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DAY 3944: TUESDAY MARCH 20TH 2012.

not so innocent.

As part of a continuing year long onslaught of self promotion, the responsibility free zone known around our parts as the Crone on the Throne, is being wheeled out to appear today before her bowing and scraping sychophants in the Houses of Parliament.

It will be a drama.

It always is.

All anxious as ever to keep up appearances.

To keep collecting those ....cheques.

I mean the Queen cannot be so naive as to not know just how corrupt "her" Parliament really is.

But someone has to keep funding all their fraud after all.

And so the fairytales must live on.

Although I doubt Dear Liz is going to be going along to the later debate over the death of the NHS

which by co-incidence takes place at the same time as the Iraqis remind us that nothing has improved for them after years of sanctions and war.

But no doubt, the Baldrick of the House, a Mr Speaker called Bercow will be in his element, brown nosing his way up a greasy pole or two to make sure all runs smoothly for her Maj.

While the Tory mouthpiece, the London Evening Standard will dutifully report it all, as some sort of ...fairytale.

Because ...the fairytale ....must keep ticking over.

You understand.

Fairytales don't come cheap.

You need castles....and....

But it really does take quite some suspension of reality, and stretch of the imagination,.. to turn that all that innocent blood and guts that was spilled ....to create the British Empire... into some sort of fairytale.

Where they were doing all these good things for all the people whose countries they occupied.

Instead of God Save the Queen.

It should be the people need to help the people.

Because the logic of how it was good to impose British democracy, on others, always escaped me.

While occupying countries never struck me as particularly legal.

It's all so fake.

They caused so much pain. So much suffering.

So many innocent people were brutally murdered.

That is the real history that is never spoken.

And when you peel away their layers of pageantry.

What are you left with ?

Some very nasty human beings who never gave a toss about the people, they really did kill...

So when they talk about stained glass windows today...

They would do well to remember that their hands are stained for ever with the blood of so many innocents.

No good ever came from the worship of false idols.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!