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DAY 3415  8th October 2010

On 12th October 2010, Brian and Babs are supposed to once again put in an appearance at the High Court (where the justice is somewhere else) as the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson continues to harass us, with the rather bizarre and illogical concept that has no basis in 'law' that it is a criminal offence (punishable by way of a High Court injunction) to not have Boris' (a politician's) "permission" to be reasonable in what was once a public space, in Parliament Square.

To that end, and in the run up to our new 'hearing', the not so reasonable, and in fact downright ghoulish Gallestegui from Democracy Village/Peace Strike, along with her Gremlins (ie: remember "my new campaign is against Brian Haw" !!) have once again crawled out from under their rocks, and suddenly decided to push back the fences, and put a row of tents back on the grass, with of course no problem, from the Mayor of London.

Gallestegui et al, are supposedly breaking the weirdest High Court injunction you have ever come across, that the Mayor having already gained against them, has chosen not to 'enforce' against them, (while he still tries to get one against us !!).

Hardly suprising since as everyone has pointed out, the Mayor chose to to not put Gallestegui on a witness stand where she could be put under cross examination, precisely because she (along with a number of others) would be publicly revealed for what they are, "agent provocateurs".

The so called 'truthers' Simon Moore & Gareth Newnham (who have a problem telling the truth generally) with Luke "our new campaign is against Brian Haw" Griffin all enjoying a good laugh together.

There could be no distraction for Brian Haws Parliament Square Peace Campaign that would make us forget that every day, innocent civilians continue to suffer in these illegal wars of agression.

When I wake up, in Parliament Square, I know that I can make a sacrifice in my lifestyle, and that it is right to do this, rather than going along with the wicked sacrifice of innocent civilians lives and those of soldiers, in these illegal wars of aggression that are about funding an indulgent lifestyle that really is not necessaery for our survival.

There will be no peace without justice and there will be no justice without the truth.

We live it. We believe it.

And so every day we will use any and every 'tool' at our disposal to continue "working for peace".

Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!