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CLIMATE CHANGE, OIL WARS .... & a dream.


A small but friendly march came through Westminster today.

I was confused...the police marching about the climate ?..and then I was still confused ..what is 'climate change'?

I am confused by all this talk of climate change. I know the climate 'changes'. I understand we had an ice age and now we don't.

I am concerned that a good environmental movement that once dealt with many important environmental issues has been hijacked by a single confusing slogan. It concerns me that such a slogan can be used by governments I do not trust to tell me the truth, because government's may just see climate change as just another means of collecting money from people, without people seeing any actual benefits.

creative people, creative solutions....

Take for example the issue of traffic pollution in London. The Mayor of London could be fined 300 million pounds for failing to reduce pollution. Well it is highly unlikely that the Mayor of London is going to care about even a sum like 300 million dollars, for a number of reasons, including because business will not care. The people are the ones who will actually pay, while any fine will simply disappear into another bottomless bureaucratic pit somewhere, and there will be no change to levels of pollution.

I have a dream which I share with people I talk to.

I believe that it is possible to shut down Central London to traffic (trams & electric trucks for deliveries would be okay during certain hours) and improve the Underground for elderly and disabled use (there could be park and rides around the M25).

If people had no choice but to walk or use bikes in Central London, we would soon adapt. We would be healthier and our environment would be healthier which would bring all manner of financial benefits too. Also people would enjoy a far more peaceful and therefore less stressful Central London.

We would also remember that we are capable of being more self reliant than we realise. On days the roads have been closed for bike rides, people got on just fine.

And when we had opened our minds to and had experienced such visible change we would probably open our minds to think up all manner of other creative solutions that brought positive change to those in the world around us.

When I see the volume of traffic and the pollution it brings which of itself causes so much harm, in so many ways, even to ourselves,  I am also reminded that one day we will use sustainable energy resources anyway and history will remember that we were monsters who brutally murdered other people, innocent civilians to steal their oil in the Oil Wars, and that our 'lifestyle' really wasn't necessary for our survival. 

We really need to use our cars less to save lives NOW.

does snow to mud, count as ....climate change?

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!