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DAY 3454: TUESDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2010.

An old news cutting from the 'Evening Standard' in 2009, (along with the ramblings last week in the unelected House of 'Lords' who seem to think we are just on the pavement, & the Mayor of London's High Court 'proceedings') makes clear the plotting behind the scenes that went into creating the latest lame government 'strategy' to 'remove' Brian Haw's Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

In short it seems to have been to get a High Court ruling that we are camping, not campaigning, (which was illogical given various GLA by-laws, distinguishing between camping & campaigning and clearly we are a 24/7 campaign), then move us entirely onto the pavement, whereupon Westminster City Council would give the pavement to the Mayor of London's GLA.

What a lot of human energy illogically wasted on trying to block human progress, when we should be using our energy to positively redress the current imbalances created by the global community of big business, through practical means such as putting in place, an effective universal system of justice to protect the people everywhere.

flog off the pavement to the GLA.

I often share through the loudspeaker, my own 'town square test' with passersby.

I say " if you cannot stand your ground, in a public space, to tell the truth, without violence (but the use of reasonable force in self defence is ok),you don't have an argument and you shouldn't be doing what you are doing."

stand your ground.

I point out that "if people look around, they will notice, that it is those in this Parliament who duck and dive, as they run and hide, behind their gates, their weapons, and their cheap sound bites in their TV studios and their corrupt courts, because they do not have any argument, that bears any scrutiny, so they are running from justice."

I also point out that "as long as this government continue to 'occupy' other countries with their brutality and their violence, we will continue to 'occupy' the Westminster Village. We will 'occupy' their minds, their time and so on, to remind (for example) the thousands of people who come into Westminster each day to work in government, that all they do is perpetuate the lies of this government that have led to the suffering of millions of innocent civilians."

a government stubbornly running from justice. going against the flow....

Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!