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Open Letter to the Greater London Authority et al - re: 'Injunction'

DAY 3355  9th August 2010

Dear GLA et al,

In the ongoing situation where Maria Gallestegui's Democracy Village and the police refuse to accept the fact that our campaigns are separate and leave our campaign alone.

The police and Maria Gallestegui's Democracy Village are NOW actually lying while claiming that there is no injunction preventing Maria Gallestegui's Democracy Village who took over Parliament Square - from entering and trying to take over our campaign/space, which both Maria Gallestegui's Democracy Village and the police claim is a public space.

Clearly it is a fact that the injunction explicitly states that only Brian, Charity and I may be in the 'green zone' and while security are successfully throwing Maria Gallesteguis Democracy Village repeatedly from Parliament Square Green, they are not removing them from our part of Parliament Square, where it is fact that there is ALSO an injunction against them.

This failure of public authorities has led to police covering up our being repeatedly explicitly abused and assaulted and Brian Haw - now - ridiculously being 'arrested' this morning after THREE hours of abuse, threats, assaults etc., upon our group by Maria Gallestegui and her members of Democracy Village, of which he and other members repeatedly complained to police about, and were ignored.

What has been happening time and again is the rent-a-thugs who are drunk and on drugs, come in and impose themselves on us, and abuse us and assault us while the police try and get some sort of of complaint against us by people who have come to us and imposed themselves on us.

The 'arresting' police officer last night (and ALL the police officers who refused to take witness statements etc., from us), was the same police officer who admitted (in front of witnesses) on 1st September 2008 at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court that he crippled Brian Haw on 5th May 2008 while he was threatening another witness of Brian Haw that he was lucky he didn't do the same to him, which is subject to a civil claim that Sarah Winfield of the mps legal service has failed to respond to !!!

Clearly we are not going and the harassing Democracy Village/Police Camp who curiously and unusually do not respect that we have the right to a separate space to separately campaign, while they seek to continually impose themselves on us, which frankly reveals JUST how fake they are - because most people would behave like adults and just get on with their own campaign - of course their only campaign appears to all and sundry to only be to try and destroy our campaign which is obviously pretty pathetic - and not a legitimate campaign.

Clearly the police's legal department and Democracy Village will have to admit that there is an injunction against Maria Gallestegui and her Democracy Village that in fact and practise prevents them from entering our campaign which frankly they have no reason to be doing anyway - AND - the authorities will need to explain - if Democracy Village refuse to give a written undertaking that they will cease and desist, why the police are lying about the existence of the injunction and the GLA Security are not removing them,

Given that Maria Gallestegui's Democracy Village have proven to be totally incapable of behaving like responsible grown adults, what has happened is that the public authorities have left a sixty year old man who has been crippled and a woman - with no option - but to the best of our ability use reasonable force to defend ourselves, against drunks and drug addicts, who are clearly being employed as rent-a-thugs - who public authorities have given free rein to.

Clearly the public authoities need to explain why they are putting us at such unnecessary risk, in trying to defend ourselves, when there is an injunction against these irresponsible people entering our campaign.

My position is that as far as i can see, we have reached the point where it has become obvious that we have exhausted all avenues regarding justice in this country....

Babs Tucker.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!