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Bunny with Sheila in Parliament Square, 15/12/2010 (taken by Colin)

Since Christmas is coming, I am reminded of the story of the Shepherds, which in my view is particularly relevant to the Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

This in no way detracts from the story's relevance in other circumstances and situations but since the writer is a tiny part of the Peace Campaign, this specific relevance comes to mind.

It is almost universally regarded as a Christmas story, but it is my contention it is applicable at any time which is more than true of the Parliament Square Peace Campaign, which is ongoing 24/7.

It is suggested here that, like all Biblical stories, a principle is espoused and the principle in the story concerns Divine Inspiration: Inspiration from above.

Such inspiration took the form of an Angel's appearance in the case of the shepherds but such forms can vary immeasurably in the human experience. There are two aspects in the story of the Shepherds. a) they were working b) they were awake when most other people were asleep, which points to a mental, moral and spiritual awareness in the middle of a general apathy, and to use Barbara's term: in a state of Denial.

Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker, two Christians are the outstanding pillars of the Parliament Square Peace Campaign. Brian has dedicated over nine years of his life, 24/7, to the Campaign and Barbara likewise five years. The very few active supporters are well aware that these are two very special outstanding people and, for me, it is not only a duty but a great privilege to be so closely associated with them.

Brian, Barbara and the supporters may not be working in the sense of working for an employer, but it is nevertheless very hard work as anyone who has spent some time involved with the Campaign will know.

It is more than true that those involved in the Campaign, with Brian and Barbara towering over the rest, are awake mentally, morally and spiritually, compared with the huge incidence of 'sleepwalking' among the general population.

The writer, therefore argues that the principle of Divine Inspiration, Inspiration from above, is very much a likelihood in the Peace Campaign, that it could occur at any time and when least expected.

While it is most likely to be Brian or Barbara who are the recipients, it could well be any participant, or as in the case of the shepherds, a few people together could be involved. No doubt there are many aspects of the Bible which could apply to the Campaign, which is undeniable, but let us for the moment consider this feature and no doubt inspiration here would lead to further inspiration, promoting in turn, help from other aspects of the Bible.

It must be stressed in conclusion that: a) the Campaign "Peace, Love & Justice For All" is already an inspiration to many and b) the Establishment working via its various agencies to suppress the campaign, is also placing itself in opposition to Divine Inspiration.

Bunny Easton.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!