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So called "Policing" in Parliament Square is quite odd at the best of times.

Over the years we have just learnt that what is really going on has nothing to do with policing at all.

Politicians tell senior police officers (who do what they do for promotion) to try to "arrange" whatever best suits the politicians.

Getting people in uniforms to do their dirty work is meant to give an (ever diminishing) impression of respectability to the politicians dirty deeds.

Anyway, today was one of those days that you realised who ends up in Parliament Square & so how what we have come to call "British Art" (of deception) around us, looks, is far more controlled than most people, might imagine.

It wasn't so puzzling that police stopped protesters coming to Parliament Square, but not the homeless.

It was only becoming puzzling that the Homeless Charities (or the Evening Standard with their whole Dispossessed thing) were not coming down to visibly campaign alongside and support the homeless people.

But today, we learnt that  when it comes to "policing operations", some allegedly homeless people apparently have more rights than other homeless people !!

Police will generally claim that they do not know who is who etc in Parliament Square.

Today, two new guys turned up and out of curiousity I went and chatted to them as they set up and they explained their situation (one was made redundant after six years of work) and they told me who had told them there would be a place here.

Quite a while later, a whole lot of police turned up, which was kind of odd, because the homeless contingent generally come and go, without remark.

Then a police officer came up to us apparently as "a courtesy" to explain what was going on (well, we were taking pictures)

Usually they ask if people are with us, but they said they knew these people were not with St Pauls or "us" ?

And bizarrely the police officer said, and I kid you not, that they were going to "reposition the people back by Victoria, under the Public Order Act".

I will confess.

I have never heard quite such a strangled interpretation of the so called public order "ACT", before.

Perhaps they couldn't use SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 because someone sent me this link where, Peace Strike's Coverdale is apparently running around saying to Occupy London Stock Exchange that he has authorisation for (or "to control" ??!!)15,000 in Parliament Square. Man, Brian's campaign was only "allowed" 20 & even then they always moaned :)

But of course the British Bullsh** "Artist" aka "Abolish Money" who really is full of it, and supposedly came here in exactly the same way, before being given a plot by Peace Strike got absolutely no hassle from the police at all.

I wonder who they had been briefed he was with ?

So it just goes to show, that who decides who can go either side of us, to of course try to continue to prevent people joining us, and to try and crush us ( because both "Abolish Money" and "Let the US into North Korea" disgustingly tried to move in on us, filmed by Peace Strike, when our campaign was stolen by police) is decided by the police & "Number Ten" (Peace Strike aka Democracy Village, and all sorts of other various names depending perhaps on what day of the week it is ?)

We wondered what the police would have done, if we had claimed the new bods were with us, which we and others should not need to do ?

The cat was really let out the bag tho' when our campaign was stolen when manned while no-one on either side of us was touched.

What is going on is really wrong.

What really upsets me, is not so much that there is clearly a police operation per se (because that sort of thing goes on) but that what has always clearly been a police operation did, contribute in a very big way to Brian's death.

I will always look upon "Peace Strike" as particularly sick and twisted murderers.

Day in and day out, we have watched how, for a very long time, they and all those with them (and there's a lot pretending they are this and that) have kept up the most evil pretence.

They saw (and I saw) Brian suffering through what they did.

And all I said was, a very simple truth (having no idea that it was going to be quite so controversial or that it would reveal such a hornets nest)

Number Ten: "British Art"

Prior to May 1st 2010, Peace Strike was not 24/7.

Peace Strike et al and the police covered that up.

Which is bingo, how you end up with the legal term "agent provocateurs"

When you want to lie, in order, to prosecute us.

These people were and are working with the police to cause our campaign harm.


A very honest, good and decent man, died.

And that is what any honest "report" into the use of agent provocateurs would consider.

Miss you boss xx

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!