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The Tory gutter press, the Evening Standard, which is not unsurprisingly free, rolled out yet more one sided lying drivel from the hypocrisy that is the lying Westminster hate machine, aka "Parliament".

It would take anyone with a brain about two minutes to analyse the latest legislative offerings from our liars in chief in the House of Horrors across the road.

In desperation while trying to cover up their war crimes, these mass murderers have put before the "House" two exceptionally execrable pieces of legislative nonsense.

So let no-one be fooled that while the so called hacking scandal goes on, anyone in Parliament, the press, or police for example, have suddenly thought it was a good idea that the people have a voice (that is not controlled by them)

No, still they all want to continue to control what they claim the people say and think etc.

Even Mr Murdoch - never - had all the police, press and Parliament after him - at the same time - which tells you quite a lot.

The two new pieces of so called "legislation" seek to steal property either a) prior to or b ) without proceedings in any court.

Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

Parliament Square (Management) Bill

It doesn't take rocket science to work out this avoids due process etc and is therefore illegal.

However, what any observer of recent "litigation" in Parliament Square and the suggested new legislation will also realise, is that recent proceedings and this legislation which seeks to stop Brian Haws 10 year 24/7 Parliament Square Peace Campaign, seeks to cover up the existence of the government operation in Parliament Square.

All proceedings and legislation are first about removing the right to 24/7 protest, AND then the need for "proceedings".

The reason is to try and cover up the government operation that is going on in Parliament Square.

The so called "Peace Strike" which in being far from 24/7 before May 1st 2010, is the government operation, the mechanism that has been used to bring 'proceedings', create legislation, attempt to smash a glass bottle over our head and punches to the head. You name it, the government operation has tried it !

So Lord Tyler, you really are a miserable excuse for a human being suggesting your Private Members Bill.

It is of course a matter of public record that between January 13th 2010 (when Ms Gallastegui was named to the police as an agent provocateur in legal proceedings that has not been disputed in legal proceedings) and May 1st 2010, it is self evident that the so called "Peace Strike" - were - openly working with the police (for example) when the campaign which was not 24/7 was repeatedly left unattended, while our campaign was continually harassed by searches, conditions etc and so on.

And worst of all is that Parliament's ongoing - government operation - in Parliament Square contributed to the death of Brian Haw who was standing so long for the innocent civilian children brutalised by illegal wars.

We look forward to seeing this government and their government operation - back - in the High Court later this month in the pathetic saga of the Westminster City Council proceedings.

And let this government remember that it was a government operation in Parliament Square that contributed to Mr Haw's death.

Every time "they" raised their heads and went for Mr Haw, this Parliament only revealed themselves and reminded the people of this government's shame. Brian kept the truth alive, all the while the police, the press and Parliament have lied.

Imagine if Parliament, the press and the police started - protecting - innocent civilian children !

Give Parliament Square back to us all: Peer calls for protest camp to turn into new Speakers' Corner

Peter Dominiczak, City Hall Correspondent 13 Jul 2011

Parliament Square should be 'returned to the people' and transformed into a new Speakers' Corner, according to a Lib-Dem peer.

Boris Johnson today faced calls from Lord Tyler to deal with the "embarrassing mess" created by the protesters who camp there.

He has put forward a Private Member's Bill which would remove the restrictions on the right to protest in the square, allowing people to "get on a soapbox" and hold public debates. His Bill has cross-party support in the Lords as well as from the Speakers' Corner Trust.

Lord Tyler, the former MP for North Cornwall, said: "At the moment we have the worst of both worlds in Parliament Square. We have the mess of the protesters on the pavement and the centre of the square is fenced off and not used at all.

"As long as people do not use amplification they should be able to go to the centre of the square and get on a soapbox and discuss what we do as parliamentarians. Something has to be done about this important square. It needs to be returned to the people. Some radical and imaginative things have to happen."

Lord Tyler added: "Tourists come and look at the embarrassing mess and are completely bemused that apart from a sad encampment on the edge, the entire square is cordoned off for UK citizens.

The area should be redesigned and pedestrianised like Trafalgar Square." The Speakers' Corner Trust has submitted its own proposal to make the square "at least in part a platform for the expression of citizenship such as existed in the Athenian Agora and the Forum of the Roman Republic".

The trust launched its proposal after Parliament commissioned the political research and education charity the Hansard Society to investigate the redesign of Parliament Square and the Whitehall area.

Peter Bradley, director of the Speakers' Corner Trust, said: "We would like to see a public space in which people are free to express their views and debate them. This isn't about replacing the Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, but it's about creating a space in Parliament Square that reminds the Establishment about the importance of the views of the public. "We should have public platforms and Speakers' Corners all over the country.

I can't think of a better place in the country to have something like that than in Parliament Square."

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: "When fully open Parliament Square Gardens is already used by many to lawfully protest every year and is a popular destination for visitors as well as Londoners. The Mayor supports freedom of expression and democratic protest."


Jade Tibbs, 23 Singer from Canning Town: "This is about giving people the chance to speak out against oppression. The tents have become a bit of a tourist attraction but are making the place messy so it will be a good chance to reclaim the square."

Shizzio, 27 Rapper from Ilford: "Having a new Speakers' Corner outside Parliament will be good for freedom of speech, because there is too much being covered up by government. I want to see people getting on their soapbox, talking about taboo stuff and exposing the truth."

Rachel Barber, 17 Student from Bury St Edmunds: "Having a new Speakers' Corner is a good idea because it will bring politics to the people. Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park is a British institution. Anything extra that helps get people's voices heard will be beneficial for democracy."

Simon Hall, 33 Project manager from Clapham: "I'm a bit sceptical you would be able to hear anyone speak in Parliament Square above the traffic noise of what is a busy roundabout. Surely these days you're better organising a Twitter flash mob to get your message across."

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!