DAY 3592: SUNDAY APRIL 3RD 2011.

                                                              Terry the Tosser.

While the state are going to extraordinary lengths to try to remove Babs, ostensibly for the Royal Wedding, in a blast from the past, Chief Superintendent Terry the "Tosser", a "top" cop with the most massive grudge against Babs, is back on the scene. Could there be a connection :)

ROYAL WEDDING CORRUPT COPPER SPOTTER CARD #1(print & keep for your safety)

(left) chief superintendent terry "the tosser" with superintendent andrew robinson.

The Royal Wedding

"Chief Superintendent Peter Terry joined the MPS in 1986 and has spent most of his career in Territorial policing with a two year posting in the Department for Professional Standards as a Sergeant and a two and a half year posting to the Territorial Support Group as an Inspector. At the beginning of his career with the Metropolitan Police, he served as a Constable at Holloway, a Sergeant at Tottenham, an Inspector at Ilford and a Chief Inspector at Paddington. On promotion to Superintendent in 2003 he became the Operational Command Unit Commander at Belgravia and then Charing Cross. Peter was the Borough Commander for the London Borough of Redbridge from 2008 until 2010. During this time he chaired the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership and the Drug and Alcohol Action Team. Peter was appointed as the OCU Commander for Public Order in December 2010. He has been commanding public order and ceremonial events since 2002. Peter has held various command team roles for Notting Hill Carnival, New Years Eve, Remembrance Sunday, London Marathon, Beating the Retreat and the funeral of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother. Additionally, he has been involved in many large scale demonstrations. Peter also holds a command role for 2012 Olympics."

In August 2006, Terry the Tosser was responsible for this, (after Babs was illegally arrested on 5th August 2006) in a case where on 9th July 2007, the CPS were forced to admit "it was illegal to charge her, there never was any evidence against her" (before campaign members walked out of court into a police ambush and groundhog day re - arrest. In August 2006, police had held Babs in twisted rear stack handcuffs for around two hours and when Babs complained of the pain, they made it worse. "The pain was so extreme, that I discovered your mind sort of removes itself from the situation to overcome the pain, I guess, which I knew would have to end at some time. The police waited and waited, for me to break, but they just never broke me." When the police did the same thing on July 9th 2007, after throwing Babs against metal railings and into the side panel of a police van, "I had been so abused by then, I hardly bat an eyelid, because I refuse to do 'victim' for them".

09.07.2007. inspector stacey from belgravia along with a member of the tsg threw me against a metal fence outside city of westminster magistrates court and then into the metal panel on the side of a police van.

off to hospital to get bruised and swollen balloon hand x-rayed. inspector stacey said it would "hurt (as he intended !) removing the handcuffs". i guess he meant to implode my knuckles but missed. the hospital asked what happened. i said "the police"....

The unlawful arrest in August 2006, was just the means for Terry the Tosser, to try and disappear Babs on the occasion of one of her son's 21st birthday. Babs was meant to go to the police station alone, but Steve Jago accompanied her so it all went pear shaped for the police's plan. The charge sheet said Babs was being held for an unspecified "offence" for which they made a remand application, which ultimately failed, before a number of other dirty tactics were deployed.

PS 58 REA & PC Brooks. kind of lame given that i was actually answering police bail.. for the imaginary "offence" in august 2006.

The attempted disappearance that became a failed remand, was shortly before Babs showed SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 was crap with the 'case' against her, (where she had simply provided a once in a lifetime 'notification', of peacefully campaigning, anytime, anywhere in 'the designated area' for as long as there is government), having to be thrown out at the Magistrates Court, as "void ab initio" before it even got off the ground on 14th September 2006.

The last time Babs & the Tossers paths' crossed was when he was still taking orders from PC CX Smith (the i wear different numbers copper, cx 674 & cw 4 244) and we caught them coming out of the judges chambers !! during a stunningly bizarre retrial of the SOCPA 'case' at Southwark Crown Court in February 2008.  On 19th July 2007, PC Smith boasted that he had "an unlimited budget to get rid of Brian's campaign". I'd like to see the books for that !!


I guess corruption inevitably becomes complex, when it essentially becomes a free for all, where anyone ends up getting the nod to do whatever the hell they like, in an attempt to overwhelm the intended "victim".