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DAY 3697: SUNDAY JULY 17TH 2011.

Ms Emmerson aka "Mirthful Merryweather": anything but a 24/7 "truther".

All decent and civilised people would agree that one principle of justice is that you must explain when you materially interfere with another.

And that another principle of justice is that "respect" (ie mutual respect)is a two way street.

It is well known that I exposed, not in idle chatter, but on record - on January 13th 2010, in reply to caution, at a police station, in legal proceedings, a fact, that a woman known as Maria Gallastegui was an agent provocateur.

It is no secret that this was because Ms Gallastegui was openly working with the police, while as a matter of FACT repeatedly leaving the far from 24/7 Peace Strike - unmanned - in Parliament Square, while the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police's counsel, the obseqious Uriah Heep known as Mr Clemens' argument in still ongoing "proceedings" (see below) was our property could not be returned to our manned campaign, because it was a "security risk".

CO/11393/2007: cannot return the display because it is a "security risk"

who's in court: it was Babs & Brian who fronted up to fight the battle.

So a campaign that was unmanned was not a security risk, while a campaign that was manned, was a security risk !!

The main features of the government operation (Peace Strike/Democracy Village) in Parliament Square is that it is - (like the police !!) without rational and lawful explanation - both dishonest and violent towards others.

Violence and dishonesty are not known principles of justice of course.

Ms Merry weather makes clear that the position of police - and - the government operation is that our campaign is supposed to respond to their abusive actions by identifying with them (ie: thus being controlled by police & joined with Peace Strike/Democracy Village) as per the idea of "Stockholm Syndrome". REF: Ms Merryweather's one sided claims of Babs... not being nice "to police" and "warring peace camp"

And if you merely disagree with Ms Merryweather, she like the government, will claim you are "aggressive" (see below<).

It is therefore worth doing a case study into the "supporters" of Peace Strike/Democracy Village, such as the - dishonest - woman whom I know as Caroline Emmerson who calls herself for example Mirthful MerryWeather (ie: having a laugh perhaps, at others expense ?).

It is worth exploring how & why in attempting to avoid facts, Ms Merryweather, plays the age old distraction of making particularly vicious personal attacks, and behind our backs, without our knowledge.

This is of course known in legal terms as much incl. malicious libel. It is also evidence of part of a quite vicious hate campaign that is being conducted by a group of individuals.

In fact, it is witnessed that I was not even aware this Fairweather warrior, had a problem, because just like .....the British Establishment, she smiled sweetly at me, while unknown to me, she was stabbing me in the back, saying something quite different.

This is what Ms Merryweather was IN FACT saying very shortly before Brian died, and behind his back too.

defence parliament square 24th April 2011 @ 11.53

Mirthful Merryweather However anyone should be allowed to be on the sq it is the people's sq not bTuckers and she is violent and aggressive which does no favours with the police you cannot change minds when calling them effing c##ts and abusing children and thei...r families as they go past b4 Tucker was on the sq Brian had his mood swings yea but she is a nasty little NLP er sure she must have painful reasons for bein that way and I hope she finds PEACE but the truth is the truth i stayed on the sq I saw it first hand. Eventually she lost Brian support and became the spokeswoman putting him in the background entirely. Her films are edited to show only what she wants seen if you are a truther then you won't be afraid to acknowledge this truth xxx peace and love x Mirth and merriment to all beings including BT

24 April at 13:53

Eddie Boyce @Mirthful Your outrageous comments about Barbara Tucker cannot go unchallenged. First off the PSPC has never stopped anyone going /using the Sq, Indeed that is the point she has been making to the high court. I suggest you pay attention to ...what is actually going on. As for being violent and aggressive and abusing children that is slanderous rubbish and you know it.If that was the case the TPTB would have had there excuse to remove the campaign years ago. The next part of your post is speculative rubbish. As for losing Brian's support that is more provable lies as they are in permanent contact. Also the claim that she edits her films is laughable and more nonsense. I consider myself a "truther"so have to rebut your spiteful post and wonder at your motives for slandering Barbara. I have been going to the PSPC for a year and have stayed many times and do not recognise your post to be anything like the Barbara Tucker I know.

24 April at 23:04

Magdalena Gniatczynska Mirthful, to be honest with you I too must say that my own experience of Barbara Tucker does NOT match yours IN THE LEAST. QUITE TO THE CONTRARY. I have found Barbara much easier to get on with and friendlier than Brian Haw- I found Brian H...aw moody, grumpy, snappy and difficult. I did get a bit hurt and offended by his direct manner a few times, and I understand how other people get offended and put off. HOWEVER I decided to get over it and I understood precisely why he behaved the way he did towards me, and precisely how I pressed his buttons the wrong way. If there's anybody's anger and frustration and grumpiness I understand it's Brian's. But contrary to what you and Maria Gallaestegui and Rob Little seem to think Brian is NOT all consumed with hatred towards parliament or the police, or the people who don't support him, and he is NOT turning off (genuine!) supporters, and he is NOT bringing on his own mistreatment by the police by his own negativity.

25 April at 00:07 Magdalena Gniatczynska Perhaps Barbara has changed since you've spent time with her Mirthful. Perhaps she was more angry, perhaps she's learnt to channel her anger better now. Perhaps anger is a perfectly natural human emotion faced with injustice and all that ma...llarky. Most importantly there's a big difference between being verbally abusive and actually physically violent. I can't imagine Babs being violent or Brian condoning any violent behaviour from her

25 April at 00:21 Mirthful Merryweather This is a the longest post i have ever written and the last on this subject. Magda did I say what you have said that I said???? Re Brian hating don't think I did did I! I completely get Brian! I care very much about Brian! The first times t...hat I went to PS was to bring him food because he was so ill! If you go back to what I said was talking about BT. Have you lived on the square? I have! I witnessed her behaviour being there 3 or 4 nights a week from 2007 to 2008 over a period of 15 months she now has total CONtrol hasn't she soo... It is my opinion that this is why she is now sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. You never saw the lead up to her getting the control did you? By the way if you read what I said eddie She lost Brian support not she lost Brian's support yea as in he lost a lot of support thro her actions, because of attacking people because of using the megaphone to blast into people's ears causing harm injury under the common law, sorry if that was misleading. The first time she used the megaphone was on 20th March 2007 and all she did was at the very top of her voice effed and blinded into the megaphone, it was deafening and foul, went on for about an hour. Nothing about the peace campaign,nothing about peace... I said to her do you think this is the best way to gain support for the peace campaign there were many small children going past with parents and we were there for the children and parents. She said she didn't care she had the right to vent. She continued this day after day after day same thing, loud and abusive EVERY time. I witnessed this for15 months. She said repeatedly that she didn't care she had the right to vent. So she didn't care about gaining support for the peace campaign or even keeping the support that was there. Honestly at that point Brian had sooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH support. It broke my heart to see what she did to him every evening taking him off him becoming angrier and angrier and angrier witnessed her using NLP she used it on him. Maybe she's used it on you. Eddie your aggressive tone is unecessary I am a peaceful and truthful woman, I have no reason to lie at all- The comments are not slanderous and I could find hundreds of people to support what I have said people that have been on the receiving end of BTs previously foul mouth OK. The public voted Brian Most inspiring political figure in 2007 he had like I say sooooooooo much support. I don't want to enter into an extended dialogue about this obviously we have very different views, the damage has been done to Brian. If you want to believe her current propaganda go ahead, I experience her as a charlatan and not in any way someone who ever promoted the peace camp as Brian did b4 she arrived.

25 April at 23:38 · Magdalena Gniatczynska I see what you're saying Mirthful. Anything is possible. It's possible that Babs T is a government agent who came with a mission to divert Brian's campaign and take it over.All I can say that in my heart of hearts I have not seen and witnes...sed suspicious behaviour from Babs. However by exactly the same token I am witness to what's been happening under Maria Gallaestegui's watch during the democracy village peacestrike merger, the characters that she allowed to bask under her wing in open abuse of Brian, the drinking on site, and the fact she wasn't even named as a defendent in the court case when the government tried to merge the Brian Haw campaign with her peacestrike and democracy village, and claimed they don't know (and/or can't find out) who the organiser/s of the democracy village was/were/are, and Maria G was never summonsed to court and never turned up for a single day at the court either, and she dissappears off parliament square for nights on end, even weeks on end, and yet she apparently likes calling herself a committed 24/7 campaigner. What happened to Brian Haw in way of the taunting he's been subjected to from the democracy village all under the wing of Maria Gallastegui is a disgrace, and in my opinion exposes her as an agent provocateur all in all, together with the entire Democracy village shenanegans which I know you know were devised to discredit peace campaigners in general and help remove Brian.

26 April at 01:07 · Mirthful Merryweather Well I also witnessed the abuse continuous of Maria, Balin, and others lead by BT and supported sadly by Brian the square does drive you crazy I think. I do not believe that Maria is what you accuse her of being she has been there for a ver...y long time a lot longer than BT and almost as long as Brian, tho she didn't live there for a while. When I got there she did everything for Brian Brian can be forgiven for ranting and raving having been thro what he has. And maybe so can Maria xxx peace and love x

26 April at 02:11Mirthful Merryweather what upsets me is that a warring peace camp must have the MPs and the bankers laughing their heads off. After all the work that Brian put in. By the way Maria helped build the 40 foot display and Barbara turned up literally just before the ...police came in 2006 at 2.30 am and unlawfully without a warrant tore it to pieces in my opinion very conveniently to fuel any anger he might feel. I could tell you some things that I experienced and witnessed but will only do so if and when I see you. Lotsa love xxx

26 April at 07:46 · Rob Fry Beyond any doubt, the democracy village is an establishment setup camp setup and being run by at least "paid activists" with "police help". Its common knowledge now - so many people who have woken up now realise it and its intention was to ...undermine / destroy Brian Hawes legit protest. I wonder what its like to have no morality that you would be "paid" to"pretend" to care about the things you set up and protest against. The fruits of these "paid activists" soon show through when they have sold their soul as per the Mark Kennedy / Stone caseSee more 26 April at 23:40


I am not taking part in a popularity contest and I do not do doormat myself.

What is clear is that while much truly malicious libel is liberally being spread around, by Ms Merryweather, the fact of Peace Strike being repeatedly left unmanned (which many know she knew about) is very obviously - sidestepped - by her.

Ms Merryweather curiously alludes to much that is both prior to her "arrival" - and - not fact, so unless she claims to be psychic, one can only assume she is just being another - public - mouthpiece for the less than honest organisers of Peace Strike/Democracy Village.

It can also be seen that Madam disgracefully portrays Mr Haw as a feeble person who is easily influenced and unable to speak for himself, all of which of course, we all know was more than quite untrue.

What is absolutely clear is that a group of quite despicable people waited until Brian was out of the country before they began circling like the disgusting vultures they are.

I think we have all seen that a real difficulty arose for the government, when I came and campaigned 24/7 with Brian, which prior to my arrival Ms Gallastegui could not & did not even pretend in any of her many shapes and forms, she did.

Shall we talk David Icke here :)

Brian did not want to play the government and media line of David & Goliath. He wanted people to stand up visibly like him, and do the job that needs doing (and btw then everyone could go home)

We can all see that the government and press only recently - admitted - my existence and only then when they needed to prosecute our campaign and Brian was not there. Now according to the mainstream media I am not there again, which speaks volumes about what is really going on !

I came, I saw and got what Brian was doing ( & btw I did not see Ms Gallastegui, let alone doing what Brian was doing) and wondered how it was that only one person out of 70 + million was visibly doing what he was doing 24/7, when I started campaigning 24/7 with Brian.

It is very telling, that my first "arrest" and "conviction" from December 2005, was because District Judge Nicholas Evans infamously said people "come and shake Mr Haw's hand, they pat him on the back, but they do not join him".

Well, I visibly did ! I showed that more than one person could and should do what he was doing, and Brian wanted more than one person to be visibly doing what he was doing.

Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)
(a null and void "hearing" that took place in my absence that I was not notified of)

Disclosures by the Mayor in 2010 from 2007, show that the government were aware that in 2007, Brian's campaign was growing - with more people campaigning 24/7.

Of course personally I would wish 1 million people did what we do for one week, because that would go a long way to beginning to protect human life, and so much else could be resolved and then we could all go home ! But sadly you will never find the mainstream media reporting that idea !

Anyone who reads the government Hansard on their two latest attempts at legislation can see the government are falling over themselves to:

a) shut down 24/7 campaigning ....prior to any and all or no "proceedings"
b) to cover up their government operation in Parliament Square.

After most of the display was stolen in 2006, and Brian and I were pursuing it's return through the courts, while continuing to campaign, Ms Gallestegui - chose - to set up Peace Strike in 2007, in what was an obvious attempt to undermine and - divert - people from Mr Haw's existing campaign.

You would not and could not set up a quite separate campaign, and then try to claim you were campaigning with Mr Haw.

It is well documented that Ms Gallestegui was saying everyone should move on from Iraq and Afganistan, and campaign just on (her) Hands Off Iran, (which also became "Free Iran") which we refused to do.

"free" iran: isn't that the UK government's message ?

It is well evidenced that Ms Gallestegui - only - gave an appearance of having returned to the issue of Afghanistan, AFTER she was exposed as an agent provocateur who was not campaigning 24/7 - and - she set up Democracy Village in May 2010, in yet another effort to try to join us all together - to - destroy us.

Prior to my naming Ms Gallestegui as an agent provocateur, when I gave her repeated opportunities to tell the truth, I pointed out to her, that she had colleagues who could cover for her, so there was no explanation that the campaign was unmanned.

One can see this caused a considerable dilemma for the government, because the state was not trying to encourage people to actually campaign 24/7 in Parliament Square.

This can be seen by the facts that prior to January 2010, and then between January - May 2010, when the police were openly working with Peace Strike while it continued to repeatedly be left unmanned, there were numerous "colleagues" like Ms Merryweather, Mr Coverdale or Mr Newnham, who could easily have manned what was apparently such an important campaign to them.

Mr "Peace" Little
had of course previously given an appearance of manning Peace Strike on and off the previous summer, (while trying to impose himself on our campaign and leaving abusive notes for Brian) though of course Mr Little, repeatedly left "Peace Strike" unmanned too. The point was the government was not trying to encourage genuine people to campaign 24/7. 

It can be seen that the litigation last year and this year has been about the fact that, unlike Peace Strike, our 24/7 campaign was on both the pavement and the grass.

This is why Ms Gallastegui and her "colleagues" had to call Peace Strike, Democracy Village, and Ms Gallastegui had stay out of proceedings with Democracy Village, because she could not only, not be subject to cross examination, she could not be seen to be involved in removing us to Peace Strike's position on the pavement, (and further "proceedings") because that would make her involvement in (and that of others) what was really going on, all too obvious.

Part of Peace Strike's remit was of course to prevent Brian Haw's display being able to return, because Ms Gallestegui and her colleagues would be in that space on the pavement.

Nothing Ms Gallastegui and her numerous "colleagues" have done is by "mistake".

Rather than stick with known facts, they resort to and distract with, particularly vicious personal and physical attacks.

Any genuine campaigner who did not want to campaign 24/7 for example, would be honest about what they did, and would just come and go with their gear each day.

It is obvious that what needs to happen to return our campaign to as much of it's original position as possible, before all the government interference, that has caused so much harm is:

a) a protection from harassment order against those involved in the government campaign

b) the return of the display that was stolen on 23rd May 2006

c) the return of the part of our campaign that was on the grass, to the grass (and the square open for all the people)

This would be done as a counterclaim, including in any "proceedings" against us.

And which part of our being returned to our original position, could Peace Strike/Democracy Village claim is ....unfair !!

Fairness is of course another principle of justice.

I will keep repeating that all those involved in - interfering - with our campaign, whose efforts can be seen to be about anything but any principles involved with justice, should all hang their heads in shame - because - ultimately - they all contributed to Brian Haw's early death.

And I would love to hear their reasoning as to how (with any suggestion of my being an "agent") I didn't take the opportunity to shut down Brian's campaign while he was being treated for cancer, or when he died.

Isn't their problem, the fact that our campaign is still there, doing the truth ?

Shame on them.

In all the circumstances, their behaviour is truly repulsive and disgustin



Personally Brian and I found the work of the McLibel...TWO.. inspiring !


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