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I'm "Bunny" Easton, supporter of the Parliament Square Peace Campaign since January 2005.

Fortunately, health and circumstances have, for most of the period, allowed me to turn up twice a week for about 4 and a half hours at a time. Unfortunately, now in my 80th year, a heart condition threatens to drastically curtail my participation.

There are a number of factors the Establishment attempt to conceal; among them that a quarter of what The World expends on its' military would pay to feed, clothe, house, educate, and provide a health service for The World's population; 62% of what the United States expends on its' military would do the same.

This is utter madness - no wonder the authorities wish to cover this up. The Capitalist System, in particular the United States Capitalists, are intent on maintaining and expanding their position of dominance of The World.

What threat was Iraq in 2003? The military might of the USA could and did crush the small state. The British Government ignored the huge manifestation of opposition to such a war thereby proving once more that it is a Dictatorship.

Another factor the Establishment seeks to conceal is that the United States CIA set up Al-Quada in 1980/81 and the CIA trained Bin Laden. At that time the Capitalist rulers of the West were so hysterical about the "threat" of Communism they were prepared to go to any lengths to protect their interests.

The hysteria indicates their lack of confidence in their own system and hence the superiority of Communist (as distinct from Stalinist) ideology.

All this emphasizes the sheer common sense of the Peace Campaign and the profound dedication of Brian Haw, a Christian, who started the Campaign on 2nd June, 2001 and has been "resident" at Parliament Square since then. Barbara Tucker, another Christian, has also shown her profound dedication by being "resident" there for the past four years.

The Government further revealed its' dictatorial credentials by removing most of the Peace Campaign display on 23rd May, 2006, and having the assistance of the Greater London Authority to uproot the tents of the Peace Campaigners from the grass area on 17th October, 2007 (when Livingstone was Mayor) and throwing them onto the pavement, witnessed officially by a Police Inspector and Sergeant.

To have been able to challenge British Capitalism, and by implication World Capitalism, for the length of time the Peace Campaign has clearly enjoyed massive support from human beings and Higher Beings in heaven.

It would be generous and kind to the Organised Churches to say that support from them has been minimal.

It is therefore my conclusion that the Parliament Square Peace Campaign is not just to be equated with the Reformation but that in embryo it represents a principle well beyond the scope of the Reformation in challenging the Capitalist System as well as the subservient Church.

I hope to be able to continue participating in what a visitor described as the foremost Campaign in The World.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!