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On Wednesday 24th November 2010, during Prime Minister's Questions, the latest bully, in a long line of bullies, the current Prime Minister, Mr Cameron hid behind Parliamentary privilege and yet again prejudiced any legal proceedings, by announcing that he wants the "problem" of the peace campaign "sorted out" long before the Royal Wedding (see Hansard below).

In a world where there is global community of big business doing whatever it likes, all decent and civilized people would like to see an effective universal system of justice that protects the people everywhere, "sorted out" NOW.

"david cameron, nick clegg, look into the faces of the children you have murdered, and then tell all decent and civilized people from around the world, what it is that you have on offer that anyone might possibly want".
as part of a process of ethnic cleansing, the government are using nuclear waste (depleted uranium munitions) in weapons. these weapons are obviously used to kill, but then residue remains, causing a masssive increase in cancers and birth deformities.


David Tredinnick (Bosworth) (Con): Will my right hon. Friend take steps to sort out the mess in Parliament square, particularly ahead of 29 April? Does he think that it is reasonable that visitors to London from home and abroad should be faced with a no-go area surrounded by a campsite?

The Prime Minister: I entirely agree with my hon. Friend. I will always defend the right to protest and the right to protest peacefully. It seems to me entirely fair that people should protest, but I have never seen why they are able to sleep in Parliament square. I have had many discussions with my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, the Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. I think 29 April is too far a deadline by which to get this problem sorted out.

the usual unconscious rabid right wingers then obseqiously crawled out from under their rocks to spout forth their tired old tune of hatred for humanity. it is a rather stupid media that engages in name calling of those outside parliament, in this day and age, of wholesale corruption in parliament.

From the Telegraph:

What will David Cameron do about the Parliament Square loonies?

By Benedict Brogan Politics Last updated: November 24th, 2010

I know this is a bit of a pet subject that looms small compared to the imperative of schools reform and the convulsions of euro land, but I was delighted to hear the PM have a go at the crazies camped out in Parliament Square. It would be nice to hear though what he proposes to do about it, given that no one else has found the means or more likely the will to remove them. He was asked by David Treddinick what he was doing to ’sort out the mess’ left on the pavement across from carriage gates after the temporary [sic] peace camp in the square was removed a few months ago. If you’ve passed by there recently you will have spotted that Brian Haw and his tribe of cranks and oddballs protesting against Castro’s human rights abuses, the Taliban’s torture of women, social security fraud, the shelling of Israeli civilians from Gaza, and the iniquities of western civilisation are now squatting on the pavement in a collection of grubby looking tents and shelters. Mr Tredinnick rightly asked if it was reasonable for visitors to London to be faced with such a no-go area, in particular on April 29th. Mr Cameron gave an enthusiastic response which nodded towards the right to protest but asked why it necessitated sleeping in Parliament Square. “April 29th is too far a deadline to get this problem sorted out,” he said. Hear hear, but then what? Legislation to buy that stretch of pavement and make it subject to the sessional orders? An indemnity for the Met against any civil action for breach of human rights? £10m a day off the Crossrail budget for every day Boris leaves the matter unresolved? Words are great, but let’s have some action.

247 comments (& quite a number think the loonies are in government !!)


From the Evening Sub - Standard on 24th & 25th November 2010:

Parliament Square camp ‘must be closed in time for wedding’


David Cameron today vowed to clear peace protesters camping in Parliament Square before the royal wedding. The Prime Minister told MPs he could not understand why demonstrators should be allowed to sleep in the historic square surrounded by the House of Commons and Westminster Abbey. He stressed at Prime Minister's Questions that he wants the peace camp on the pavement in Parliament Square removed well before the royal wedding on April 29. Mr Cameron said he would “always defend the right to protest peacefully” but added: “I have never seen any reason why they have to sleep in Parliament Square.”

Set up giant TVs in London so crowds can watch the royal wedding, Boris Johnson told


....Westminster Council backed David Cameron's call for Parliament Square's “peace camp” to be removed before the wedding at Westminster Abbey. Council leader Colin Barrow said: “The world's eyes will be upon us and we will be on show to visitors. We must finally end this ludicrous situation where Parliament Square is closed to the public and its pavements have become a camping site.”

and Bab's final word on this subject is this:

To the rabid right wingers who are always willing to make a killing out of the suffering of someone else, I have this to say:

GENTLEMAN GROW UP. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE'S LIVES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. WE ARE NOT A "CAMP". (Frankly if I was camping I would go somewhere else such as Lago di Garda, in northern Italy, which is quite nice in the summer). This IS A CAMPAIGN - because - we would like an outcome. The outcome I would like is quite straightforward. A universal system of justice to protect the people everywhere. Now who could sensibly disagree with that ?

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!