Boris knows he is a legal liability because his political 'career' cannot withstand the High Court jury lawsuit over 25 May 2010 etc, 16 January 2012 and the 10 April 2013 'secret' 666 police etc.




... in fact theresa murdoch's email on 17 january 2012 drops boris right in it...


There is no Jarndyce v Jarndyce because while the errr... government did go far beyond being merely litigious, the City of London 'secret' 666 'police' to which they have never produced any defence, because there could never be one, is what they pulled when they knew they had lost.


It is a matter of fact no-one went to or intended to go to the High Court -BEFORE- 16 January 2012 to get a stay on my live lawsuit filed in HQ11X00563 in the High Court on 17 August 2011 that was seized by the High Court on 7 October 2011 where I specifically requested a High Court jury.


The High Court said that even if Westminster Council withdrew their malicious prosecution against me, my lawsuit would remain. The MET Police acting for the Mayor of London Boris Johnson who was ALSO the boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police had already acted illegally against me on 31 August 2011, before the even worse repeat performance on 16 January 2012.


There was much lying from everyone about just who was involved and wearing what hat, while I was there on 16 January 2012 and saw who was there.


They were all classic bullies trying to pass and change what hat they were wearing at any given time to continue their bullying.


One of the most disgusting things I have ever heard was their waffling on about Brian's back in the High Court to deliberately 'sidestep' the "catastrophic breakdown in his immune system" before Brian was also illegally denied legal representation like had long been the case for me.


There was no injunction protecting their agent provocateurs on 16 January 2012 because all they maliciously did for the cameras was lie to hide it was my High Court jury lawsuit seized by the High Court in 2011, however much they try and spin numbers affixed.


I didn't need an injunction because my lawsuit was obviously live and came... first.


They all lied about the Leader of Westminster who WAS there in Parliament Square blabbing to cameras on 16 January 2012 WITH THE MET POLICE on his way out the door, because he was supposed to act as the cut-off for the most extraordinary accumulation of all evil.


It has however become impossible for them to deny the Leader of Westminster Council was there with Boris's MET Police with them all working together.


Boris Johnson always LIED because he was wearing TWO HATS, not just one as the Mayor of London but also the boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police he appointed.


The Mayor of London's urchins did take part on 16 January 2012 along with the MET Police and City of London Police who were ALL working for... Boris Johnson.


You can see why everyone has always failed to disclose the emails Boris sent to himself while wearing his different hats as the Mayor of London and boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police:


... when their plan didn't go to plan, theresa murdoch didn't waste any time ratting on boris... [they refuse to hand over the rest of the 'background']...


[When Boris made political mileage out of 'Sir' Ian Blair, who was a serious legal liability, Stephenson arrested the Tory MP, Damian Green to make sure he became the next Commissioner of the MET Police before the Hooligan-Howe. Stephenson was the one who had years earlier, bizarrely threatened Steve Jago and myself, with armed police !! who came into the... MPA while we were there speaking with them one day way back in the early days, when he incredibly wanted to know !! what we were speaking with them about. A bizarre 'situation' ensued when the MPA had to throw out Stephenson's armed police. What went on in Westminster beggared belief. Stephenson was an Asst. Commissioner then who obviously always had his eye on becoming Commissioner. We didn't realize at that time just how closely they were watching/spying on us, out of their own self-interest, although in hindsight the signs were there. Stephenson ostensibly resigned over Murdoch 'phone hacking' etc in 2011. After his astonishing performance as Asst. Commissioner it was impossible for Stephenson to claim he didn't always illegally spy on us etc etc purely to further his own career as Commissioner of the MET Police. Murdoch was busted working with the MET Police and SOCA [now NCA] in an illegal undercover operation against us in [for example] April 2010. All through the internecine maneuvering among the alphabet spaghetti of central government departments, we were always the ones they were all shamefully united against]


The fact the MPA [Metropolitan Police Authority] changed it's name to MOPAC at midnight on 16 January 2012 is neither here nor there legally speaking.


They are all legally busted working together on 25 May 2010 AND 16 January 2012 because Boris is wearing more than one hat, before of course he puts on his journo hat spinning at the Boris-graph.


He knew that he couldn't maliciously prosecute Brian and myself in his role as boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police under ss 132-138 SOCPA in 2010 so he switched hats and called itself something else with his Mayor of London hat, although Brian and I were in the same public space we had always been in.


It is the [former] Mayor of London and boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police who cannot 'distinguish' between what he did while wearing two hats.


He also knew his MET Police could not arrest me on 25 May 2010 to illegally keep me in police custody while he switched hats back to the Mayor of London to go running to the High Court before I got there first.


How Boris became Mayor of London doesn't bear any legal scrutiny at all.


Boris was not just bullying Brian and myself before continuing against me when Brian died, with one hat, but two hats.


The evidence was the City of London 'secret' 666 'police' were working with MET Police on 10 April 2013 too which links Boris again.


They pulled the '666' on 10 April 2013 because they all knew that however you look at it, they had lost.


In legal terms, they can stick whichever number they like to my High Court jury lawsuit where they are all linked anyway and won't change they are all a busted flush working TOGETHER all along.