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The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police takes orders from Tory politicians in a day of political policing.

Boris Johnson's ridiculous High Court injunction in Parliament Square, against "the whole world" (except Brian Haw and Babs Tucker) is absolutely unlawful.

Boris did not get an injunction against us, because the courts are bound by a House of Lords ruling in DPP v Jones 1999, which is an admission that in common law the state cannot make what is otherwise lawful (ie peacefully campaigning) unlawful.

The students quite rightly ALSO came to Parliament Square to campaign over a debate taking place in Parliament.

Which part of Democracy allowed police to stop young voters exercising their democratic right to lobby MP's ?

The police "kettling" of everyone, on the basis of the ifs buts and maybe's of everyone being suspects, was ALSO illegal, and used as a political tactic to discourage people from effectively campaigning.

In practise the state have zero tolerance for effective campaigning, which is what the students are doing, and which is about more than making your views heard, but about bringing about change.

The students have been inspiring highlighting the fact that it cannot be a democracy and there cannot be justice, when politicians lie to get voted in. The Lib Dems would not have been elected without the promise they made over fees.

It is enormously serious and fraudulent for politicians to lie in order to get elected and worse when there are serious consequences in the lives of real people, as a result of those lies.

Noddy Gove's "Department of Re - Education" , next to Westminster Abbey.

Democracy & Accountability. When politicians lie, they call for the taypayer funded sandbags !

Politicians without shame.

surely the wrong "bus stop"....

how so ??

keep learning and trying until you succeed...

political policing - taking orders from corrupt politicians.

what is the gizmo?

Politicians in hiding. An inceasingly familiar sight in Westminster. Police often claim they do not have an opinion. When police put on the uniform & take orders, and worse, from politicians that sadly takes an opinion, that is not unbiased.

Who on earth designed flammable uniforms ?

and they complain about burqas ?

Students arriving in Parliament Square.

More students arriving.

The Mayor of London's dangerously illegal barriers coming down.

not a single student harmed us or damaged our property, unlike the state who have arrested Babs 39 times in the past five years, while stealing campaign property time and again.

Beautiful, kind young people, peacefully campaigning in Parliament Square.

London Evening (Sub) Standard....lol

Indeed. Simple yet effective.

cameron & Clegg. Thick as thieves (in more ways than one !)

The day wears on....

Cut War not Welfare.

The people paid their taxes for free education and health care, which are foundations of a progressive and civilised society. Parliament stole that money and did whatever they wanted with it.

It felt so good to be free & safe among normal young people.

When there is an election there will be hardly anyone worth voting for, in a system that is not worth having.

The state is all about control, not freedom.

As darkness fell on humanity, the state learned you do not win "hearts and minds" by illegally "kettling" everyone.

so this is christmas? look what the politicians have done....

illegally kettled.

security hut in boris johnson's illegal closure of square, goes up in toxic smoke.

a flare goes off, perhaps symbolising that the state have truly lost any "battle" for the hearts & minds of the young.

a special mention in dispatches to our guardian angel who to the astonishment of the quite hungry looking police got out of the kettle and back in, with chips...yummm & thanx xxxx

students kept asking to leave, so why bring in hundreds of riot police, horses and dogs to terrorise them and further imprison them on Westminster Bridge??

Next morning, is that cameron in the stocks and clegg being dragged along behind ?

Next morning EDL protesting about the students protesting. The EDL spat on a student passing by.


Forensics called in, while the commercial enterprises called media come along in their droves, to put out their spin. Here's a clue. Our neighbors from hell, the criminal politicians are across the road.....

What we really need is an effective universal system of justice to protect the people everywhere from those who cause the most harm, who happen to be those in big business and government.

Babs xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!