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While Obama is playing Bonfire of the Vanities at Downing Street, it is interesting to note what some people will do for money.

We are minding our own business at 7am in the morning so there is no possible excuse, for "the filth" to descend en masse, other than political harassment. The state are the biggest drama queens you will ever come across.

Their drama is all about hiding the reality of the real suffering of innocent civilians.

In fact, one of the worlds biggest mass murderers has come to town yet the "police" treat - us - like serious criminals (see below) and illegally conduct "searches" with overwhelming numbers of police officers, "searching" for unknown somethings, under Section 17 (1) e of the PACE Act 1984.

What actually makes such disrespect for the people worse is that not a single "police officer" would do what they do for free. 

making it up as they go along, not about any "law" at all..

The "searches" are obviously illegal, and just about - political - harassment, because: a) the police had every opportunity to apply for a "warrant" from the courts for what is, after all, a planned event, b) could not use S44 of the "Terrorism Act", because they could not reasonably believe that we have explosives, c) there is no - emergency - that is about saving life and limb, let alone at 7am in the morning.

7am: looks like plod are protesting really....it's like watching a whole lot of lemmings on the loose for goodness sakes. when plod have such disrespect for upholding law impartially, you just can't be bothered with them really..these are supposed to be grown adults !!!! but a politician tells them to jump and all they can do is ask, how high...

Where people actually exercise their civil rights peacefully in any meaningful way, there is an absence by the state of any recognition of civil rights.

The police "legal department" have ignored multiple letters of claim over searches, because they do not want a jury trial in a civil claim - now covering some 15 + illegal searches - in the High Court.

In any real world where life was valued and law was being done, it would of course, be the Obama's of the world being arrested and prosecuted, and that would bring about meaningful change.

pointless: plod just taking the money and following orders. and tell me this, will this many plod turn up to help you, when your house is burgled.

And I am not joking, because put on trial, they would not be able to defend their actions. Unlike the media who merely report but do not challenge what the Obama's of the world say, holding them to account before a jury would expose the obvious holes in their murderous rhetoric.

so which number are we today ?..

While people do actually care about one another, politicians who dive in and out of in effect, fronting business interests, have no interest, whatsoever, in human life, and that is why the system that is so open to abuse needs to be changed.

agent provocateur: can't be said madam has not had every opportunity, (like here) to come clean & point out the searches are pointless, because madam's campaign was repeatedly left completely unmanned....without being a "security risk"....

A system that does not, as a starting point, value human life, is of itself, of no value.

The old boys club of media, politics and "law" just disgusts me.

And show me the "emergency" ? Where is that absolute Zionist loving tosser Obama ?

No - where in sight so it is just about political harassment.

And to be absolutely honest the only banner I could think of doing for Obama, because I have such contempt for him, was F**K OFF !! (so I'll just think that one instead perhaps)

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!