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To be clear this hypothesis will be concerned primarily with British State Suppression although much of what is written could and probably does apply to other countries.

It is the writer's view that the State, in whatsoever it does, does more to its own moral fibre than to the object of its actions, although the actions have a very definite affect on whoever they are perpetrated.

The British State is decidedly suppressive as clearly demonstrated by its treatment of the Parliament Square Peace Campaign and, while the effect on that Campaign cannot be denied, the effect on the moral fibre of the British State is far greater, since it is that state which has commissioned the suppression.

The removal of most of the Campaign display at 3am on 23rd May 2006, is a prime example of British State Suppression. The effect on the Campaign was plain for everyone to see but the State damaged itself far more - it made itself more suppressive and, in that it relied upon suppression, severely reduced its own democratic content.

The same consequences apply to the suppressive act of the Greater London Authority on 17th October 2007, when the GLA private security employees ripped up the tents of the Peace Campaigners and threw them on to the pavement - an action witnessed by a police Inspector and Sergeant. Here again the state degraded itself further.

Over the 9 years of the Peace Campaign, there have been numerous occasions when the state has exercised its suppressive powers in particular though not exclusively against Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker.

On each occasion the state has further degraded itself and any assessment of that degradation would be frighteningly alarming to say the least. However, this is not the only sphere of state suppression.

On almost every protest demonstration there are a number of arrests and with each such such arrest the state affects its moral fibre and with each prosecution that moral fibre is further degraded.

In other respects there are numerous incidents of injustice varying from an arrest to an extensive conviction: the treatment of Animal Rights Campaigners bears this out.

With such a far reaching deterioration of its moral fibre there are further consequences:- not only is the state becoming more suppressive of the population day by day, but the ultra suppressive attitudes generated will work their way into other aspects and sectors.

The concept of thieves falling out comes into play: In relationship with other countries the suppressive attitude is friction generating and seeps into all incidents and negotiations. A similar pattern arises within the Establishment which is the kernel of the State - the "MP's expenses scandal" being one example.

The conclusion to be drawn from this hypothesis is that the State is rotting and the whole population should be made aware of this decay.

Bunny Easton.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!