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DAY 3467: MONDAY 29th NOVEMBER 2010



When the US government sought 'intelligence' on the UK Conservative Minister Alan Duncan, (that was revealed in the Wikileaks "Cablegate") they were probably only concerned that adverse publicity over the UK Conservative Foreign Minister William Hague and UK International Development Minister Alan Duncan's 'relationships' with much younger boys might affect 'business' interests.

                                      WIKILEAKS: "CABLEGATE".

The man behind trying to disappear Babs was corrupt  UK Conservative Minister Alan Duncan, named in Wikileaks "Cablegate." Alan Duncan is Vitol Oil's £160,000+ 'man' in the House of Commons. Conservative Lord Strathclyde was Trafigura's 'man' in the House of Lords. Vitol Oil (fined 17.5 million dollars on a specimen charge of corruption over Iraq oil for food) and Trafigura (Parliamentary super- injunction scandal) are spin offs of the largest oil trader in the world Glencore. Marc Rich of Glencore was of course given a presidential pardon by Clinton at the behest of then Israeli PM, Ehud Barak because Glencore gave financial donations to Israel.

NB: Babs was 'fined' £355 in a 'criminal court' ? for pointing out the fact that UK Conservative Minister Alan Duncan is corrupt !

Babs Tucker was grabbed and illegally held in police custody for thirty hours, at Belgravia Police Station in London, while being denied access to a lawyer before being imprisoned without trial in Holloway Prison, by District Judge Snow, of City Of Westminster Magistrates Court. Babs was released after Charity Sweet filed an application for Habeas Corpus in the High Court. The High Court said that while it seemed "highly unlikely that Mrs Tucker was being held at Holloway, since the application had been made, the circumstances of her detention needed to be determined". A 'hearing' then took place in the High Court after Babs was released !

See: Conservative Minister Alan Duncan's witness statement & the High Court 'ruling' below.

It is a civil matter not a criminal matter to point out the fact that the Conservative Minister Alan Duncan is corrupt.

The UK Conservative Minister, Alan Duncan knew he could never win in the civil courts, (because he is corrupt) so he illegally used the criminal justice system (which just went to prove how really corrupt he is) to try and silence Babs.

The Conservative Minister Alan Duncan is corrupt because he played it both ways in Parliament, for money. He was indifferent to the suffering of human beings, when he tried to conceal that he took money from Vitol Oil who propped up Saddam Husseins regime, while he then voted to remove Saddam, by occupying Iraq and murdering millions of innocent civilians including children, because there was more money to be made for oil traders et al, through inflating the price of oil during war by not increasing supply, etc.

"war criminal", "child murderer", "vulgar disparaging comments about the Speaker"...( I am actually filmed asking if Duncan had his £160,000 "expenses" from Vitol Oil "authorised by the Speaker?" ) and, so what was the big deal ?

Oh yes, Babs was grabbed and disappeared...."the basis"...the UK Conservative Minister Alan Duncan is corrupt. That's what Babs had been pointing out all along !!

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!