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DAY 3634: SATURDAY MAY 15TH 2011.

For the state, much "appears" to be about creating a ..... perception.

hmmm...there must be something fishy going on ?

...to be honest most people would not know there is a high court injunction ....let alone, that it covers where the newly arrived tents below are...

on the face of it...the perception woud be....well, you can make up whatever suits really.

oh look, a democrazy village etc "ringleader", the responsibility free zone called, simon moore.

mr moore suffers from the error & omission illness we spoke about in a previous post. moore also - forgot - to mention that the fake peace strike was not manned 24/7 so leave - us - alone.....it's so old school british establishment to smile sweetly while you - try - to stab someone in the back. people will always be able to remember what mr moore has relentlessly taken part in against an "innocent man" who got CANCER.

the "thin blue line" of the sometimes there is a high court injunction...ah, I can see where they might be going with this...bozza the mayor has made some space - in what is the high court injunction zone - for the kiddiwinks to play out the government line of, it's okay to come and go....for a day here and there. sort of "weekend brian's".... I think they dared to say...and well bozza the mayor, has lots of "events" in trafalgar square in warmer weather.

a diversionary chuckle: plod remonstrating with aqil saying we can't take plod's picture...just his number ...if we ask nicely.....don't make me laugh..

ie: remember pictures of how the plod called smith CHANGED his numbers...

injunction, unjunction, it could be so confusing....forever changing the goalposts

foa...have a guess

oh look they found their cameras !!! after yesterday..bless their little cotton socks.

it's sort of like a "group photo" really (with mayors muppets sucking a lemon in background) .. the tents look familiar..

day "trippers" doing their thing... on shock horror...bozza's ever so pwecious gwass...remind me why "they" nicked us !!??

suddenly hoodie from pre-existing rent a mob rushes up in evident panic !? saying "don't speak to her" while.....

yelling at me it is "against the law" (which "law" in what "legal" system would that be ??) to take pictures, while he is threatening to...you guessed it... smash the camera in my face...I said he sounds just like ...errr a police officer saying taking pictures is "breaking the law":) and he really should stop talking such porkie pies while - threatening people with what ummm.... not "law", but errr.....violence..

rent a mob thug then crawls off & back into a tent that mother theresa (The Bitch formerly known as Gallestegui) gave him...

while "cross pollination" between fake "campaigners" (but surely some must be genuine) takes place, mummy and daddy "moore" are busy packing up the kiddies toys to be put away in one of the witch's "wardrobes". old time campaigners i have come across sometimes have a giggle that infiltrators have their uses, because you just get them to do stuff you don't want to do, which they will, because they are eager to please, gives them a "perception" they are "organizing".. etc !!

remember the shame of their great "cover up": the witch and her made to measure, "wardrobes", with accompanying filth to ....??

boy, chris coverdale must be getting exhausted with all that campaigning...he is so conspicuously - NOT - doing !!

it will be interesting to see their socpa "police authorisationS".

one gets the feeling - looking around parliament square - that coverdale et al, are desperately trying to put as many fascinating life forms - as possible - (with so many having recently washed ashore) between us and him (et al)....coming clean ETC...

"they" don't really get what - most - decent and civilized people are about do they !!

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!