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As previously mentioned, the UK 'Government', intend to pass 'legislation' (cringingly called the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Bill) enthusiastically backed by most of the less than honest media (who are after all commmercial enterprises) which will make my doing what I am doing now, writing this blog in my tent, in Parliament Square, a number of "criminal offences".

mainstream media.... just another commercial enterprise...

I think to myself that it is quite an extraordinary turn of events, that what I am peacefully doing in a public space as an ordinary woman and mother, could soon be so many NEW criminal offences, but then again Westminster Village has been, in my experience, quite an unusual place!

Yet still at least, every day, through what our campaign continues to do, thousands of people from around the world, who are part of a global community of people, pass through Westminster and have the opportunity to see, understand and talk about truths that the government and media will not tell.

If the government and media had told the truth, and there was a universal system of justice, then all the human suffering in the illegal wars of aggression could not have happened and we would not need to be here.

While people can see that governments and business are indifferent to the very real suffering that they create among our fellow human beings, our campaign remains visible & living proof that people do care about one another and we will publicly tell the truth to try and protect human life.

an opportunity to see and hear the truth... in all weathers.

However, aside from the fact the government intends to further criminalise our campaign, some very negative themes continue to emerge from government and business, this past week.

What the student demos over debt and Wikileaks have laid bare this past week, is that government and business only think of people in terms of whether they can make more money through killing you or keeping you in 'debt' (and that is 'debt' that government has created because if for example the one thousand richest people in this country were relieved of half their wealth that they have pretty much stolen from other people, there would be no 'debt').

The media, meanwhile are apparently - programmed - that it is the people who should/must suffer.

A simple example of this is the media article in blue below. The article asks if students are willing to freeze for their cause, instead of asking  - logically - why on earth should students freeze, when surely it is the politicians who have lied who should be cast out into the cold/"frozen out", to be "kettled" by police to test the politicians determination and committment !!!!
James Kirkup James Kirkup is a Political Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and telegraph.co.uk. Based at Westminster, he has been a lobby journalist since 2001. Before joining the Telegraph he was Political Editor of the Scotsman and covered European politics and economics for Bloomberg.

Snow in Whitehall: just how much do students care about tuition fees? By James Kirkup Politics Last updated: November 30th, 2010

The view of Parliament Square from Parliament

There is, apparently, another tuition fees march planned for today. Yet as my (characteristically inept) picture above almost shows, the weather at Westminster is not lovely. It is, in fact, horrible: cold, damp and snowing sporadically. So today will be an interesting test of determination and committment on the part of the students and others opposing Coalition plans on tuition fees. Are they willing to be cold and wet and miserable for th
eir cause?

Also this week, Wikileaks began simply putting a whole lot of information into the public domain without spin so people have the opportunity to: a) have an insight into the mindset and nature of government generally to b) make up their own minds what they think etc.

The actions of Wkileaks provoked interested parties who could hardly sue Wikileaks for libel, to interestingly publicly put out through the media a call for Julian Assange from Wikileaks to be "executed" or "assassinated".

People really are getting an insight into the nature and mindset of government "thinking", which - generally - seems to be obsessively linked to killing people by all manner of means.......

our own drama queens in westminster government, arriving 'a la starsky & hutch'

And business and government wonder why there are those of us who do not want to "buy" what they have on "offer".

As the media feeding frenzy over Wikileaks Julian Assange heightens, his lawyer Mark Stephens says that the police know where he is, while the police claim they don't know where he is, while we remember that the Pinochet 'extradition' case was very publicly a political affair.

climate...change? ...in westminster.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!