegally prevent our having access to a civilian High Court jury to get legislation that had no lawful state 'power' of 'seizure' of civilian people or their property (banners & shelter) repealed.


ss 132-138 of SOCPA 2005 was finally repealed in March 2012