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UK Minister Gove ....he reminds me of Noddy....

This week the UK Minister For Education, Mr Gove told the public that he specifically wanted soldiers in classrooms in order, to improve discipline.

This was from a war mongering Tory, who is part of a posse trying to remove our campaign through state sponsored violence, by ridiculously calling our FREEDOM a crime !!

Now I think anyone who wishes to retrain as a teacher should be able to, and there are of course as in most organisations, good and bad people, but whoever you are, there is a big difference as the London Evening (sub) Standard reader below (who wishes to see our campaign removed), shows, between bullying and discipline.

I certainly would not advocate that the London Evening (sub) Standard reader below is fit to properly 'educate' young people, anywhere beyond the neanderthal, how to get your own way, through violence. The a la Gove "school of thought".

I also doubt Gove will be introducing lessons anytime soon in UK schools, about how the far from "Commonwealth" was really created through numerous illegal occupations, which rather puts into true perspective the current illegal occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as being part of a way of life, that is far from being a good example of civilised 'society'.

Perhaps there is another reason why numerous countries did not vote to send their populations to the UK for the football World Cup in 2018?

What is it with our pussy-footing administrators? Who the hell runs the country? Get a couple of dozen coppers down there and remove them . . . . tonight. If the authorities haven`t the stomach for it, I know plenty of ex-servicemen with IS experience from Ulster who will do the job. How long will this bunch of wasters be allowed to ridicule our society? - Rowland, Kingston up the Thames, 01/12/2010 15:33

The .."you give some people a uniform to hide behind and they think they are different" springs to mind......

Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!