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A Drunk on Babs' Tent

DAY 3365  18th August 2010

At 7am this morning a drunken young man caused considerable harassment, alarm and distress, while being a nuisance causing criminal damage when he selfishly decided to REPEATEDLY fall ON Babs tent. 

Unable to remove yet another unco-operative drunk who had damaged her tent, Babs called 999 at 7:18am.

The rude young man got abusive when asked to take responsibility and make good the criminal damage to her tent.

When the young man sought to leave and avoid responsibility, having said he would wait for the police - then that he would walk before they arrived, Mr Haw took possession of the young man's mobile to get his details and to persuade him to stay, he wouldn't want to leave without it Mr Haw thought.

A plastic plod then arrived and the drunk sought to retrieve his phone and scarper.

When three cars ? of police officers subsequently arrived, the plastic plod ridiculously told officers that the young man wanted to make an allegation of theft against Babs over his phone, and of course in an increasingly familiar pattern of trying to set the peace campaigners up, the police officers dutifully took a statement from the errr.....drunk who had caused criminal damage.

Instead they should have taken a statement from Babs who was the one who called them 999 - rather than try on an often repeated scenario with us peace campaigners - called a stitch-up/fit-up.

The behaviour of the spoilt young man who reeked of alcohol, beggars belief. He maliciously sought to have Babs arrested, and all that entails because Babs had insisted that he take responsibility for his drunken actions.

The police were unable however to stitch together a credible story against Babs, not least because of course in seeking to ascertain the details of someone seeking to avoid responsibility for criminal damage is hardly an intention to permanently deprive someone of their property.

The young man finally made an insincere apology of sorts promising to send Babs 50 quid towards a new tent, which no doubt will never be seen.

The details of the incident are CAD 974
18th August 2010 - CW 3414 

And the selfish and malicious 22 year old drunk
who really needs to grow up is:

Mr Dean T Howell,
Flat 1 Block 5,
Midland Road
Gloucester GL2

and you can contact him on his mobile:

0790 5657278

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!