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DAY 3628: SUNDAY MAY 8TH 2011.

We're back in the High Court tomorrow in the next political "trial" brought by Westminster City Council's Barrow boy. And so it has fallen to The Bitch (formerly known as) Gallestegui to mobilise the rent - a - mob.

And in the much tried and failed scenario, while as usual we were minding our own business, trouble was sent in to impose themselves and see what they could kick off. What Babs has repeatedly been told to do is back down and agree to be "joined" with rent -a- mob, to play the we're all together nonsense.

When Babs who has actually lived through the truth of what is going on, did not want to be played for a mug, and asked to be left alone, it was witnessed that a woman hysterically screamed abuse at Babs, about Babs being a "fucking cunt" etc etc etc.

And whoops, the Mayors bod who frankly numerous people have noticed has developed obsessive, complusive order with the amount of filming of Babs going on, was caught out filming what he did not intend to film - the abuse of Babs !

A member of our campaign who was concerned that a) Babs was going to be harmed and b) over the continual nature of the bullying of Babs, which is particularly distasteful while Brian is fighting cancer, called the police.

Brian and Babs were of course subjected to months and months of bullying etc from the rent a mob that was Democracy Village/Peace Strike.

Police being briefed, before taking witness statements, with our demanding an end to what is blatant witness intimidation.
Babs asked that the person was told to stay away from Babs.

whoops, yeah he did get the footage, (but not exactly the footage they were intending. he was on his phone damn fast when he realised the police had been called)

rent a tossers

an example of one i took ----earlier.... of the carlsberg special ...crew.

13.01.2010. blowing the whistle & what everyone keeps falling over themselves to cover up.

Let's face it, it could not be said, that Gallestegui has not had every opportunity to come clean.

But you know it's bullsh** when other people walk in and want to rewrite a history, Babs actually lived, and so knows about.

The use of an agent provocateur is a very serious legal issue that is no laughing matter and Babs remains seriously unimpressed by - subsequent - attempts to distract & publicly - smear her etc.

not exactly over-run by rent-a-mob back then !!

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!