The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson knew he could never become King unless he could cover up how he became Mayor of London in 2008 in the VITOL switch.


This made Boris the two-hat bully who was both the Mayor of London AND boss of three successive Commissioners of the MET Police, 'Sir' Ian Blair, 'Sir' Paul Stephenson & 'Sir' Hooligan-Howe.



... i am from the stolen generation who has... ancient catalan heritage, before all the related 'royals' waged 'religious wars' against civilian populations...




[The whole 1290 - 2019 gig is obviously the never ending ‘English Crusades’ that would have seen the royals originally indebted, which is presumably why Sephardi whom they claimed to 'own', were first expelled in the Edict of Expulsion in 1290 that interestingly has never been repealed]


... everyone knows it's the same as nato and their muslim brotherhood etc gladios trying to play civilian populations every which way really...


Most people would have thought the Foreign Office would think there was a need to repeal such a barbaric edict that was originally made against Sephardi:


... in practice, any reasonable and rational law abiding person would know it is really rendered invalid... because it is obviously not compatible with the european convention on human rights...


Let us not forget that the Ashkenazi Lord Jacob Rothschild is not alone in cheering on the unelected royals who were Hitler's biggest fans.


22 September 2012:


... 22 september 2012... the bully boys had long ago lost sight of the reality of their subjecting me to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment...




So Brexit Cameron made the illegal ‘election pledge’ to Murdoch on 19 July 2009 they would ‘remove’ Brian and myself before he did the whole royal 19 February 2016 routine with Brexit [which is the same date that unknown to us at the time, on 19 February 2008 everyone sought to give an appearance they could transfer title of Parliament Square to the Queen]


It was obvious to everyone in Westminster by the beginning of 2008, the British state was getting a little indebted to peaceniks over lawsuits, they illegally kept trying to 'overtake' with all sorts.


Charing Cross Police Station had to be disbanded from the top down after we won at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007.

Enter stage left Vitol on 26 February 2008, before exit stage right Livingstone who tried to murder me in a vicious undercover operation on 17 August 2007 when I was violently punched in the head before the assailant was disappeared by Livingstone and Palace of Westminster & Charing Cross Police etc etc.



I was unlawfully arrested and illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial on 10 April 2008 which is how I got a High Court Order against everyone involved, that is really a lawsuit.


Livingstone knew he was finished when I made a lawful citizens arrest of him on 9 April 2008 [that someone else was going to do anyway and that everyone witnessed] to try and STOP the state violence against all of us.



Two-hat Boris used his leverage as Mayor of London -AND- boss of the MET Commissioner Stephenson to order them to torture and attempt to murder me by causing organ failure and death on 4 September 2009 [three years after Blair had plotted to 'disappear' me on 4 September 2006 at Charing Cross Police Station]

I only survived because Brian heard me scream and they knew they could not get away with murdering us both at the same time.


It's impossible to dispute the interrogation tape and CCTV where it is also a matter of record they illegally refused me access to a doctor.


It is also a matter of fact they had repeatedly kept destroying my DNA to try and hide I was part of the stolen generation who has Catalan heritage spanning Italy, that they can't spin back through Portugal.


The most damning evidence is against the bully boy two-hat Boris who was both the Mayor of London and the boss of MET Police Commissioner [and btw a dual U.K & U.S citizen at the time] because it is impossible for him to deny he used both positions  as Mayor of London and being the boss of the MET Commissioner to relentlessly harass and persecute me ETC !! going on to subject to me to further seriously inhuman and degrading treatment in 2012 - 2013.


What happened to Brian and myself could only be done by two-hat Boris Johnson.


Mr Johnson's violent actions have always been seriously unlawful.



[The MET Commissioner Stephenson had behaved very strangely towards Steve and myself years earlier when Steve and I had gone to speak to the MPA. Stephenson had incredibly been spying on us so sent in armed police to the MPA to demand to know what we were saying. In the bizarre situation that ensued the MPA had to throw out Stephenson’s armed police from the MPA. Stephenson was always compromised by that incident because it proved he was maliciously targeting peaceniks to further his own career]


Stephenson arrested the Tory MP Damien Green to make sure he got the job of Commissioner of the MET Police when Boris got rid of Sir Ian Blair because he was a big legal liability who was also another link to the April 2008 High Court Order where they all knew I made a formal complaint to the Daily Mail legal department with my put up or shut up in August 2008.


 ... this is my sister...


The reality is 'Sir' Alan VITOL Duncan got out of a taxi in February 2008 and instead of going through the pedestrian gates at the Houses of Parliament, he came up to me, while I was already at Carriage Gates with everyone else, not the other way around. This was so he could later make up a false and malicious allegation against me, because I could never have actually been arrested based on his lie. That is why three of us were later unlawfully arrested not by Palace of Westminster Police, but by... Belgravia Police on an alleged unlawful demonstration with Brian !! by Carriage Gates, that Cole then switches to spinning Duncan's lie about me. 


It is obvious the common denominator was Cole, because he was spinning for Livingstone's cover up too.


After 4 September 2009, I lawfully blew the whistle on undercovers on 13 January 2010, to try and save civilian lives.


Murdoch was then involved in an undercover operation against us in April 2010 that failed.

On 29 April 2010 they suddenly ‘adjourned’ the case about undercovers and torture because they knew they were going to spin their MI5 Democracy Village against us, under the cover of the rigged hung Parliament which everyone knows they did with Lib Dems spinning the student vote lie.

Brown had to go because of 4 September 2009 anyway, because he was ultimately part of it all.


The 'clue' that Blair was specifically targeting me was the malicious prosecution on 22 February 2006 which was the same date Nazi Germany had a show trial and executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich. Any legal or government analyst or businessman who looks at the 2006 case [in legislation now repealed because of that 2006 case] can clearly see that beyond the obvious show trial, there is something else going on too.


... this was blair & Co trying to 'disappear' me on 4 september 2006 [which is why he was forced to resign] ... in the 'convoluted' case/s we won on 13 december 2007 that became the lawsuit in HQ12X002745...

I was unlawfully arrested before the State Opening on 25 May 2010 with the BBC maliciously editing and publishing audio to hide the ‘complainant’ was MI5 Democracy Village that included the ’news’ media like the Daily Mail who had been busted in August 2008 over VITOL.

[In August 2008 the at that time Daily Mail’s Benedict Brogan who was also at that time Chairman of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, had publicly stated many 'journalists' ie: media barons had filed complaints with the police, specifically about me !! The Daily Mail legal department were like rats down a drainpipe when I asked them to put up or shut up, because what was publicly said was very serious.

Worse the VITOL hit piece had been published in the full knowledge of and with the intention of covering up that I have always been the one with the High Court Order against everyone over 10 April 2008]

ASIO Assange was running cover for MI5 Democracy Village with the whole 'Chelsea' Manning 25 May 2010 spin that the CIA Edward Snowden then ran cover for too.

On 26 May 2010, Boris went running to the High Court to bring a malicious prosecution against Brian and myself -before- we were released to stop us getting to the High Court ... first.


[The staged proceedings around a High Court injunction were really to try and stop our lawsuits]

On 21 June 2010 I start lawfully blowing the whistle on everything in the High Court, so on 23 June 2010 the High Court was closed to the press and public and I was illegally denied legal representation... again !! to stop me giving evidence.

When I went to the Court of Appeal they had to separate Brian and myself from MI5 Democracy Village so that Boris could have... another go at us.


Then there were two further attempts by MI5 Democracy Village on a) 31 July 2010 to unlawfully arrest me that failed that included their being witnessed etc punching me etc [when MI5 Democracy Village did claim they were working with the Australian government [because I am a dual national] and b) 8 August 2010 to unlawfully arrest Brian, where the malicious prosecution against Brian failed when I disclosed and said I will file video evidence of what really happened in the High Court.


MI5 recruited Mussolini to attack peaceniks:



... il duce... benito mussolini... boris mussolini...

In the meantime Brian had been diagnosed with cancer because there was a "catastrophic breakdown in his immune system" because he did not get proper treatment for the injury caused to his back by the MET Police on 5 May 2008. The attack on Brian on 5 May 2008 was more than likely prompted when Boris became Mayor of London, becoming Sir Ian Blair’s boss too.

Anyone who looks at what was going on in Parliament Square during 2007 when we spent most of the year in police cells or courts can see there was an all out war of state violence being waged against us, that we comprehensively won in court on 13 December 2007, the same day Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty.


Blair was the architect of the Article 50 Enabling Act on his way out the door in 2007.

In February 2011 Westminster Council also brought another malicious prosecution against Brian and myself !! in the High Court using the same MI5 Democracy Village, at the same time as the.... second !! malicious High Court prosecution Boris had brought against Brian and myself.  So I was holding off two malicious prosecutions in the High Court in the run up to the spectacle of the Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011.

The High Court records prove that in March 2011 all Boris was spinning with the connivance of Birnberg Pierce who  pretended they were representing Brian, while they were really planning their exit, was about his bad back not the "catastrophic breakdown in his immune system" leading to him having cancer.

In April 2011 Lord Neuberger then illegally denied both Brian and myself legal representation in the Court of Appeal, which he had no legal remit to do, and was while Brian had cancer !! This happened because they knew they couldn't use their phoney Mayor's injunction against Brian and myself anyway. The malicious prosecutions were really cover for illegally using MI5 Democracy Village against us.

On 18 June 2011 Brian died from complications from an operation that he had been refused in the UK way back in 2010. However you look at the ins and outs of it, the British government murdered Brian.

On 17 August 2011, I filed a High Court jury counter lawsuit in Westminster Council's HQ11X00563 along with the later lawsuits that all link to the High Court Order on 10 April 2008 and back to December 2005 whichever number is affixed.

The MET Commissioner who by then was the Hooligan-Howe illegally acted against us on 31 August 2011 on the orders of Boris & Co who was his boss as well as being Mayor of London.


We were in exactly the same location with different government departments just spinning all sorts against us while pretending ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 that is now repealed was supposed to errr... cover that area !!

Boris was always switching between two hats as the Mayor of London AND boss of the MET Commissioner to try and illegally ‘remove’ me so he could be crowned King.


He couldn't claim his MET Commissioner couldn't prosecute us under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 while then putting on his Mayor of London hat to say he could prosecute us under some other false pretext in... exactly the same place !!

It is a legal impossibility for two-hat Boris to extricate himself from 16 January 2012 that also involved the MET & City of London ‘666’ police, despite the Leader of Westminster Council who was also in Parliament Square blabbing away to the news media lying on 16 January 2012 too. Murdoch was busted with the MET Police on 16 January 2012 too because it was recorded everyone knew there were no legal grounds for what everyone was doing.

Boris' only real chance in covering everything up, was if they managed to illegally ‘remove’ me on 16 January 2012 which they failed to do, which also exposed everyone had all lied because they never had the ‘injunction’ they claimed protected their agent provocateurs, that was only invented later on 7 February 2012.


... when their plot failed... westminster council disclosed [above] which was related to a phoney case that had nothing to do with us, involving their new legislation, which was being used as their agent provocateurs 'exit strategy', where theresa may didn't waste any time ratting on two-hat boris over what was done to me...

The reason there was no injunction was because no-one had gone to the High Court -BEFORE- 16 January 2012 to get a stay on my lawsuit from 17 August 2011 in HQ11X00563, that they couldn’t legally 'overtake', incl. by just inventing new legislation. [It is a matter of fact, they didn't give any me any legal grounds for what they were doing on 16 January 2012, including they did not say they were using new legislation, because they knew they could not overtake my existing lawsuit in such a devious manner.]


On October 7 2011 the High Court had stated my lawsuit [which was by that time seized by the High Court] would remain even if Westminster Council withdrew their malicious prosecution that they did have to do on 4 May 2012. The incontrovertible evidence is Boris, the MET Police & WCC were all working together trying to spin between the spaghetti alphabet of government departments that falls away completely and in particular with the overlap of two-hat Boris.


There is no evidence I have ever settled my counter lawsuit in HQ11X00563 or any other lawsuit including HQ12X002745.

The evidence is Boris was just endlessly switching between hats as Mayor of London AND boss of the MET Commissioner while working with Westminster Council to try and illegally ‘remove’ me where there is no doubt I was subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment and then some, to try and stop my lawsuits etc.


Boris is linked to everything on 16 January 2012 too through being the Mayor of London AND the boss of the MET Commissioner when the City of London ‘666’ police from 10 April 2013 were in Parliament Square too.




It was unusual that Boris had not sent out a summons to anyone else in his case against me over 12/13 September 2012 that he always knew he was going to lose anyway, including because he was until 10 April 2013, just prosecuting me, before he lost.


In any legal sense, however you look at it, the use of 10 April 2013 and 'secret' 666 'police' in the two-switch of unlawfully arresting someone else on one false pretext [the police were recorded saying a failure to appear over an arrest that never happened, over an alleged breach of the peace] to cover up a summons from 12/13 September 2012 had never been sent to that person, was just ANOTHER admission Boris was going to lose.


Boris & Co had already 'adjourned' my September 2012 case once already themselves, on 27 March 2013.


Of course no-one could ever claim they reasonably believed they were going to take anyone to court over anything via the 'secret' 666 spin either.


Boris & Co always refused to make any disclosures over a) 16 January 2012 and then the necessary disclosures on b) 10 April 2013 because that is by their own admission directly linked to my unlawful arrest on... 13 September 2012 in that case they lost too, that they had already 'adjourned' themselves on 27 March 2013, when it just involved me.


How could Boris & Co have known if and who [etc] I would go to the High Court with on 10 April 2013 after I was only suddenly notified very late on 9 April 2013 [when something else was going on] of the 'hearing' in the High Court, Boris' MET Police [Forshaw] suddenly wanted, that I was forced to go to, that I pointed out in writing before going, could have been done by email anyway ?




Boris is a busted flush because he is linked to everything because he most wanted to illegally ‘remove’ me to be crowned King.


There is no Jarndyce v Jarndyce because Boris is busted with the City of London 'secret' 666 'police' on 16 January & 10 April 2013 who were working with his MET Police all along too, and all that flows from that.