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DAY 3499: DECEMBER 31ST 2010.

It's that time of the year to look back, and well some things seem to take longer to change than others......

I can't help myself. I just keep getting "arrested", but I am getting better at not getting arrested quite so much, although I think that is perhaps because the government are just running out of ideas on how to "arrest" me...

It's happened thirty nine times in five years, but I can't help it because I can't change the very real fact that because I love people & I love life, so, I want to protect - all - life.

And the fact that I keep getting arrested - because - I want to protect life.....takes some getting your head around...

The government call me a "protester" and a "criminal", and yet in trying to protect life, I know that I am neither, a protester nor a criminal.

I am a mother and I am doing what we mothers do. We love. We care, and so….we try to protect life. What I am doing as a human being and a mother is actually absolutely normal.

I keep thinking that 'government' really needs to grow up and join the serious world, where people really do care about one another, and life really is of real value.

I will not help the government hide the fact that the greatest victims of war are the women and children who remain invisible, because their stories are never told.

The government tell me I must compromise on wanting justice for everyone, but this woman and mother could never and will never do that.

So the government and I remain in a stand off, with both sides refusing to back down.

To me, there can be nothing more important than trying to protect all life.

This is despite the fact that the government really are most unpleasant, when they "arrest" me.

I promise you, it is not like they are inviting me round for a cup of tea and a natter.

The state is violent, they are abusive and what I see most of all is that they have lost any morality and all humanity.

My experience is of course mirrored by many individuals all around the world who challenge what really makes what we call "government" in its various forms, tick.

Governments do not mind persecuting, torturing and murdering those who stand up to them, and while the governments are all really rather good at pointing the finger towards other governments, what none of them do well, is their own shame, so they all try and wrap up and package political persecution, as being all about something entirely different, of course.

The media are mostly just as bad, because media are of course either state controlled or commercial enterprises, and when they talk about freedom of speech, for example, I promise you, they only mean their own, and they will only champion the people's if it happens to co- incide with their own interests.

So I continue to do my best to stand my ground in a public space, without violence, because I really do not want to be driven underground, into the governments world of weapons and violence.

The reason for the ongoing stand off between government and myself, is that there is a fundamental and irreconcilible chasm between the government and the people generally, that simply is not even acknowledged, let alone addressed.

The reason that "it" is not even acknowledged is that if "it" were acknowledged , then the whole nature of socially constructed government, would be called into question, so that "it"might be addressed, and indeed resolved.

And I would hazard a guess that the reason that government does not want "it" resolved is that the lazy minds of big business and big government have become rather too accustomed to and comfortable with, the business model of essentially master and slave.

So what is "it", that is irreconcilable? That makes the current business models of government inevitably and increasingly a failure for the people generally.

When you get beyond what governments say they are and get down to the reality of what governments really are, you could only conclude that in fact the systems of government are only designed to serve the interests of big business and that is why the nature of government as it currently exists can only be a failure, in terms of making any real human progress.

Well, let's face it. On a very basic level, when governments arrest and prosecute people who are trying to protect life, there is not only something very wrong with that system of government but what is it that government could say that it is trying to protect, if not life ?

Whatever governments may claim, what most of us know, is that first and foremost the reality is that government's serve the business interests of a relative few. And since the truth is, business interests are not necessarily compatible with treating people well, what we then see, is that the systems of government are actually designed to protect the business interests of the few over and above, any suffering of the people.

So the irreconcilable difference is that in practice, the nature of government is that business interests take precedence over human life.

It inevitably follows then that we must ask what is the point in the people, having a system of government that first and foremost serves business, and worse without not only any regard for the people, but with complete indifference to the value of human life.

If for example you look at any number of the wikileaks cables, what you will notice, is that the well being of the people actually doesn't really come into play at all. What comes across is that 'leaders' will do their deals with each other that suit themselves, regardless of the people.

I am not against having a 'system' per se, but I refuse to co - operate with or be a part of any system that does not work with and for -all- people.

I have come to believe that since we are faced with a global community of big business running increasingly global forms of government, who have no regard for human life, that to counter this we must have a …universal system of justice that actually serves to protect the people everywhere from those who cause the most harm, who happen to be big business and big government.

I appreciate that it is a big ask to bring about such a universal system of justice, but I believe that it is something that is worth working towards and doing what we can in our lifetimes.

It is clear that any change will not come about through government, but through the people and I have great trust in the people.

I believe that in the same way that people were able to create the global community of big business, so too people are capable of creating a universal system of justice.

I believe that the creative solutions that are necessary will always be found amongst the people, and I think that if we had as a starting point, a universal system of justice, to counter the global community of big business & government that much of what we complain about would be resolved.

I think a key focus in moving towards a universal system of justice, is for the global community of people, to focus on the decentralisation of the powerbase that is the global community of big business.

Bizarrely, while reading what I thought was a very bad book, that I felt was full of disingenuous twaddle, I nevertheless still found what I thought was a rather good nugget of information that I thought people everywhere could use to very good effect.

The book was pompously called "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward and it regurgitates the most monstrous lies of Bush & Blair & Co.

What grabbed my imagination however was when General Tommy Franks goes to Bush with his "plan", which is outlined in Chapter 5, beginning on page 52.

Basically Franks outlined a "plan" that involved creating in spreadsheet format what he calls a "matrix", based on vertical "lines of operations" (what you can do) , "arrayed" against horizontal "slices" of "capabilities or vulnerabilities" (of say big business and government) that creates/highlights all manner of opportunities, that can then be applied selectively and carefully, in an effective and efficient way across the matrix.

So I thought that in the New Year, it would be fascinating to create a similar sort of "matrix", as an opportunity of looking at and learning from ways that the people from the global community of people address the problems of big business and so on, as a means of working towards understanding how we can create a universal system of justice that protects the people everywhere.

Much Love,

Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!